Action is Good, Inspired Action is Better!

What does inspired action mean to you? I’ve been hearing so much about this idea of working when inspired. Taking inspired action. The idea has taken root in my mind because I am very much against the push to get things done kind of mentality. I know we are all different but for me 1hr peak performance far outweighs 5hrs of uninspired drudgery.  Lol. Plus, I also get all excited by the idea of being inspired by something greater than ourselves.  By a life purpose.   But is it for everyone, this inspired action approach? Or does it work for some while not so much for others?

Take this blog for example.  The idea just popped into my head.  And, from inspired thought came inspired action.  And, here I am.  This is kind of the theme of my blog in general and I like it that way.  Has this happened to you before?  When a thought appears out of nowhere and you get that ‘Ooh, let’s do that’ kind of feeling?

Where Did That Come From?!

So, you have been Inspired to take action.  But by who?  Inspired, yes, but where does the inspiration come from? Where does any inspiration come from? Do you believe that inspiration is something that we have to search for? Or do you believe it is something that we allow?  Can it be both?  Because I believe so much in intuition, and I’ve been learning to listen to and tap into my intuition more and more, I tend to lean towards the side of inspired action being action inspired by our intuition, source or higher self.

I would like to think that we are all guided towards something that is right for us. Something that is just a fit for who we are and what we want from life. And this, to me, is inspired.  Another type of inspiration happens when we play an active role in seeking out that fuel that we are looking for in our lives.  That is great and absolutely has its place, but inspired action is different.

I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say inspired means ‘in-spirit’ and this is the way I see it.  Inspiration, the way we are talking about it in this blog, comes from somewhere outside of ourselves.  It isn’t about checking out your competition’s reels on Instagram for fresh new ideas.  This is about getting an exciting new plot for your book in the shower or watching how the water flows down a stream and suddenly understanding in fine detail how your latest program needs to run.  We’re talking ‘ah-ha’ moments that cannot be explained.  They just appeared!  Popped into your head like magic.  The action taken from this inspiration is inspired action!  The actions taken from these moments are like taking the baton during the last leg of the relay and declaring to the universe ‘Thanks, I got this’.

Look for Miracles

One of my main take-aways from this post is to realize that what we take as simple, everyday things are actually a blessing and a miracle.  We need to become more aware of the guidance we are receiving throughout our lives!  Inspiration.  Intuition.  These are all connecting us to our source and our higher selves in a big way.  But, we don’t choose to see it that way because it makes us feel uncomfortable.  Whether we feel we’ll be judged, laughed at, or just don’t believe that this guidance is real, either way, we are cutting ourselves off from the guidance that is available to us.

Yes, people will keep getting inspired in the shower.  Whether they realize where it is coming from or not.  But, how much better could it be if we took the time to thank the universe for that fantastic new idea that landed in our laps?  And, the next question would be, would we receive inspiration more often if we tuned in more?  In other words, does inspired action only come to those who are open to it?

Inspiration through Calm?

So, whereas some people thrive under pressure others (such as myself) can get so much more done when calm.  I can focus more, feel more motivated and definitely find inspiration more easily instead of trying to work with a full-to-breaking-point brain.  I need a clear head to be able to work effectively.

So, I’m a bit woo-woo and a lot spiritual. I believe that I am being guided. 100%. I believe that there are signs and niggles and urges along this journey of life that help us to take the right path. The path designed for us. I believe that if we don’t listen to those signs and that guidance it gets louder, like an irritating sibling looking for your attention. Except there’s more than the last cookie at stake.  The point is, if you centre yourself and approach your search for inspiration from a calmer place instead of an anxious state, you are far more likely to be inspired at all!


Allow instead of Demand

What am I trying to say? Well, I’m saying that inspired action means taking action from a place of reacting to your guidance system instead of acting (and pushing) just because. This is something that makes sense to me, appeals to me, but definitely isn’t my default setting! And, to be honest, learning to work from a place of ease and inspired action feels a bit like dragging myself out of the trenches and finally seeing the light of day. Why is everything always so hard!

Well, there is a two-part answer to that question. Firstly, hard is part of the lesson. Hard is the introduction to the course where you have your ah ha moment and finally understand the why behind it all. And the second part is ‘because we let it be’. Urgh! Yes, sorry if it hurts. We think it’s meant to be hard so that’s what we experience. But, wait, you just said it needs to be hard. Lol. Yes, we need to go through the struggle to get through to the other side! And there. There, we find the ease. So, the ultimate lesson is, it will be hard and stay hard until you learn that it doesn’t have to be. Does your head hurt? If so, I am sorry.

Inspiration & Flow

The ultimate goal here is to learn to work from a place of both inspiration and flow.  We want to avoid the working for the sake of working mentality.  This is obviously more challenging if you have an allocated work schedule but try to step back and look at your workload and get creative about where your energy is best utilized before you just sit down and start tapping away at your keyboard.

Also, try to breathe!  Take a moment.  Clear your head.  Allow a sense of calm to guide you through your work day, AND to inspiration.  From there, take the inspired action that will create far better results than the overworked, over anxious approach.  Wishing you a calmer and more productive approach to work!

Steph x

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