Vision Boards

I’ve created a few vision boards over the years.  I find them so inspiring and the whole process is charged with positive energy.  Whether you believe in the power of vision boards or not doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that you find a way to believe in yourself, in your dreams and in your future successes.  And, find a way to get yourself into a positive frame of mind!  Mindset is everything!  Use your Vision Board as a tool to motivate you.

The same way writing down goals is better than keeping them in our heads, seeing your goals visually is way more inspiring.  We feel an emotional connection to the images.  If you have always wanted a particular type of house, car, boat, etc. you will get that emotional high from seeing the visuals every day.  Keep seeing it and you will feel more driven to chase that dream.


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Main Benefits of Vision Boards

As I said, seeing your goals visually is a major motivator.  In the vision board above I have chosen pictures that represent the life that I want to live.  I have included something from almost every segment of my life.  There is the happy family, the home and car, the healthy lifestyle and the travel and writing.  This is a snippet of what my dream life would look like!

What would you put on your Vision Board?  Maybe you want to learn to paint, or you want to study, so you find pictures that represent these goals.  For me writing was a big one, so I have put that as one of my pictures.  Whatever you have in your heart that means a lot to you, add it to your board.  Then, dot the final product with words and sayings that represent an emotion or ideal that you strive for.  This exercise is very emotionally driven, so anything that speaks to your heart is good!

Different Types of Vision Boards

To me there are 3 different ways to create a Vision Board.  I have used all 3 of these and they each have their own pluses.  Here are the 3 types I have tried:

Paper Visions Board

I love the creative process of making a Vision Board so this is a really fun way to do it.  I also find it a really inspiring way to spend time with the kids as it’s super motivational.  This is a free-for-all, go wild activity!  Let your imagination run free with this.  No dream is too big.  It is such a freeing way to express yourself.  Want a mansion?  You’ve got it!  Want to be a published author?  Done.  This is everything you can dare ever to dream of.  Cut it out, stick it down, step back and smile from ear to ear.  Put yourself in the headspace of the person living that life.  It’s a liberating feeling!

Desktop Vision Board

This is the upgraded version of the old fashioned Vision Board.  I love this because it’s there, every day on your Desktop when you switch your computer on.  I have 2 at the moment that I rotate depending on what inspiration I am needing more.  I’ve included these for you to get an idea.  One is for travel and the other is a general ‘lifestyle and goals’ one.  With the paper version it can become tricky to find the images that truly reflect what you are looking for, but with this one anything you can imagine is available to you.  Search online for images and use them to design your Vision Board.  I am a huge fan of Canva it is a fantastic tool for designing.  Easy to use, with so many options.

For more online Vision Board ideas check out this blog, they have so many great ideas!

Drawing Vision Board

This is such a fun activity that I saw on a TED Talk by Patti Dobrowolski.  Basically you draw 2 versions of your life.  The one is a dull, black and white version of life ‘as it is’.  The other is a multi-coloured Vision Board version of your life.  These are done in 2 columns, side by side.  It is quite a powerful exercise because of the process of self expression and the end result of the contrast between the two.  I highly recommend you watch this, it is so motivational!

I hope you enjoyed the blog and feel motivated to try one (or all!) of the Vision Boards.

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