5 Eco Friendly Brands I Love

I am no Eco Warrior but there are ways that we all can make a difference, so when I come across companies like the ones I’ve listed below that are eco friendly brands, I really want to support them.  The waste that we go through just in my little family is quite simply heartbreaking, so finding plastic free products is a win!  Then you get the companies that make an effort to put clean, natural ingredients into their products instead of chemicals the average person doesn’t even understand!  I want to support them the way that they are supporting us and our planet.  So, with that said, here are just a few of the brands that I love and use every day that deserve a mention.


Ethique is a New Zealand company dedicated to making a difference in the cosmetic industry.  All their products are plastic free and so is their shipping!  They are an eco friendly brand all the way!

Ethique are focused on sustainability and their ingredients are cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free.  On top of all of this they donate 20% of their profits to charity.  Definitely a company I am happy to support!  Oh, and did I mention their products are amazing too!  With a great range for face, body and hair, all in bar format.  They have great natural fragrances too, which I love.



Ethique Body Sampler


Ethique Deep Green Cleanser

ECO.Modern Essentials

An Australian company, ECO.Modern Essentials specializes in 100% pure essential oils.  They have a wide range of pure essential oils as well as DIY ranges for you to put together at home.  Their products are just incredible quality and one of my favourite self-care routines is using one of their blends in my diffuser.  Their oils help enhance your mood, help you sleep and give your home a wonderful, calming atmosphere.  ECO.Modern Essentials have a blog on their website with loads of tips and information on using their oils including this one on How To Lower Your Carbon Footprint.


EcoModern Essentials Blends 6 Pack


EcoModern Essentials Womens Wellness Kit


I love Trilogy products just because they feel amazing on my skin, BUT, they are also sustainably sourced and eco-friendly!  Now you can enjoy your skincare products without worrying about your health, or the planet.

Trilogy has such a great range from cleansers to serums, masks to body oils.  Amongst these are a long list of award winners!  So, if the eco friendly tick wasn’t enough to inspire you, the product speaks for itself.  Just amazing!

I found this great post on How To Buy Sustainable Beauty Products on their blog, its worth a read!


Trilogy Best Brightening Gift Set


Ecoya have an amazing range of fragranced candles.  They are made from natural soy wax and they use 100% cotton wicks.  Their candles burn longer and cleaner than a paraffin alternative and don’t contain any of the toxic chemicals.  A beautiful product to enhance your home in a natural and eco friendly way.

Ecoya also has a bodycare range which I have not yet tried, be sure to check back because it’s definitely on my list, as well as reed diffusers and a Kitchen Collection!


Ecoya Madison Candle Sweet Pea Jasmine

Small changes made by many make big changes, so let’s make an effort to support these great eco friendly brands that are trying to make a difference!

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