Lesson’s I’ve Learned from 1yr of Blogging

Starting a blog was a scary thing for me to do.  Learning to put myself out there into the world in a whole new way.  What I didn’t expect was how many lessons I would learn from blogging and the entire process.  Sharing my thoughts and growth with you over the last year has been so rewarding!  It has come with many, many challenges but I love it more now than I ever could have imagined.  It has become a part of my identity and self expression.

Life is a process of continuous growth and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I believe you can find lessons in all of life’s challenges.  This process has provided me with quite a few lessons that I’d like to share.  Whether you are a blogger yourself or you read the blog for other reasons, you might find these interesting, they apply to life in general!

Lessons From Blogging:

1) Everything Takes Time

We live in an instant gratification society.  No one is used to having to wait for anything anymore.  A lesson in patience is one that blogging is excellent at teaching because IT TAKES TIME!  To be honest this is probably an excellent lesson for someone like me with very little patience.  In fact I have a pretty bad track record for starting something and not finishing it.  This is mostly down to lack of patience and a little bit because if I can’t do it perfectly I’d rather not do it at all.

So, blogging has taught me to be patient.  It has taught me to see things through, to stay the course.

2) Do it for the Love

I didn’t know this when I started but blogging is something you do for love.  It takes equal parts love and commitment.  First you have to have a love for your chosen topic and then you have to have a love for writing, and I mean passionately love writing!  As far as lessons from blogging goes, this one is huge!

I guess this is where I thank my lucky stars for the love that grows inside me every day for both writing and my desire to keep growing as a person.  Without this love there is no point blogging, and I think this applies to life in general.  Whatever you do, do it with love, because of love, for love!  Through this journey I have enjoyed my own growth so much that it has inspired me even more to want to share my growth with others, and that kind of inspiration always comes from loving what you do.

3) Ideas and Inspiration will Come

Don’t stop yourself because you think your idea is too small or because you think ‘Where will I get the content from?’.  It is something like the natural growth of a tree, the branches extend out in different directions with what seems like little purpose but when you look back they form a perfectly shaped, fully grown tree.  See yourself, your ideas and your growth like the tree.

Starting on a journey is always hard, whether it’s blogging, business or even relationships.  What you need to realize is that everything starts small and grows with time and experience.  This applies to blogging and to life!  Ideas grow, love grows, you grow!  But in every instance you start from nothing.


4) You are Capable of More than you Think

We underestimate ourselves.  What really blows my mind is how malleable we are, how we can grow and shift and pivot.  Never expect less of yourself, always expect more.  You will surprise yourself.  Remember that every skill has to be taught.  Don’t cut yourself short before you’ve tried.

I love the saying ‘you overestimate what you can do in a day but you underestimate what you can do in a year’, and it’s so true.  We feel defeated if we haven’t reached a goal we’ve set for the month but we don’t look at what we’ve done with an entire year.  Looking back at the last year for me has been incredible because I realized how much I’ve accomplished.  Instead of looking at the last month and getting down on myself for not hitting a target.

5) You Never Stop Learning, and that’s Great!

I haven’t picked up a non-fiction book in probably close to 2yrs now, but I’m loving it!  All the books that I’ve read have enriched me in some way.  I’ve also done courses and watched tutorials to upskill.  There are so many opportunities for growth and I think this world is about to get into personal development big time!

It’s incredible because it’s really at our fingertips and it’s growth in the area of our own choosing!  Literally anything you want to learn is available.  My favourite platform for courses is Udemy., I have signed up for a few courses in different genres and love the freedom to learn from home on my own schedule.  If you are looking for something more spiritual check out Mindvalley, they have some of the most inspiring spiritual teachers, just incredible!

6) A Year goes by Very quickly, Don’t Waste Time

This first year has been a blur.  Covid probably has something to do with that, but life marches on doesn’t it?!  What it makes me realize is that if I had made different choices I could be sitting here with no blog to my name.  A year goes quickly, make sure that you do the things you love so that there is no room for regret.

Think about what you could do with 365 days.  Think about how you would feel if you said no to an opportunity and you realize 365 days have gone by in your life without taking action.  Do what you love in this life, even if only as a hobby.  We humans have a bad habit of putting things off until tomorrow.  Don’t do that to yourself.  A year goes by very, very quickly.

7) Done is Better than Perfect

When I first started putting up blogs and social media posts I fussed over everything I did.  But, the more you do it the more you realize that waiting for perfect will get you nowhere.  And, people don’t want perfect anyway.  Being authentic is easier, less stressful and more relatable!  So, why on earth worry about perfect.  Besides, there’s no such thing!

My writing style has changed, and loosened up, in the last year.  I am loving it more now!  I am getting my message across better and expressing myself freely, without all the fuss.  One of the reasons I started this blog was that I believe we all long for connection and understanding.  The more relaxed I am about my writing the more I can connect with the people I want to connect with.  We are all imperfect, together, and it’s beautiful.

8) Never Give Up

This is one of the toughest lessons you will learn from blogging, and it’s a VERY hard one.  Over the course of 365 days you probably feel like giving up about 200 days!  And, all you hear is ‘don’t give up’.  The thing is if you don’t really believe in what you are doing you’re bound to give up.  What I want, though, is for you not to give up (on blogging or anything you love).

What I want is for you to be so invested, so passionate, that nothing can stop you.  For me it has become so crucial for my self-expression that I NEED to do it.  But, I also have a strong desire to get through to people and to help them see the beauty of this life.  I have reached a point where I will not give up on this blog, it means too much to me.  Find that passion and meaning in what you do that makes giving up a non-event.

9) Life and Blogging

I have one thing to say about blogging.  It has amped up my growth like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  It has supercharged it!  I think this would apply to anyone starting a new business but the lessons from blogging have included lessons about online business, networking, social media, website seo and ALL SORTS OF OTHER THINGS!   All this on top of the fact that my journey is Personal Growth based!  Let’s just say I may have a few extra grey hairs on my head, but a smile in my heart.

Last Word

These words that pour out of me, onto the page, are for those of you reading this right now.  My lessons through blogging have included, lastly, that somewhere inside me I want to share.  I could never understand, growing up, why people kept telling me I should have been a teacher.  I always assumed it was their way of telling me I had a bit of a bossy nature (lol).  Now, I see this ‘teacher’ trait in my desire to share with my readers.  I want other people to experience the same joy of personal growth with me.

So to my readers, thank you so very much for joining me!  I hope with all my heart that I make you think, make you smile and most of all make you keep growing!

Much love,

Steph x

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