ECO.Modern Essentials, Mindsets and Making a Difference

When I started on my Personal growth journey I quickly realized that one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves in this life is to learn to love ourselves.  Pretty much everything starts right there, and learning to love yourself has everything to do with mindset.  With that said, ECO.Modern Essentials has been a massive part of my own self-love journey.  Why?  Because their oils make me feel loved and supported, spoiled and nurtured and all the good things in between.  Let’s be honest, there is something so wonderful about these magical oils that come directly from this beautiful earth we live on.  Pure, natural magic!  So, doing a review of the new ECO.Modern Essentials Mindset Collection is something I am super excited to do!

Add to that the magic performed every day by the 6 charities that ECO.Modern Essentials has teamed up with for this incredible new mindset collection and you have a team effort set to uplift and bring joy to so many people!  Every purchase from this collection makes a difference as a portion of the sale goes to the charities.  It’s just good all round.  I am so excited to tell you about all of them!

Let me just start by saying who doesn’t need that extra little boost of courage, optimism or empowerment to get them through the day sometimes?  I love the concept of using the essential oils in the ECO.Modern Essentials Mindset Collection, setting your intention, and stepping into your day with a clear purpose and empowered mindset.

Let’s get right to them.  Here are the blends, the charities they are aligned with and little bit about both!

The Blend: Nurture

This was the first oil out of the 6 that I tried.  Maybe that’s what I was needing in the moment, to feel nurtured.  This soft and comforting blend is a gorgeous mixture of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Blue Malee Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Marjoram, Jasmine, Rose and Vanilla.

It’s a magical combination of fragrances that evoke a sense of comfort and care.  Do I love it? Yes!  It feels exactly the way it’s name describes: nurturing.  I took a moment to let the soothing mist cover me, breathing it in.  Do yourself a favour with your essential oils and take a moment to enjoy them, to breathe them in.  Be mindful.  There is so much pleasure to be gained from taking a moment to enjoy them.

The Charity: Red Nose

Red Nose is the leading authority on safe sleep for infants in Australia.  This incredible foundation provides life saving information to families with infant children, and pregnant mums.  Their website is filled with helpful information from safe pregnancy advice to safe sleep training and so much more.

This charity is the epitome of nurturing and the perfect choice for the Nurture Blend.  Everything they do is for the purpose of nurturing, protecting children and supporting families who have suffered the loss of a child.

For more info go to: Red Nose


The Blend: Courage

Take this blend with you through your day to give you that extra boost of courage.  Made up of Lemon, Frankinsense, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Melissa essential oils, the blend is the perfect combination of citrusy and fragrant floral.

This would be a great oil to apply to a lava stone bracelet to take with you through your day.  Courage is all about self belief, so add your oils to your bracelet and set an intention to believe you are capable!  With this attitude towards life nothing can stop you.

The Charity: Wires

Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, this incredible foundation operates 24hrs a day 365 days a year, working tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate the native species of Australia in the wild.  Their website offers advice for any emergency situation involving native species as well as training on Australian wildlife and rescuer training courses.

All of this while they work tirelessly, and courageously, to save the animals in their care.

For more info go to: Wires


The Blend: Strength

The Strength blend packs a punch.  With Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Myrrh, this fragrance really does give a feeling of strength.  It is bold and strong exactly as the name suggests, and exactly what you need to build your self assurance and strength mindset.  The perfect choice to be teamed up with WOW and focused on empowerment.

Use this in a steam inhalation, set your intention and let the fragrance lift and empower you to believe in yourself.

The Charity: WOW

Wow, or Waves of Wellness is a charity focusing on mental health through surf therapy.  Their surf programs are about breaking down the barriers and stigma’s that surround mental health.  They have run over 160 programs and are now found in 3 states!  Their message is that no one should ever feel that they need to go through it alone, and that healing can also be fun.  Such an inspring charity!

For more info: Waves of Wellness


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The Blend: Rise

The rise blend is an delicate mix of Pink Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Ho Leaf and Black Pepper.  Use this blend to help you set a positive intention for your day.  A positive mindset is so important for us all and setting a clear intention to rise above life’s challenges is what this blend is all about.  I love the way these oils make your senses tingle and give you an added optimism for your day.

The Charity: RizeUp Australia

RizeUp Australia provides support for families in Australia affected by domestic violence.  They assist families through the process of finding their way out of a dangerous situation, in a safe and supportive way.  They provide the resources needed during the most difficult of times, from school support for children involved to counselling and medical support.  Their work is saving lives every day by educating and empowering those threatened by violence.  They continue to raise awareness for this social injustice that affects families from all races, religions and social classes.

