Change Your Thoughts For A Brighter Tomorrow

We hear about our thoughts changing our lives all the time.  My question is, is there really something to this idea of change your thoughts change your life?  Is this realistic?  Even feasible?  Let me start by saying this.  I believe our thoughts are probably the most powerful tool in our toolbox.  Absolutely everything starts with our thoughts.  The key is to consciously choose them instead of letting them float in and out, hanging around and taking up space where they are not welcome (and have little or no value).

The first question would be where do we start?  How do we go from feeling powerless to feeling in charge?  It all starts with a shift in perspective, a shift in your approach to your life and how you view things.  Taking control of your thoughts is the starting point in taking control of your life, no question, so start to shape your thoughts as they show up in your head.  Turn them into the thoughts that can re-write the entire screenplay for your life.  Take ownership of the role you are playing in creating your life.

Train Your Brain

Realizing we are at the driver’s seat can actually be quite frightening for most of us.  People prefer to live the ‘safer’ version where life is happening to them because taking responsibility is hard!  I’m here to tell you that being in control is amazing if you choose the positive!  How can you go wrong if you are always walking on the sunny side of the street?  Start by seeing every negative thought as the enemy, feeding you poisonous thoughts.  Then, make a decision to put a stop to his nasty ways.  Once you begin to see this as true you will start to see the power that you have to change things.

What we need to realize first is that there is no mysterious force that has us under its control.  Our negative thoughts may feel like they are in control, but all it takes is awareness and a decision.  A decision to put up a big, bold stop sign every time a negative thought creeps in.  Train your brain to spot the enemy, and then keep putting up that stop sign every time you hear a negative thought trying to voice its opinion in your head.  Give it a real stern ‘You are not welcome here’ and show it the door.  With some practice you will see that you have more control than you think.

Recognize That Outside Influences May Have Been Wrong

There are a lot of thoughts that have made themselves comfortable in our psyche that just don’t belong.  They have been fabricated from past experiences, other people’s opinions and societal expectations.  What you need to understand right now is that every single thought, from whichever source, that enters your head can be allowed entry or not.  Your mind, your choice.  Don’t allow anything that drags you down to plant it’s feet in your mind.

This applies to your own self-talk as well.  Somewhere along the line we’ve built an image of ourselves that shows us as less than.  Take the power away from those thoughts right now by seeing them for what they are, a made-up story!  Good news is it’s your Word Document and you get to edit it!  It’s time to sit up and take control!  The next time you hear yourself say something hurtful, remember to treat it like the enemy.  Or, reprimand it like a naughty child.  You either give it power or you take it away, you actually do get to decide!

Build On Your Positivity

Becoming a positive person takes practice.  What?  You didn’t think you either are or you aren’t positive, did you?  Just like learning to stop the negative thoughts in their tracks, you can use the tools of: gratitude, perspective, self-reflection etc. to remind yourself every day that life is in fact pretty damn good.  Let’s face it, negative self-talk is basically a really stinky bad habit.  The good thing about that though is, just like negative self-talk can become a habit, so can positive self-talk.  Now that’s a habit worth developing.  Just think, if you put in the same amount of energy towards your positive thoughts as you did you negative what kind of results you could get.

Here’s a thought, why don’t you try a ‘Red Light Your Negativity’ challenge for 3wks.  Tune in to how often you think negative thoughts and slap them on the wrist when they show up.  You’ll probably be quite shocked at how often they appear.  Then try focusing more on the positive.  Work to change your thoughts on a conscious level. Build on your gratitude list.  Spend more mindful moments appreciating what you have.  Practice meditation to help you release the stresses that fuel the fire of those nasty thoughts.  Spend some time looking after your body and mind so that you just feel good!  If we can break through the ‘habit’ of negativity and look for those things in life that make us feel better, we equip ourselves better for coping with life in general.  And in a much happier way.

