Top 10 Meditation Tips for Beginners

For just over 2 years now I have been practicing a daily meditation

This is something that I considered many, and I mean MANY, years ago but always had a crazy busy mind that just refused to be still.  I wish that someone had handed me a list of top 10 meditation tips for beginners back then!  But then something clicked in me.  I started down this path of self-discovery and self-development which led me very organically to meditation.  After practicing meditation for over 2 year I do not consider myself an expert on the subject however I do believe wholeheartedly in the benefits.  It has become so important to me that I feel cheated if I go a day without it.  The sense of calm and clarity that I get from meditation cannot be achieved through any other methods that I have tried.

Being a Mum, my methods would include holding my breath and counting to 10!


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If you’ve never tried meditation before I can 100% guarantee you are in the “that’s kinda woo woo” corner, and I totally understand!  I’ve been there.

But, it’s only because we have been convinced by this crazy world we live in that it’s all go, go, go and stopping is for losers.  Sound about right?  Well, when you get to that point where you realize that stopping is essential, and you’ve had your brakes off for so long you just don’t know how anymore, it’s time to try it out.

Mastering it is not easy, but trying it is.  Start, just start.  Just sit, close your eyes for 10 minutes and listen to the sound of the birds outside your window or the waves crashing.  Even the sound of the fridge running or the pump in the fish tank can do the trick.  Breathe.  That’s all.  For now.  Just enjoy the complete surrender of giving yourself a break.  Eventually you will start to feel like you are connecting with yourself on a whole new level that you never have before, but for now all you need to do is take that precious moment and breathe.

Life is busy and can be unkind so this is your moment to be kind to yourself

Forget the ‘Woo woo’, this is personal and let’s be honest we’re all a little Woo Woo when nobody’s looking anyway!  Just try not to take it seriously.  Relax and enjoy the process.  We are all looking for something different from the experience.  Some of us have forgotten who we truly are and need to reconnect.  Others suffer from anxiety and need to find a safe space where they can let go of some of the stresses of daily life.  There are many benefits of meditation ranging from stress management, to more tolerance, to increased happiness and productivity.  No matter what you are looking for from the experience, all the benefits are uplifting and rewarding for the body, mind and soul.

Top 10 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Start Small and Build on It

Start with a manageable 10-15min meditation.  It is not easy to slow the mind in the beginning so don’t overdo it.  When you find you can get through a short meditation without having to bring yourself back too often, then you are ready to progress to a longer routine.  Don’t feel this needs to be a goal, it is all about what works best for you.  The idea here is not to scare yourself away before giving it a chance.  Be patient.

Focus on the Breath

Don’t let this become something you worry about.  Just feel the rise and fall of your body as you breathe naturally.  When your mind wanders, remind yourself to focus on the breath.  It is merely a tool to help you remain mindful in the moment instead of letting your mind wander off.  Again, be patient, it takes practice.

No Expectations ie. Don’t put Pressure on the Outcome!

Meditation is a practice so don’t be disappointed if you are not able to stay centered throughout the practice.  Also, understand that you will not be a changed person overnight.  It takes time.  Try to detach from the outcome and expectation until you have gained an understanding of how the meditation experience works for you.  Keep up the practice for the best results!

Make it a Routine

It is important to keep it up.  This means developing a routine around your meditation.  I am a Mum so the best time for me is just before bed.  If mornings are better for you, go with that, but make up your mind that you will set aside time for your practice.  Having a set time is also great when you have a family because, once everyone knows this is your meditation time, you have established a boundary going forward.

Absolutely no Distractions

This is a deal breaker.  Absolutely no distractions allowed.  Once you’ve set your boundaries with your family and claimed your time, this is a ‘do not disturb’ zone.  You don’t want to be distracted while meditating, being ripped away from your peace is not a good feeling and definitely leaves you with the wrong outcome!

Set the Scene

Once you have put up your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign make sure the environment is welcoming.  This could include having a warm blanket or gown, burning essential oils or candles, or playing relaxing music.  I have put together some of my favourite products to help you on your journey – See Products Here.

You can Lie Down if you Want To

I tend to mix it up a bit which is totally fine.  You can sit or lie down, whichever you find more comfortable and relaxing.  I think a lot of us think meditation comes with very strict rules when in fact there are way more choices to suit your needs.  I believe lying down can be very effective and don’t want you to choose to stay away from meditation because you don’t like the idea of sitting.

Choose a Meditation that Works for You

To add to the above.  There are many types of meditation.  Try a few out and choose the one that works for you.  You can go for relaxing music, a guided meditation or an affirmation meditation (just to name a few).  It’s all about what resonates with you.  I enjoy both guided and meditating to some relaxing music.

Don’t Fret about those Pesky Thoughts

One of the biggest hurdles for a beginner is the worry about not being able to ‘stop’ their thoughts.  You don’t have to! In a list of meditation tips for beginners this is a big one!  You merely allow them in and don’t hold on to them.  Rather, let them go and return to your breath.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, again, this takes practice.  This is another area where I think people give up on meditation because they think they’re ‘getting it wrong’.  You’re not getting it wrong, you just have to give your mind the time to settle into the silence.

Finish off in Gratitude

Acknowledge yourself for your conscious effort to do the inner work.  Each small step is victory!  Our minds are busier than any city street on earth and taking the time to allow it some peace is self-care at its best, so thank yourself for that! woman-sitting-in-prayer-pose-gratitude

‘Prayer is when you talk to God;  Meditation is when you listen to God.’ –  Diana Robinson.

If you are looking for more tips for meditation for beginners,  here are some resource I recommend: Gaia  and Mindvalley.  Both are wonderful platforms for meditation as well as personal development.  It offers various teachings including meditations, yoga and personal development and is really worth checking out.  Another one is Insight Timer.  It is a free app with 1000’s of meditations available plus the option of joining to have access to courses.  So much value!  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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