Life Lessons From Quotes

We all love a good quote, but to me they are more than just moments of inspiration.  When you get quotes like the one’s I’ve listed below they are more like ‘Ah ha’ moments.  They are gold nuggets that get you to think deeply about life.  And, they are inspiration to live your best life.  Here are the life lesson’s I have taken from this selection of quotes.

The Value of Time

This quote by William Penn is a powerful reminder not to lose focus on the true value of every moment.  Live and love with everything that you have, and make each moment count.  We never stop to count the time we have but if we did wouldn’t we view it as more precious than gold?  Wouldn’t we cherish it?  Ask yourself what you would do if you knew you only had 1yr left.  Instead of living as if you were going to live forever, in denial of your mortality, live as if each breath is a gift, because that’s exactly what it is!

The Value of Kindness

The life lesson from this quote really hits home when you understand the impact we can have on each other’s lives through kindness.  We need to see that we are all connected and then we will be able to understand how helping others helps us as well.  If you’ve ever done something nice for someone, out of the blue, with no expectation you will know how it feels.  Make a conscious choice to live life for the good of all you come into contact with.  This way, we lift each other up and improve life for us all.

For me this one is both kindness and openness (or connection).  This quote teaches us that you will always reap greater rewards through opening your heart to others.  Never underestimate the power of a kind heart.  At the end of the day, every soul longs for kindness and connection.  So, once again, choose kindness always.  It is the only true solution to the worlds problems.

The Value of Discipline

I love this one because it reminds us of the difference between instant gratification and the perseverance and discipline that comes from having a goal that has true meaning to you.  This is why finding something you are passionate about in life is so important.  When you care with everything that you are nothing can sway you or deter you from your path.  You develop a discipline built on the foundations of passion.  This is so powerful because it will shape your future.  I’ve heard it said that you should love what you do enough that you would do it even if you weren’t being paid to do it.  Makes a lot of sense to me!



The Value of Life

Your life is a gift from the creator!  What more do you need to know in this life to make you cherish every breath?  You are unique and purposefully created.  Your only job is to live a life that is true to you!  To find your purpose and live it fully, as a thank you to your Creator.  If you were to change your perspective on your life, to see the opportunity to serve it up as an offer of thanks to your creator, what would you choose to do with it?  How would you live differently?  What a challenge to live a full and beautiful life!

The Value of Self Love

Self-love is something that was almost un heard of not too long ago.  It was considered selfish.  You always put your family first.  That is what a good person does.  But, now we see that putting ourselves last leaves us so empty that we have nothing left to give anybody else, and how does that serve anyone?  When you love yourself; take care of yourself, you are sending a message that you deserve to be loved and appreciated.  It is an emotional self-care.  Not ‘pampering’.  The life lessons from quotes like these are to be happy with the person you are, and that can only be possible if you offer yourself the love and respect you need (and deserve).  Take a look at my blog Self-Care Ideas: What I’m Crushing On!

The Value of Inspiration

Yes!  Find reasons to be excited.  Look for them everywhere.  When life becomes mundane seek out what lights you up!  The options are endless.  What makes you giddy with excitement?  Is it kayaking, singing, photography?  Think about the last time you did something that got you all fired up.  It might have been something that surprises you, maybe you discover you have a passion for cooking!  Sometimes we get so caught up in the mundane that we don’t realize we are living from an uninspired place.  Ask yourself, have I been exhilarated lately?  If not, go look for something that makes you feel alive!  If you need inspiration head over to my blog Bucket List Ideas, there are so many things to be excited about in this life, there just isn’t any excuse!

The Value of a Growth Mindset

Great life lessons from quotes sometimes come like a mic drop moment!  Lol!  The sign of a good quote is one that smacks you upside the head with something so simple, put so eloquently, that it blows your mind.  This is that kind of quote!  For me, there is no growth without an open mind.  I mean, how can you grow if you are closed minded?  This sums up all progress; have an open mind.  Be open to learning, failing, feeling, changing.  Be open to life!  When you realize that being open to new ideas is the pathway to growth, you can embrace it!  There is so much to learn out there, about ourselves and this world we live in.  Keep your minds open! 

I use quotes as inspiration on my Instagram, and they fuel me.  They inspire me on a daily basis and keep me from giving up on the days I feel flat.  These are just some of the wise words I’ve been inspired by.  The life lessons from quotes like these are every day reminders to do better, to be better.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!

See you next time!

Steph x

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