An Attitude of Gratitude Can Change Your Life

It’s quite a big statement, that an attitude of gratitude can change your life, don’t you think? 

I want us to start taking gratitude seriously.  Stop seeing it as a token of appreciation and start seeing it as a powerful mindset for change.  We look at the world around us and life feels heavy on our shoulders.  We worry for things that have not yet happened, fear for what ‘may’ come to pass.  Why do we focus on all the things that make knots in our stomachs?  Why do we stew in our own fears?  What if we looked at life from a different, more positive, perspective?  What if we saw all the blessings and the good in our lives?  Do you think this would make a difference in your quality of life?

As I sit here, in gratitude, life’s troubles fade away

Sit with me for a moment with the sun, bright behind your closed eyelids.  Breathe deep, life giving breaths.  Realize that you are here, a whole and perfect human being, blessed with life.  Don’t overthink it, just be in the moment.  I firmly believe that we are often our worst enemies.  Why?  Because we are just too hard on ourselves!  I don’t know where it comes from, maybe our mortality gnaws at us, but it makes us anxious and unhappy.  We are always chasing the dream, pushing towards a goal.  We seldom stop to firstly be grateful, and secondly, take stock of where we have come from and what we’ve achieved.

Take a Moment to Reflect on what an Attitude of Gratitude can Do for You


Gratitude gives you a new perspective on your life and the world around you. Nothing is as ‘big’ as you make it out to be, and almost all obstacles can be overcome in life.  With a grateful heart you understand this. You know when you’ve got it good. It is a sad reality that others don’t have what you have. All around the world there are people who’s health is not as good as ours.  There are people who can’t have children or have lost their parents. Some people don’t have running water, others don’t have the ability to run.  We all have something that somebody else does not, and you can always find something to be grateful for if you try.

Appreciation for Yourself

An attitude of gratitude give’s you more focus and purpose.  You appreciate your own efforts more instead of putting yourself down.  You appreciate all the efforts you put into your work, your family time, your home.  As soon as words of gratitude escape your lips you are overwhelmed by appreciation.

Recognize Opportunities and Growth

You recognize opportunities when you are given them. When life throws you a curve ball, a change in life circumstance, you look at things in a different way. Maybe you have to move to a new city for your work, or you’ve had a health scare that forced you to slow down. Gratitude will give you the ability to recognize the lessons and opportunities to be gained through these experiences instead of being caught in the grip of resentment or anger.  Recognize an opportunity for growth instead of seeing the temporary inconvenience or pain of the situation.

Failure is a Learning Experience

You understand that failure is a learning experience and are grateful for the journey. Even our lowest times have opportunities to be grateful.  We learn from these tough times.  They make us stronger.  Look back on your lowest times and you will see how gratitude rises as you think of the lessons learned by these experiences.


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Gain a Sense of Belonging

When you feel gratitude you feel a sense of belonging, as you thank your God or Source for your blessings.  There is nothing like the sense of calm ‘knowing’ that comes over you when you are truly grateful.  It fills your body with love, softens the tension and gives you a sense of ‘everything is alright’.

Placebo for the Attitude

Gratitude acts like a placebo for the attitude. It is very difficult to focus on aches and pains when you are telling yourself how grateful you are.  When you are grateful for your body you treat it kindly, you respect it more.  It’s like a smile for your inner being.  It makes you feel good.  It’s like feeding your soul the nutrients it needs.  Be grateful for your body, it can only be strong when spoken to kindly.

Less Worried about Material Things

Gratitude means you are less concerned with material things because you understand what is really important in life. It doesn’t mean you don’t WANT material things, it just means you appreciate what you already have and don’t concern yourself too much with the latest trends.  This can be a liberating realization.

Quite Frankly you’re more Likeable!

Last of all, grateful people are more likeable! We are naturally drawn to people who are kind, who say please and thank you, and who are grateful for the things we do for them.  What better way to go through life than to be grateful for those around you, and to get rewarded  for it!

Gratitude is such an under-appreciated yet essential part of a well balanced life.  I want this to become a part of your daily life, like the air that you breathe.  Being grateful should be built in to who you are as a human being.  It will change your entire life.  Start every day with a mental note to remember gratitude first and foremost.  In every area of your day.  You will feel lighter and happier for it.

What am I grateful for?  Right now I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here writing this for you!  I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will give an attitude of gratitude a chance in your life!

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