Using Affirmations for Self Love Daily

You could argue that there is nothing more important than self-love.  Well, it’s up there, that’s for sure!  To me, self-love is connected to every area of your life and affects every area.  That makes it super important, don’t you think?   The power of affirmations for self love is that they give us that boost that so many of us need to remind ourselves of our own value.  Using affirmations daily serves as our reminder that we are loved.  That we matter.  And we don’t need to hear it from anyone else, we need to be our own biggest fans!

You may not have considered what I mentioned before about self-love showing up in all areas of our lives.  But, think about it.  Self-love shows up in our relationships, our career, our parenting etc.  Self-love stands behind how we show up in all of these areas, just as a lack of self-love has something to do with why an area of our lives isn’t as we would like it to be.  If we struggle to love ourselves, naturally we also struggle to believe in ourselves, and therefore struggle with the areas of our lives affected by this lack of love.  Self-love really does need to come first.  So, with that in mind I have put together a list of affirmations for self love, and the specific area of our lives that they apply to.  If we understand how a lack of self-love affects these areas, we can work towards fixing this.

Why Affirmations?

Affirmations are one of a few tools that we can use to help us heal and grow.  Others I think are amazingly beneficial are journaling and meditation.  A combination of positive daily habits like these can help you shift your mindset and build your self-love.  Using affirmations for self love can serve as a motivational tool to keep you on track.

What works for one may not work for another but for me affirmations are a great, shall we say, ‘introduction’ point for positive thinking.  They may not be getting into the subconscious and changing our programming, BUT they can help change our attitude!  And that is the first step in creating lasting change.  I believe that using them daily to boost your self-worth and self-love will serve as the building blocks for lasting change.  And, it may sometimes feel like they just aren’t working for you, but with continued support through the use of affirmations for self love you will see a change in your attitude towards yourself over time.


Our bodies are often the most obvious area where our lack of self-love shows up.  We are so busy looking at our flaws that we forget to honour the gift that our body is in our lives.  Where are we without our bodies?  We need to be grateful and truly love this body that walks us through this life.  Show up for your body the way it shows up for you, every day.  Wrinkles, cellulite, grey hair and all.

Instead of comparing yourself to those around you, try looking at yourself as your creator would.  With nothing but pure, unconditional love.  You were made exactly as you are because that is what makes you who you are.  If you changed anything you would no longer be you; your eyebrows, your hair, your ears or your nose.  Every beautiful detail makes up the unique life and body that is you!


‘My body thanks me for the nourishing food I eat’

‘I nourish my body and feel loved when I do’

‘Moving my body makes me feel alive, well and loved’

‘I am thankful for each day, and each step, that my body has carried me’

‘I love that my wrinkles and scars tell my story’

‘My body is a map of my life experiences’


Bet you never considered self-care and your mind before.  But, your mind is where everything starts.  If you think negative thoughts it affects your life.  If you don’t nourish and strengthen your mind it affects your life.  Your mind needs exercise and it sometimes needs reigning in.  We need to be aware of how we treat our minds because they play such an important part of our lives and are so often overlooked.


‘I focus on what I can do and show myself love through believing in myself’

‘I honour myself by showing resilience in the face of adversity’

‘When I choose positive thoughts I bring joy to my life’

‘I banish self-doubt by showing up daily and proving I can get through difficulty’

‘My beautiful mind creates the vision of a loving future’



The more you show yourself love the closer you become with your true self.  Allowing yourself to love is like opening the door to connecting with your higher self.  When we treat ourselves badly we cut ourselves off from this love.  Think of exercises such as mindfulness, meditation or yoga.  They are all ways of honouring the spirit within is, through calm stillness and focus.  Being present in the moment is a powerful way to connect to our spirits and this is a beautiful way to practise self-love.


‘I am whole and loved exactly as I am’

‘The silent voice inside me reminds me,  I am Loved’

‘I love myself because I know I am so much more than this body and this one life experience’

‘My value comes from the love within me and nothing outside of me can change that’

‘I honour my inner truth and love my authentic self’


With self-love all areas of life become smoother and more focused because we stand strong in who we are.  We know what we want, and we set about achieving it because we know it is part of our life purpose.  Learning to love yourself will give you confidence in what your heart calls you to do in life.  It will help you realize that you have certain gifts and talents for a reason and that chasing your dreams is a true act of self-love.


‘Believing in myself and my efforts is Self-Love’

‘I love myself enough to believe I can do it’

‘I acknowledge my wins and learn from my failures’

‘My future life is a conscious decision that I make and the power is in my hands’

I hope you enjoyed reading these and that they inspire you to see the value in self-love in all areas of your life.  Remember that self-love makes anything possible!

Steph x

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