Creative Expression and Connecting to your Soul

You can be a creative person and you can be a spiritual person, but have you spotted the connection between the two?  I’m here to argue that you simply cannot be fully in your creative expression without connecting to your creative soul and to your source.  Big statement, yes?  This is my personal perspective, and experience, of the beautiful thing that is creative expression!

What I’d like is for you to consider this connection in your own creative flow.  Think about every single time in your life when you’ve been in flow.  Can you describe that feeling?  To me it is very much about being connected to my soul.  To source.  It feels like stepping outside of my physical self for a moment and remembering that there is so much more to me.  It feels beautiful and true.  In that moment of creative flow I feel more alive, more aware and in tune with life.

Feel into the Feeling

When you find yourself in the creative flow, take the time to feel into that feeling, that inspiration.  The word inspired means to ‘breath into’ and was applied to divine or supernatural beings.  So, in other words, it means to ‘breathe an inspired idea’ into someone.  I love that idea, don’t you?  The idea of the divine breathing a creative idea into me like breathing life into me.

I’ve also heard it said that inspiration comes from ‘in spirit’.  I believe it was Dr. Wayne Dyer that said this and I love this idea so much.  Instead of the ‘breath into’ idea, this is more of a being ‘part of’ spirit.  To me it really rings true because this is exactly how it feels to me when I become caught up in creative expression.  I feel connected to something greater than me.  Almost charged, or energized, by something other than myself.

See The Value In Creativity

There is something about life, the energy of it, that oozes creativity!  I mean, think about it.  Every single thing that you see on this earth was created from nothing.  This world we live in is God’s greatest art project!  And we are part of that magnificent creation.  The greatest examples of creative expression!

My wish is that you see the spiritual value of connection to that part of you, the creative soul that lives within you.  Realize that through your creative expression you are connecting with your higher self.  You are showing your truth through whichever medium you choose.  You could be a writer, a painter, a potter or a chef.  You could be a graphic designer, a clothing designer or an architect.  The diversity is part of the beauty because it goes to show that we are all different and that tapping into our own version of creativity is what makes it our own soulful connection.  It’s what makes us us!  That is why being authentic is so super important, because it is the truth of who you are as a creative soul.


Creativity is your Soul Talking to You

As we sit here, in our physical bodies, it is easy to forget that we are spiritual beings.  But, we are!  We are so much more than this physical representation of our souls.  I think our creativity is a reminder to us of our spiritual aspect.  A reminder of something ‘bigger’.  When we are creative we are connecting to something outside of the physical and bringing it to life in the physical.  We are channelling our deepest desires and purpose and showing it to the world in the form of a painting or photograph.

If you’ve ever felt that inspired feeling when sitting across from someone at a table and you get an instinctual feeling to pick up your phone and capture that moment when your friend is laughing from the deepest, most authentic part of themselves, then you know what I mean.  It is a shot of electricity that passes through you, an instruction from the Gods!  ‘Don’t miss this moment!’ it is telling you.  The same applies to other forms of inspiration.  You get that feeling that this is important and you just have to do it.  This is so exciting to me because it is almost like, in that moment all of life makes sense.

Denying your Creative Soul

There are far too many people in this world that are denying this part of themselves.  Honestly, I think this has a big part to play in the disconnection and unhappiness in the world.  With the stress we live with nowadays, cutting ourselves off from our creative expression is like rolling in the storm clouds on an already gloomy day.  It’s just too much!  We need an outlet.

Not only is creativity part of who we are, it can help us overcome stress and heal emotions.  When life becomes too much, turning to your creative pursuits can provide the release that you were looking for.  Instead of hiding from the world, turn to your art.  Pick up a pen and write a song.  Go to a dance class.  Look for inspiration that appeals to you!  What stirs your soul?  When you are struggling it can feel like you’re in a fog, so ask yourself what makes you feel good.  Find a way to tap into that.  If you don’t feel able to be an active participant, watch other people doing it until you slowly allow your own window to open within your heart and inspiration comes flooding in again.  It will happen if you open yourself up to it.

Spread that Creativity!

To me the arts bring so much life to this world.  They uplift and inspire unlike anything else.  We need creativity (not just in the arts).  It is natural and necessary for us as human beings.  So, understand that when you don’t embrace your own creativity, you are robbing the world of inspiration!  Ok, that may be going a bit too far.  You are robbing a) yourself, and b) anyone close to you that could be inspired by your connection to your soul! 

You see, we can spot that connection to the creative soul when we see it.  We know there is magic happening there.  Even those people that are not in tune with their spiritual side see something in the creative process.  They just don’t realize it’s their soul reacting to the dance of another soul.  My point?  Spread your creativity far and wide!  It is a gift intended to share.  It is a beautiful connection to your beautiful soul!

Thank you for being here and reading my blog, I hope it resonates with you!

Steph x

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