How to Change your Mindset in 3 Simple Ways

Before I write another word, I feel it’s important to say that the biggest block in our mindset is that we believe we are stuck with it in some way.  We don’t believe we can change. An example of this is the ‘it is what it is’, or the ‘I’ve always been this way’ mentality.  People just assume that their life is set in stone and they don’t see options for themselves.  They don’t question their mindset.  They don’t question their paradigm.  Why?  Because they don’t even realize they’re stuck in one.  Becoming self-aware is action step number one for changing your mindset.  When you start to question what has gotten you to where you are, you can start formulating a plan for where you want to be.  But, first comes enquiry.  So, if you want to know how to change your mindset ask yourself ‘how self-aware am I?’.

Action Steps for Changing your Mindset

With that said, there are 3 main areas we can look at when it comes to changing your mindset.  While a complete overhaul of our mindsets is a process that takes time, these are the main areas of focus that we can begin with.  Once we know where to start and we set our goal we can begin.  Here are your key areas:

1. The Beauty of Self-Awareness

The amazing thing about tuning in to yourself more, learning more about yourself, is that it not only helps you to understand and show compassion for yourself, but it extends out into the world as well.  For me, meditation has allowed me to tune in to this inner sense of stillness.  When we allow space for ourselves in this stillness, we are somehow able to see the bigger picture in a sense.  We see that the things we tend to blow out of proportion are actually meaningless (most of the time) and the things we think are the ‘small’ things are actually the big things.  We see that we are both small and big ourselves.  And, possibly the most important, we see that we are all connected and that the way we treat ourselves affects the way we treat others (and vice versa).

In this space of self-reflection you begin to question what all the fuss is about.  Your negative mindset becomes almost comical because of the futility of it.  I mean, what has it ever done for you!  Life is so much bigger than how your dress fits or how someone looked at you on the bus.  A comment from a boss, or tripping over your own feet in public.  I mean, really!  Why do we concern ourselves with such nonsense?  Want to know how to change your mindset?  Change the way you see the world!  Take all those mountains and see them for the mole heaps that they are.  We are so overly dramatic!  Nothing is even remotely as serious as we make it out to be.  Take some time today to reflect on where your thoughts tend to take you.  Are they beneficial, or do they ‘lead you astray’?  Rewiring the way you think can be the start of reprogramming your entire life for the better!


2. Next Step Self Love

There are plenty of ra-ra, cheerleader style tips and tricks for changing your mindset and I’m not going to knock ANYTHING that helps you focus on the positive.  But, I am going to encourage you to see the impact of self love on your mindset.  Question.  Do you think your mindset has a chance of being weak if you have found an unconditional love for yourself?  If you want to know how to change your mindset have a conversation with your authentic self.  How does your true self, your higher self see this life?  When you live from a place of 100% authenticity, your mindset is strong.  Changing your mindset starts with changing the way you see yourself , it starts with how much you value yourself.  It starts with how much you are committed to yourself.

Ask yourself today what your life would look like if you were the one there, backing yourself, boosting your confidence every day.  What could you achieve in your life if you believed in yourself instead of assuming the worst?  Imagine the power of knowing your worth and stepping into your day with an unwavering sense of self love.  Well, what’s stopping you?  Ask yourself what is so unlovable about you anyway?  Wouldn’t it be better to accept the insignificant ‘flaws’ and to thrive than to carry the weight of self loathing for the tiniest of things?  You, with all your imperfections, are enough as you are.  Love yourself as you are and you are unstoppable!  Love yourself as you are and your mindset is forever changed.

3. It’s all about Habits

It’s time to make the decision not to accept anything less than the life you envision for yourself.  To make the decision to believe in yourself.  To know that you are capable.  And, to make the decision that your happiness is important enough.  Mindset is, at the end of the day, more malleable than we’ve given it credit for.  When we look at how to change your mindset, we’re looking at habit building.  Paying attention to our thoughts.  Paying attention to our self-talk.  And, paying attention to our daily habits that are guiding us in one direction or another.  Are you going towards your goals or away from them?  Are your daily habits helping or hindering you?

It’s all about choice.  We are given free will in this life but we don’t always use it!  Instead we blame all the ‘less than perfect’ circumstances in our lives on anything else.  It’s time to take responsibility for our own lives by choosing wisely.  By recognizing our own free will, by choosing healthy habits, by believing in ourselves.  Look at your day today and identify your good and your bad habits.  Make a conscious choice to step away from the bad ones (pick 1, start small) and implement good ones.  This can be anything that works for you.  For self-awareness, meditation is a clear winner.  For self-love, you might try journaling or an exercise routine.  Do what feels good for you, just choose something that feels like a win and start there!

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