Ever Wondered How To Protect Your Energy?

When I was growing up, I wasn’t even aware of my ‘energy’.  It just wasn’t a thing.  People are way more aware of the energy that they are picking up and giving off now days.  This is great, except for those times when you don’t know how to protect your energy.  So, this blog is going to be all about energy!  What it is, how to give it a boost and how to protect it when necessary.

I am fascinated by the idea that we are made up of energy!  What an exhilarating idea!  We are all made up of the same stuff that floats around in the ether, that the dolphins and stars and rainbows are made of!  We are more non-physical than we are physical.  There are brilliant minds that can educate you on all the technical stuff but that’s not where we’re going with this post.  I’m going to focus on the lighter and, let’s be honest, easier to understand stuff.

Energy and ‘Vibe’

Let’s look firstly at what we are talking about when we say energy.  We are talking about our vibe, essentially.  We are talking about the energy or feeling that we give off.  Some people just give off a bad vibe, ie. their energy is negative.  And some people give off a positive vibe, ie. they make you feel good and happy.  This is their frequency that they are sending out into the world.  It’s their energy!  It’s the parts of them that are unseen reaching out into the world to be ‘seen’.  Whether it’s understood, welcomed or rejected it’s still there.  And, learning to read this energy can really help you navigate through life.

The key here is we ‘send’ these frequencies out into the world just like a radio signal and those around us pick up those signals.  This means two things.  1) you need to be aware of the signal you are sending out and, 2) you need to be aware of the signals you are receiving.  Once you recognize that nasty energy, you need to know how to protect your energy from that negative influence on your life.  This is probably a good time to remind you most gentle souls out there that you can’t fix everything, especially if you are slowly breaking yourself down in order to do so (just saying.  Love you!).

Identifying Negative Vibes

Most of the time it’s super easy to identify the people that bring us down, but not all the time.  Often we find ourselves in situations on a daily basis that have become so normal that we don’t even realize the effect they are having on us.  For example, the family argument that ensues when a plan to go for a lovely dinner out ends up in personality clashes about which restaurant to go to.  This results in some heavy negative energy and unless you can shift the energy the night is ruined.

Then there’s the trip to the mall where you walk into a store only to walk right back out again because something feels ‘off’.  This could happen anywhere and you just know that you don’t want to be there.  This can be your intuition kicking in, giving you clear signals that the energy in the air is not serving you.  For whatever reason, you need to listen to it right away.  Your guidance can always be relied on, it is there to help.

Intention and Mindset

One of the absolute basics of our energy is our ‘headspace’.  This can be a make or break when it comes to our own energy.  If we are naturally more positive and something happens to throw us we are much more easily going to course correct.  So, that means that we need to make sure our natural state is one of positivity.  This can be developed over time.  What starts as a choice to be more positive will become a habit which eventually will become second nature.  It takes setting an intention to be someone who is positive and to inspire yourself on a daily basis to be the best version of yourself.

Ask yourself if you want to be someone who walks confidently through the fog knowing the sun is shining on the other side or someone who searches hopelessly in one spot wondering why it doesn’t clear.  Make a decision to look for the good, the solutions and the optimism in every situation.  This is actually a choice we need to make about how we show up for our lives.


Protecting your energy isn’t always going to be from ‘bad people’.  Protecting your energy can be as simple as allowing yourself space to get over a rough day or an argument with your spouse.  It could be asking for help with cooking because you know you’re running on empty and without a break you’re going to turn into the negative energy monster yourself!  This is where setting boundaries that allow you to be there for yourself can be a powerful solution to how to protect your energy.

Then there are the obvious boundaries.  The ones you were expecting me to talk about.  One’s with people that rub you up the wrong way or judge you or look down on you.  Knowing when to say enough is enough with people that are continually dimming your light is life changing.  Standing up for what matters to you is protecting your energy in a massive way.  Remember, your energy is like pieces of your soul floating around you, trying to reach out and connect with the rest of the world.  So, anyone who is dimming it down is not helping you live your best life.  Be kind always, but set those boundaries that keep your light shining.

Keep your Environment Energized and Positive

Your home or work environment can also feed you with positive or negative energy, so make sure it is a good, happy place to be.  Whether this means giving it a spring clean, adding some pot plants to freshen the air, playing uplifting music or putting some new pictures on the wall.  Whatever it looks like to you.  If it makes you feel energized and happy to be there, you’re on to a winner.  I am an essential oils fan so for me filling the air with the delicate and nurturing fragrances coming from my diffuser is a really positive energy boost.

