A Sense of Knowing

There is something deep within us.  We call it Trust, Faith, Knowing or Intuition.  It doesn’t matter what we call it, we all have it.  This knowing comes from our soul, from the deepest most authentic part of us.  It is a voice that struggles to be heard above the thoughts in our heads.  The question is, do you listen?  Do you acknowledge this voice, this knowing?

How different would Life look if we Trusted more?

I have been playing a game of tug-of-war with myself over this very subject for, well, pretty much years.  You see, I have an instinctual ‘knowing’ inside me and I also have a very loud voice in my head.  The two don’t see eye to eye!  I am on the side of the knowing but being tugged by the voice.

I’m sure I am not alone here but I feel like life has cut us out into cookie cutter molds of what we ‘should’ be.  The problem is we’re all different flavours on the inside. So, to clear up my analogie, we ‘know’ one thing while our minds ‘preach’ another thing.  We go through life questioning why we question!  It’s a mess!

Start with Questioning your Thought Patterns

The reason we don’t trust our ‘Knowing’ is that we have been hardwired to think the same way that every single other person on the planet thinks.  When our own inner voice whispers to us we brush it off because it goes against the mold.  The years of living life by the rules.  Our true self feels like the one that is wrong, that needs to be pushed aside.  So, that is what we do.

There are a million examples of this for a million different types of people but we all instinctually know what this is if we stop and pay attention.  When you make a decision that causes your heart to ache but your mind is telling you it’s the right thing to do.  Chances are, you got it wrong.  Your heart is always the voice to listen to.

Learning to live According to our Emotions

This is not a free pass to let loose when you are feeling angry, this is about learning to process emotions and understand why they are coming up in the first place.  When we can do this we are more able to find ourselves in a place of understanding and eventually, more able to make decisions on how to move forward.

For example, your best friend gets accepted into Art School and you find yourself feeling resentful of her.  Is your emotion trying to tell you that you have an unexplored interest in the same career choice?  Have you been denying yourself because you’ve been told you should be doing something else, or you didn’t believe you were good enough?  This is just one example to get you to think about what triggers you.  Think about the situations that stir emotions in you.  Is there something deeper behind these emotions?  Is there a voice, a knowing, that is trying to send you a message?


Understand how you have Lost that Sense of Knowing

With so much pressure to stay in our mold there is a certain amount of guilt attached to breaking away, to choosing ourselves.  Understand that you are separate from these people and their ideas, no matter how much you love them.  There are plenty of good intentions that have led to a life separate from that sense of knowing that is there to guide us.  Our job is to learn to recognize where this has happened in our own lives.

When you realize this has happened try to look at it from a gentle perspective.  Understand that most of the time this molding and re-direction is not even intentional.  We live in a world that puts more value on one career choice versus another.  With the best of intentions we are pushed towards ‘being our best’.  Unfortunately the results is far too many people living a life that is against this sense of inner knowing and more in line with what the world deems worthy.

Understand that you are not Wrong for Choosing Yourself

Now that we know how we find ourselves on a path we didn’t choose for ourselves we can start to make a shift.  We can start to pay more attention to the butterflies, aches and nagging voice that is our truth!  The sense of knowing will always be there nagging at you.  When you get up to go to that job that wasn’t meant for you something will feel wrong inside.  It is time to choose you.

Feeling like you are letting down the people in your life is never going to be easy, but letting down yourself is so much worse.  The problem is we don’t realize how much worse it is.  We are faced with the disappointment from the outside world in its very tangible way.  Our own inner disappointment is locked up inside, hidden away and denied.  But, fighting against your own truth can never be the right thing to do.  This is literally YOUR TRUTH we are talking about.  The entirety of who you are meant to be on this earth.  Denying this causes an unrest in your soul.  No amount of trying to be a good parent, child or employee will ever heal the wound of denying your true self.

Be kind to Yourself during the Process

For many people this will not be an easy process.  There is a lot of soul searching, a lot to think about.  You need to sort through the messages from the outside world and the messages from your intuition.  You need to fit them into categories to understand where they are coming from, ie. Societies influence, good intentions, soul led etc.  Once you have a better understanding of how your life was shaped, and what your sense of knowing is trying to reveal to you, you can start looking at making a change.

This change can include having difficult conversations, it can involve career changes, it can mean taking on studies in a whole new field or opening a business you’ve been dreaming of.  These are almost certain to be challenging, but in order to be true to yourself you have to take that very first step.  Know that you are worth it, know that being true to yourself is the only true way to live this one life.  After all, no matter how much we might love those around us, we are only living this life for our own experience.  Let’s make sure it’s the best one possible!

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