Gifts for the Mindful

I got a bit carried away looking for gift ideas on Etsy!  I thought I’d share all the great ideas I came across, even although my birthday is now long gone and I’m still exploring Etsy!  Lol! If you are looking for gifts for the mindful in your life, take a look at these beauties!

There is so much, this post could get a bit long, so I’ve limited it to a select few (with a link to keep scrolling to your hearts desire, at the bottom)

Mindful Yoga, Meditation and Healing

I love my yoga and meditation, so here are so awesome finds I just couldn’t resist sharing.  Also, I’ve been exploring alternative healing lately.  There’s definitely a blog on the subject lined up, but for now I’ve added this acupressure mat that I personally would love to receive as a gift!

Acupressure mat


Coresana Acupressure Mat

Fairtrade Yoga Bag

Yogi Storage Shelf by Reilly Creation

Meditation Set

Yoga Doodles Tote Bag 

Printable Download for your Meditation Journey


For the Crystal Crazy

I adore my crystals and for me they definitely fall into the category of mindful gifts.  Take a look at these gorgeous finds.  From practical to just plain stunning.  I don’t know about you, but I want them all!

Crystal Ring

ElementaJewels Aquamarine Crystal Ring

Zodiac Crystal Set

Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set

Birthstone Bracelet


For those who are into journaling

Gifts for the Home

Yes, decor can be mindful!  I’ve chosen these for their calming effect.  I think they create a relaxing ambience in your home and definitely encourage mindfulness.  These decor ideas would make me a very happy girl indeed!

Wall Art

Mindful Print

Namaste Candle by Aynur Decor

We all have our own taste and approach to mindfulness but I hope that these products have inspired you to think about living more mindfully.  Even decorating can be done mindfully!


Just want to explore Etsy?  Click the link to find your own version of inspiration!

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