Something super important to remember these days is social media, so who you choose to follow needs to be inspiring you and lifting you up, not reminding you of the negatives about the world and, even worse, yourself!

Releasing is also Protecting

Before looking at ways to increase our energy I want to add something that’s more of a release but very much part of the bigger picture that is ‘how to protect your energy’.  And that is fully allowing, embracing and feeling your emotions.  This is not an invitation to sit blubbering in the rain at the bus stop, but I believe that giving yourself a time out to cry is hugely therapeutic.  So, take yourself off and spend an hour in bed if that’s what you need to give you your energy and enthusiasm for life back again.

You might be struggling with anger and having a cry isn’t going to give you the release you need.  You may need to take yourself off for a run instead.  Anger means there’s way too much energy that needs to be released, just make sure you do it in a healthy way.


Throw yourself a Lifesaver

As I very subtly mentioned earlier on, look after yourself first.  Don’t be tricked into thinking that helping someone else will be its own reward.  Helping others will always be something I will encourage you to do, but never to your own detriment.  This is NOT protecting your energy AT ALL!

This is some serious tough love, I know, but I firmly believe we can not pour from an empty cup.  The more you look after yourself first, the stronger and more capable you will be of helping others.  And, even then, make sure you are pay attention to those scales.  Are they tipping towards healing for the other person or are they dragging down on your side as you take the weight off them?  Just be careful and aware of how this plays out.

Do what it takes to be Happy

It’s a simple concept really.  Think about when you’re in a slump.  Your thoughts are negative, your body language is negative, and usually your words are negative too.  But, switch to those good vibrations and everything is sunshine and roses!  Smiles and laughter all round, nothing but good things to say about life.  When you’re feeling all these good feelings you don’t choose to listen to the most depressing track in your playlist, do you?  No, you hit play on the song that gives you that surge of energy.  The one that makes you feel alive and exhilarated by life.

So, look for what lights you up!  Choose joy, choose the sunshine and the good vibe music!  We can shift our energy by the things we choose to expose ourselves to.  I know it’s hard to pick yourself up when you’re in a slump.  In all honesty I think we kind of enjoy being there and don’t want to leave.  In some ways this is true, it’s easier to not get off the couch, not to dance around the living room.  Sometimes we want to just be left alone to sulk.  And, sometimes, that’s ok for a while.  But, we need to know when we’ve been there for too long and we need to know that there are quick and easy and fun ways to get out of it.

Increase that Energy

Protecting your energy is essential but take it one step further and learn how to increase your energy.  Once you know how to protect your energy that’s the next best step, right?  I believe there are a few powerful ways to increase your energy and they are free and easy to do!  Your energy is part of who you are, and part of nature.  So, hardly a surprise that getting out into nature boosts your energy.  Look at it as your recharging station.  I’m serious, actually picture the energy in the air around you while walking in the forest, connecting to you and recharging your own energy.  That is what happens in nature because living our modern lives depletes us!  We need to get back into nature to recharge.

Water!  Drink it, swim in it, shower, walk beside it!  Water is the ultimate cleanser for body, mind and soul and will recharge your energy every time.

Another way to increase your energy is through exercises.  Compare this to rubbing your hands together, creating friction.  This demonstrates the energy that is created through the movement.  It fires you up, livens you up.  Even a gentle exercise like yoga, my own personal choice, stretches out those joints and muscles and allows them to ‘breathe’.

And, last one on my list of favs is meditation.  When you sit in meditation for any decent amount of time you can actually feel your own energy.  It vibrates in a strangely powerful way.  This may seem like a strange way for you to increase your energy, but simply sitting in your stillness and being with yourself is a revitalizing experience.  It’s almost as if reminding yourself of where you come from and your connection to everything else out there is enough to make you feel alive and at one once again.

Energy Challenge!

I challenge you today to know the energy you are taking with you into your day.  Feel the positive vibes tingling in your body and carry them with you.  Then, notice how your positive energy effects the way you treat people and the way it effects their reaction to you.  The way it effects and lifts their energy!  Smile at someone, start a conversation, make someone feel good by just being kind, and see how it impacts both of you.  Energy is real, people and it can make or break your day, so make it full of joy!

As always, a huge thank you for being here, I hope you enjoyed the blog!

Steph x

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