Finding Balance in Life

There is a beauty to the art of finding balance

When we find just the right balance it’s like experiencing a zen moment.  But, be even slightly off balance and things just don’t seem to work.  I have always believed that life is about balance.  Without it you fall (and fail).  Taking a look at where our lives are out of balance is the first step in working out the kinks that are causing us to be out of alignment.

You need balance in every area of your life.  In your diet, your self-care, your work life etc.  Balance is really the foundation for your life.  Any area that is off balance has a negative effect on the rest of your life.

Can you pick out one area where you are out of balance?

For me, at the moment, it would be Health.  Not that I’m unhealthy, just that the balance is off.  I eat healthy, but not quite enough.  I exercise, but not quite enough.  And when I don’t manage to keep these areas balanced it affects me in so many ways.  I can feel something is out of whack, something is missing.  The result is grumpiness!  And, that’s totally understandable when you’re out of balance!

What area of your life is out of balance?  Don’t say none, because we all need to work on balance, every single day.  We are literally balancing on a tightrope, and that will never change.  Life is multi-faceted!  It’s meant to be that way, but it means finding your equilibrium in order to find your sweet spot.  You have to keep yourself in check, keep pulling yourself back in line.

What happens when an area is out of balance?


If you have children, then you will know that when you don’t spend enough quality time with them it affects them.  They become moody, distant, unhappy, to mention just a few.  They need quality time with their parents to be happy and fulfilled little humans.  If we become more mindful of their flare ups and understand where they are coming from we will know the cues and work on nurturing our connections again.  Being at home during the holidays while still trying to do work has really highlighted this for me.  On the one hand I am so grateful that I am able to be here but on the other hand I can so easily slip into ‘work mode’ and when I look again the kids are crying out for attention.  Now I try to do pockets of work so that I can free myself up competely to really be with them, get out of the house and do something fun.


Our connection to our source is crucial for a joyful life.  But how often to we really ‘connect’?  Many of us are either ticking the boxes of a spiritual life or check in now and then.  What we really need is to become aware of ourselves as spiritual beings and to be more present in our own lives on a daily basis.  This is the way that we truly connect to our spirituality and find balance in this area of our lives.  After all, spirituality is not something outside of ourselves, it is very much a personal experience that we live every day.  Think about how connected you are?  Do you recognize your role in this life?  Do you see God’s presence all around you?  Mindfulness is what brings us back to this connection.  It is about stopping for a moment and looking closer, seeing the wonder of this life.  This is how you reconnect with your God/Source.


While I believe being alone has its merits, without a sense of community we again lose our sense of life balance.  Being part of something is so important for your sense of belonging.  This could be your group of close friends, your work colleagues, or your yoga group.  This is about having people that know you are there for them and you know are there for you.  It is a sense of belonging that we humans need.  Without it we are once again off balance.


You might think gratitude is a strange puzzle piece for a balanced life, but without gratitude your foundations will crumble.  Being grateful allows you to put things into perspective.  It means you recognize the good and acknowledge the bad.  Yes, there is an element of gratitude required for the ‘bad’ in life too.  This is where you will find the balance, because you can understand the lessons that come from your not-so-happy moments.

Personal Growth

The fact that you are here means you have thought about Personal Growth, but this is often something that people don’t think about AT ALL.  Many of us (myself include before I started down this path) are just going through the motions of what we think life should look like.  We do our ‘time’ at school and think we’ve ticked the box.  It’s all done, it’s over.  Life carries on.  What we don’t realize is that walking out of the school yard is only the beginning of our learning.  Life is a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.  School is only the foundations of a life of learning.  To lead a balanced life we MUST learn and grow.  When I realized this it felt like I had opened my eyes for the first time.  Now I get to learn the lessons of my own choosing.  I get to grow in the areas I choose to grow, and that is freaking exciting!


Taking care of ourselves is another area we have learnt to disregard.  We prioritize everything and everyone else.  Well, loving others does not require loving yourself less!  Looking after ourselves physically and emotionally is essential!  How can you be happy when you don’t give yourself the time and love you need (and deserve).  How can you thrive if you are burnt out, overworked or just don’t allow yourself life’s simple pleasures like treating yourself now and then?  What you are doing is sending a message to yourself that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve nice things or that others matter more.  Think about how you treat yourself, the words you use in your head, the food you put in your body.  Are you being kind to yourself?


This is a big one!  Oh to live in a world where companies see the importance of work/life balance.  We spend the majority of our time working and sleeping.  Making sure you are happy at work is one of the most important things you can do!  Get your balance right.  Don’t overwork, don’t work in a toxic environment and definitely don’t do both!  Find harmony and balance.

My Favourite tools for finding Balance

When it comes to keeping myself mentally and physically on track there are some tools that I use regularly.  These are my go to tools:

For a healthy body yoga is my thing!  And I LOVE Yoga with Kassandra on Youtube.  She has something for everyone and there is nothing like the feeling you get from doing yoga.  Try it!  I also make it a habit to keep up my vitamin intake and drink smoothies to get in my nutrients (I use my Magic Bullet – super convenient!)

For a healthy mind I am a Mindvalley and Gaia geek!  They bring so much upliftment to the world, constantly trying to reach for higher consciousness and inspiring us to live our best lives.

When it comes to spirituality meditation has changed everything for me!  I have always been a spiritual person but meditating has made my connection that much stronger.  It is something that has really helped me to thrive as a person.  I feel more grounded and more connected to the person I was meant to be!  It is quite literally life changing.  I have a few favourites on Youtube but definitely recommend you check out the Insight Timer app as it has thousands to suit all needs.

I hope you enjoyed the blog!  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment down below.


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