Exploring your Creativity

Do you struggle to see yourself as creative?  Is it time to start exploring your creativity?

This is something I have struggled with most of my life.  With a super creative family I have often seen myself as the one that got the ‘raw deal’ in the creativity department.  I have agonized over the beautiful paintings, sculptures, hand-made clothes or woodwork that my family seemed so proficient at.  Nothing I ever did could meet the standards they had set.  In MY eyes!  They always recognized my creative side, it was me that didn’t see my own value!  A sure sign that I needed to start exploring my creative side.

We are all different and we express our creativity in different ways

While I could get away with a half decent pencil sketch, I was terrible at painting and useless at molding anything into a recognizable shape.  Lol.  What I’ve come to understand now is that there are different types of creatives.  My parents and sister are the hands-on kind of creative.  They are the ‘artists’ in the family.  They are good at painting, woodwork, pottery, you name it!  I was never good at these things and it bothered me!  I wanted to be able to create things with my hands like they did.  But, my creativity is just different to theirs.  My mind works differently, and I see the world in a different way.  I don’t have creative hands, I have a creative mind.  A storyteller’s mind.

This means I see the world in pictures

I either turn those pictures into words or photographs.  It’s my way of expressing my creativity, and I love it!!  Having gone through years of questioning my own creativity I know it can be a painful experience.  Why?  Because creativity is part of who you are.  We are all creative in one way or another.  Some of us sing, some dance, some design computer systems or high-rise buildings!  Everything that makes up this incredible world we live in starts with a creative idea.  We just have to learn to figure out what kind of creative we are and tap into it!  Don’t go through life as ‘untapped creativity’.  You have a voice, a story to tell.  Choose your medium and express yourself through it.


Photo credit: Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

What types of creatives are there?

There are ways to begin exploring your creativity.  Adobe Create has identified 8 Creative Types.  This is a great starting point for understanding your creative side.  Every one of us fits into one of these, and has something to contribute towards the creative world.  The 8 different types they have identified are:

1) The Artist

2) The Thinker

3) The Adventurer

4) The Maker

5) The Producer

6) The Dreamer

7) The Innovator

8) The Visionary

Which one do you think you are?  If you are curious (I know you are!) head over and check out their quiz to find out which one you are at Creative Types  Knowing your creative type not only helps you to acknowledge that you actually are creative, it also give you a direction to work towards.  A guiding light in where to build on your creative strengths.

What will you do with your creativity?

Once you have figured out what type of creative you are, you can start looking at ways to set it free.  A great resource to help you tap into your creativity is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  She goes in depth into exploring your creativity (also see The Artist’s Way Workbook) using different techniques.  If you are like me and you have spent years denying your creativity, you will feel a great sense of relief when you discover you are actually creative.

We live in a world overflowing with creativity.  From the patterns on the butterflies wings, to the long-necked giraffe to the blossoms on the trees.  We are part of the creativity of the natural world and it is built into us to be creative.  Don’t question or underestimate your creativity.  Rather, if it feels new, ease into it.  Take one small step and sign up for a painting, writing, photography or cooking class!  Whatever inspires you!

My suggestion is to trust your first instinct.  It is usually correct.  When we are in denial about our creativity we tend to dismiss the pull towards what we love, believing we won’t be good enough.  This isn’t about taking over the world of creative arts, this is about tapping into your own expression.  It is about setting your soul free on the world.

Why is creativity so important?

My last point is that creativity is our way to express ourselves.  Without it you will feel incomplete.  Again, back to the point that creativity isn’t just about being an ‘artist’ as we so often believe.  Creativity is in all of us and the need to express that is more important than you might think.  Our creativity is connected to our soul, our true selves.  It is our way to showing the world who we really are.  Finding out that baking beautiful cakes is your creative way of expressing yourself can be life changing for you.  Whatever your creative outlet, it is a massively important part of the bigger picture of who you are.  Exploring your creativity can open the door to a whole new you, and a whole new life!

To encourage your creativity I highly recommend you check out Skillshare  or Udemy for loads of courses covering journaling, photography, creative writing and many more!

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‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Albert Einsten


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