For more info: RizeUp Australia


The Blend: Optimism

The Optimism Blend has a strong citrus fragrance which I love.  In fact it is one of my favourite scents and I can definitely relate to it breeding a sense of optimism.  This citrus heaven consists of Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Non-Toxic Bergamot and Australian Sandalwood.  I can see this becoming a favourite in my collection as I find it both soothing and inspiring at the same time.  Might be something to do with my love of all things citrus and the connection to childhood memories.  Just love it!

The Charity: Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation certainly inspires optimism in all that they do.  Their focus is on saving the reef for future generations.  They stabilize weakened coral reefs, manage predators that damage the coral and provide shade protection for the most vulnerable reefs, to mention a few.  This charity is focused on large scale impact, looking to make a real difference.  A perfect choice for the optimism blend, don’t you think?

For more info: Great Barrier Reef Foundation


The Blend: Empowerment

I’ll be honest I’ve never been a fan of Spearmint.  But, this blend has won me over.  With the combination of Spearmint, Peppermint, Sage and Rosemary it really lifts your spirits.  It put a smile on my face as soon as I hit the on button.  Mix this with your favourite carrier oil and rub it onto your wrists before you head out to take on the world!  Carrying these beautiful scents with you during your day is a wonderful way to inspire you to reconnect with your intentions and positive mindset while going about your day.

The Charity: National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to researching breast cancer.  With an average of 9 Australians losing their life to breast cancer every day, the research done by this foundation is vitally important.  Their research covers ways to predict the spread, identifying those at risk and research new treatment options for those suffering with this disease.  The good work done by this foundation is completely reliant on donations as they don’t receive any other funding.  The work done by this charity is a worthy cause indeed!

Find out more: National Breast Cancer Foundation


The Best Ways to Use your Oils

Looking for ways to use your ECO.Modern Essentials Mindset Collection?  You may automatically think diffuser, but there are many different ways to use your oils daily.  For inhalation and an easy way to get all that goodness into your lungs to help lift your mood, your diffuser is definitely the first choice.

If you don’t have a diffuser, an easy way to DIY it is with steam inhalation.  It’s super easy.  Just add 2-3 drops of oil into a bowl of steaming water, then cover your head and close your eyes.  Breathe in the steam from your oil of choice and enjoy all that goodness!

If you are wanting to soothe aches and pains you can use a hot or cold compress.  Same as above, you add 3 drops to a bowl, soak a face cloth, wring it out and place on the affected area.  Another option is to use your oils for massage.  This is slightly different to the others because you will need to dilute the oils using a carrier oil.  15 drops in 30mls of your favourite carrier oil.

One of the things I love about ECO.Modern Essentials is they have so much information on their site to educate you about your oils.  If you are new to using essential oils, or just curious, head over and read some of the fascinating info on their site: How Do They Work?  or, for some great tips on how to use them, take a look at this video:

Watch this video for some tips:

Taking Them With you Through your Day

There are some great ways to carry these soothing scents with you through your day.  I love using my diffuser bracelet.  I drop 1 or 2 drops of whichever oil is speaking to me on the day and the fragrance comes with me wherever I go!  With this collection and it’s focus on mindset this is the perfect way to enjoy them.  Choose your oil, set your intention and you are starting your day in the best possible way.

Working in an office?  Make your essential oils part of your everyday experience.  Bring your diffuser with you, brighten everyone’s day!  I can’t think of a better way to spread the love than sharing these gifts from Mother Nature.

Car diffusers are another great option, I mean who wouldn’t want to fill their car with soothing oils?!  There are various options available that are compact and perfect for travelling.

Final Thoughts

My opinion?  I adore the Eco.Modern Essentials Mindset Collection!  I adore what they stand for as an Eco-Friendly company, I adore that they have teamed up with such game changers for humanity and I adore this collection.  As I mentioned before, I believe that mindfulness and self-love cannot be promoted enough.  We all need to learn to take better care of ourselves and to love ourselves more.  In my opinion, using beautiful gifts from the earth in the form of these essential oils is an amazing way to do just that.  I personally feel like that create a nurturing and inspiring atmosphere in my home which naturally contributes to a more positive mindset.

If you are umming and ahhing about whether you need to buy more oils, this choice should be an easy one.  The Eco.Modern Essentials Mindset Collection are quality, love-in-a-bottle and every purchase is making a difference for these amazing charities.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly and can’t get through a day without them 🙂  Don’t forget, the pre-order for the entire collection is available right now, so be the first one in!

Steph x

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