Work On Changing Yourself

When you change your thoughts you start changing yourself.  This is inevitable.  You simply cannot stay the same, sad-sack person that you once were if you start to see the good that life has to offer.  With this change in you, comes new possibilities!  You see the silverling in things, the opportunities that are all around you.  And, best part, you actually see that maybe, just maybe you have it in you to be all those things you never thought you could be.  This all comes from shifting your thoughts!  So, you tell me that thoughts don’t become things!  The way I see it, ‘thing’ can’t become until you dream them up and believe in them (and yourself)!

How many successful people do you know that didn’t believe in themselves?  That sat around thinking nothing good every happens to them?  Changing your life with your thoughts comes down to the action that you take because of the seeds of either doubt or self-belief that you have planted in your mind.  This is basic stuff, right!  If you want to live a good, happy life start believing you can live a good, happy life!  Make a decision that you want to be the kind of person that makes things happen in life.  Again, it takes positive thoughts and energy to be that kind of person.

Reframing for Positive Thinking

When we understand and really own up to the fact that our thoughts are actually creating our life experience, we bring ourselves closer to freeing ourselves from negativity.  I think a lot of people see this ‘thoughts become things’ as too woo woo.  I’d like to simplify it by saying that it doesn’t have to be all about the woo woo.  All it really is, is facing up to the fact that you cannot live a successful or a happy life with a heart and mind full of negativity.  Simple.  So, start with that and work with that as your base for creating a life of positive impact.

Take a look at your life.  The good and bad experiences.  And recognize the clear patterns.  Be honest with yourself, have you ever had a good day while dragging yourself along in a slump?  People who have a tendency to see the bad in everything are not known for being happy, are they?  Like it or not, when we are honest about it, life is tough for ALL of us but not all of us choose to react in a negative way.  The way you experience life always comes down to your attitude towards each and every life experience.  There are people in this life that have been through some awful things and yet they have a better attitude (and therefore enjoy life more) than some that have lived a life that others would dream of.  It all comes down to your attitude and perspective.  And your thoughts!

Thoughts to Things

Let’s look at this concept again.  Like I said earlier, I believe that this concept kind of throw’s people off what should be a simple approach to everyday living.  While I personally believe in the woo-woo, I feel it can be simplified for us regular folk.  The more that people can understand the basics of actually having control over your happiness through your thoughts, the more we can spread the message and change people’s mindsets.  The complicated, and the woo-woo, usually don’t get through to people as easily as real life results.

So, stump your toe and laugh it off is my advice!  Lol!  What I’m getting at is the proof is right there in the stumped toe.  There are the people that laugh it off, along with anything else that could cause them to change their mood and there are the people that condemn their entire day because of a bruised pinky toe.  This is where the choices come in, in the little moments like these.  This is where you choose who you want to be and how you want to go through your life.  If you change your thoughts in moments like these you reframe your entire experience for that day.

When we look at real life examples of how our mindset effects our day, we begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  We begin to see that the worry, irritation and stress actually serve little or no purpose and definitely do not enhance our lives in any way.  But, the power of a positive thought!  Lives have been changed forever by the power of a positive thought!

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it what we need to see here is that our thoughts are like seeds, or foundations.  What we plant determines what we grow.  Yes, we 100% can change our lives with our thoughts!  When we choose to see an abundant life, or a blessed life or a life of love.  When we choose to see opportunities instead of obstacles or lessons instead of failure.  Every thought is an opportunity to decide who you want to show up to this life as.  How you want to live, and who you want to be. And, every time you make that choice you are moving one step closer to the shadow or the sun.  Make a decision to lift your face always towards the sun!  As Walt Whitman said, ‘Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.’

My greatest wish is that you see that, if life feels heavy and a shadow follow you around, there is a brighter tomorrow.  Take any seemingly insignificant thing and change your thoughts on it.  Are you having a better hair day than yesterday?  Is your health better than someone you may know?  Did you get invited to an event?  It doesn’t matter what it is, find something positive to focus your energy on.  Build on it.  Whenever you have something negative to say, especially about yourself, put up your stop sign and replace it with something positive.  Change your thoughts absolutely guarantees a brighter future.  Test it out!  What do you have to lose?

Thank you so much for reading.  I hope this blog has inspired you to see the good in your life and to step into your future believing in the power of positivity.

Steph x

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