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This blog is a love story for Spring.  All the reasons to love it and all the inspiration you need to enjoy it!  Sorry Summer, you’ll have to wait!  Just like life, the season’s have their high’s and low’s.  They have their own contribution to offer to this experience of life.  Now is the turn of that beautiful season we call Spring.

A Feast for the Senses

Spring is an awakening.  Just like it awakens the trees, the flowers, the animals and the earth, Spring also awakens something in us.  We feel revitalized and renewed after the long, cold winter.  The warmer temperature on our skin enticing us to come out from our hiding place.  The colour of the blossoms and the fragrances, all letting us know it is time to step out into nature to celebrate the new season.

Nature’s canvas comes alive to inspire the artist in us, the romantic, the poet.  Walking down an ordinary street turns into a stroll through a painting by Monet.  I know, the romantic in me is taking over, but all to prove a point!  While Winter might have some redeeming features, Spring and all the colours and patterns that come with it, is indeed a feast for the senses.

A Reminder of New Beginnings

When you look around at the blossoms and you hear the birds singing, you can’t help but have a Spring in your step.  Lol, did you see what I did there? But, seriously, it’s almost like there is a sense of ‘hope’ in the air.  New beginnings.  A brand new day.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s more of a feeling anyway.  A feeling of renewed optimism!

The newness of those tiny buds just before they blossom.  Lambs in the fields.  Baby birds in the trees.  We look around us and the grass grows greener by the day.  This is nature’s way of saying, ‘You’ve been sleeping too long.  Now is the time to grow.’  We may not hear the words, but the message is clear.  Now is the time to believe in miracles!  As nature puts on a display of miracles, we are forced to notice what we usually don’t.  Because, really, miracles don’t wait till Spring, do they?  We just don’t usually pay attention.

More Time to Enjoy the Things we Love

Not only is it warmer but we have more hours to enjoy.  This means we can stop hiding ourselves indoors under the covers and be more social.  We can BBQ with friends.    Watch the sun set over a shared meal.  More friends means more laughter, more joy and more seeing the world through rose tinted glasses.

Think about what you can do with more hours of sunshine.  Long, evening walks on the beach.  Even better, an evening swim!  Warmer weather means less time in the kitchen.  More BBQ’s, more salads and less work.  Get out and do some gardening.  Or, if you don’t enjoy gardening, just enjoy being in nature.  Watch the bees collecting pollen, the butterflies on display!

Get Some Sunshine

With more of it available we can get out and soak up some of those all important Vitamin D rays!  Even if you make a concerted effort to get out in the colder months, you have to admit your options are way more limited.  Temperatures, rain and shorter days all feature in our excuses.  It’s just that much more difficult in Winter.  But, with Spring comes more time outdoors and that means getting our dose of Vitamin D.  So, you see, Spring is healthier too!

Get out onto the beaches.  Go camping with the family, maybe some boating!  Just remember, this is the time of year to start being more conscious of your skincare, so pack your sunblock.  We don’t want any spoilers on those beautiful sunny days.

All the Good Fruits

Granted, Summer is better, but with Spring comes more choices in the fruit and veg department.  I personally go bananas over the fruit display at the local supermarket during Spring and Summer!  I love fruit in general, but the peaches and nectarines!  Yum!

When I was a kid we would buy large bags of plums or peaches and chuck them in the pool and that was us for the day.  Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it!  Fruit salads, ginger beer floats and sunshine.  Boy, does that take me back to some good times.


Nature Walks

We have such a great forest walk nearby.  But, going in Winter is muddy and cold!  So, bring on Spring, when we can avoid losing a shoe in the mud or landing with our butts in it!  Spring means we can just enjoy that gorgeous, dappled light under the canopy of trees.  We can focus on the birds flying from tree to tree, singing away to their hearts content.

Another of my favourite things to do is to go for a beach walk.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m a water sign but the water is like home to me.  It calms me like nothing else.  So, you will understand when I tell you that a walk on the beach is one of the most effective grounding practises for me.  It revitalizes me and clears any negative energy or emotions.  Love it!

Spring Clean your House and Head

I hate Spring cleaning!  No, really, I do.  But, I love the feeling after it’s done.  There is nothing like the feeling of cleaning out the literal and figurative cobwebs.  Because, let’s face it, cleaning house is not just about the house.  It’s very much about cleaning out your mind.

When you start going through all the excess stuff, and chucking out, you start feeling lighter.  Your mind clears and you feel more in control of life.  Never underestimate the impact of clutter.  Having too much clutter can make it difficult to focus, and can even cause anxiety.  So, like it or not, Spring cleaning is actually a hugely positive thing to do.  So, take this opportunity to clean out those cobwebs!

The Markets!

We love a good market.  They are social, support local business and put on all the best in local cuisine and talent.  Going out for the day with the family to the local market ticks all the boxes.  Yummy food, a bit of entertainment and a bargain or two.

While we have some amazing indoor markets that will see you through the colder months, markets really thrive in Spring and Summer.  That’s part of the fun of it, after all!  An ice-cream and a stroll passed the stores, admiring their talents.  This is a tradition I was raised with and now I get to enjoy it with my kids.

Just Good Old Fresh Air

Just the simple pleasure of enjoying that cool breeze flowing through my house!  Honestly, it seems so insignificant.  But, after 3mnths or more of living closed up with no fresh air, an open window is a blessing.  Let in the fresh air, let is the sound of the birds singing.

Spring’s Lesson’s on Mindset

The purpose of this blog, really, is for you to take a lesson out of Spring’s book.  See the opportunities all around you to thrive!  See the reason’s to be grateful, and to grow.  We can become stagnant in our growth without even realizing it.  Let Spring be a reminder of the beauty of growth.  A reminder that while you weren’t looking those buds were coming alive.  A reminder of your own potential to blossom.

Spring is a bold and beautiful reminder of the process of growth.  We go cold and still through winter.  Let Spring be a reminder to embrace new growth.  Keep a steady pace, always moving forward, always progressing.  Your day to blossom will come, but first you need to grow!

Reflect on the Changing Season of Your Life

Each year we grow a little bit older.  We, too have seasons in our lives.  Let Spring come as a reminder of this.  Not to get us all gloomy about ‘how our time is running out’, but rather to cherish every moment.  Let us look back at the season’s we have already lived with gratitude.  Let us look forward will gratitude, knowing we are showered with blessings in every day that we are here.

Go out, today, into this Spring day, and look for reason’s to celebrate the new season.  New growth, seasons passed, seasons still to come.  Find something you love in this experience.   Because, if you can, your life will be full.  You will live a life of love, gratitude and  joy.

Steph x

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‘Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring.’ Lilly Pulitzer

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