What If You Are More Than Just a Body?

One of the greatest take-aways for me from my meditation practice (and personal growth journey) is finding that I have the answer to the question, what if we are more than we think?  And, yes, this is deeply personal. You may not agree with me.  And that’s okay.  This is my own, personal experience that I have had with my inner being.  And it is telling me in no uncertain terms that I am so much more than this body.  I realize this is a big topic, and I can only talk from my own point of view, but I’d like to share how I make sense of this. And, I would love for you to appreciate that you too are so much more.

Start with the Right Question

Let’s face it, most of us ask the wrong question.  We are more likely to ask: What if this is all I am?  How harmful can that be?  It starts from a place of doubt and worry.  What a contrast between the two questions!  The question ‘what if you are more than you think?’ asks you to believe.  It asks you to look deeper, to choose the more positive of the ‘What if’ options.  I believe this mindset on its own is what helps us to come to know ourselves as more than just our bodies.

This is part of the process as it plays out in my head.  It helps me to believe, and the reason why I do not doubt the eternal nature of my being (and yours).  This is what speaks to me and makes sense to me about who we are as more than just bodies.  Let’s get into it a bit more.

Our Emotions

For me the simple truth that our emotions do not come from our bodies just lays it all out there for us to begin asking questions.  We know our emotions do not come from our arms or legs, or even our heart, but somewhere else.  Somewhere unexplainable and yet still undoubtedly us.  That part of yourself that isn’t connected physically to your outer experiences.  If this doesn’t make you question whether we are more than we think, then I don’t know what will.

Our emotions show up in our bodies when we cry, laugh, feel stress etc.  But these are the effects of the emotion.  The emotions themselves come from a deeper place.  It’s an enigma, really.  Try to associate any of your emotions with a body part.  Can you do it?  It just doesn’t make sense, does it?  It may be simple but for me that’s the whole point.  We overthink and overcomplicate something that we really should just know!

Meditation and The Observer

On to this blog’s most talked about topic.  Ha ha!  Yes, I’m talking about meditation.  In a way meditation makes you feel both more and less connected to this life at the same time.  Let me explain.  On one hand you learn to ‘let go’ of the world for a moment ie. you disconnect.  You release yourself from the worries and the pressures of the physical world.  This is both blissful, and necessary!

On the other hand, you connect with yourself and your inner stillness.  Again, blissful and necessary.  You become the observer of life.  In my experience this is a good thing because it gives you a greater level of perspective.  You are not ‘too close’ to the experience.  And, this is where you find yourself just being.  Being a soul instead of a body.  Sitting in the peaceful nature that is who you really are.

Life’s moments can be intense.  Emotional, tiring, stressful.  When we are too focused on the immediate, ie. the body experience, we get caught up in the whirlwind of the emotion.  When we become the observer we: observe, decide and take action.  You’re aware of the whirlwind but able to pull yourself out of it.  In some ways it can feel like a superpower that allows you to slow time.  Hmm, intriguing!


So Much We Don’t Understand

There are so many things that cannot be explained away in this life.  From near-death experiences and reincarnation, to unexplained healings and telepathy.  Every one of these give us reason to delve deeper into our own spirituality.  They cause us to question our otherwise surface level existence.

If this is all too woo woo for you consider for a moment how little we really understand about this life.  To a huge extent these unexplained phenomena are helpful for those of us looking to understand life better.  And all of them are linked to something outside of our bodies.  Near-Death experiences – outside of the body.  Telepathy – outside of the body.  And, why can’t they be explained?  Because they are not of this world, but of the spirit world.  It’s fascinating, really.

I am not asking you to blindly accept.  I am asking that you always go through life with an open mind.  I believe that is the only way to understand your own truth, by being open to it.  We each experience this life differently, and ‘the truth’ for each of us is different.  Be open to learning more about your own truth.

What Would it Feel Like to Trust?

Wouldn’t it be liberating to know deep within yourself that you are supported?  My question is why don’t we already know this?  We all suffer hardships and loss in life, and I realize this makes it difficult to trust, but what if understanding the ebb and flow of life would allow us to trust that good follows bad?

Would it be easier to get through the tough times if we saw their value and knew there was good to come?  I grew up with the saying ‘this too shall pass’, and I think it had a massive impact on the way I cope with difficult times.  Light always follows dark.  Acknowledging this is so important but, more than anything, acknowledging the lesson in the darkness is where the growth comes in.  Trust the process.

What I have found is that when you pay attention to the patterns of life you will begin to see how everything comes together.  You will be able to look back at what seemed an impossible time in your life and recognize the moment when everything turned around.  You will see the growth that come from that experience.  You will see that it formed part of the lump of clay that was molded into you.  Every experience is part of who we are, even the really tough ones.

My Own Version of Unexplained

My life has had many synchronicities, coincidences and serendipitous moments, like I’m sure yours has too.  You know the ones.  Someone calling when you were thinking about them or bumping into someone you really needed to talk to out of the blue.  We don’t pay them much attention, though, do we?  So take a moment and really think about these experiences.  What if (there’s another what if!) they are more than we think?

This may seem silly, but did you ever wonder why not everyone in your neighbourhood ever decided to go to the mall on the same day?  Ha ha, silly isn’t it?  But, it does illustrate an order to life.  I know, I know, people have jobs but apply it to your local beach on a Saturday then!  There is order.  Something keeps everything ticking over smoothly, even if it seems hard to swallow.  It is, again, looking beyond the surface and knowing that there is a grander design to this life.

What If?

The more that we can all learn to connect with ourselves, I believe, the more we will connect with each other.  And, the more we will see the ‘bigger picture’ that is beyond this ‘one life’ story that we are living.  What if we are more than this life?!  What if we are eternal and never really die?  Consider the what if’s, that is my ask of you today.  What if it is all going to be just fine?

My aim in writing this blog is to get you to think about the you that is more than that brain sending signals to your arm to lift the fork and stuff that chocolate cake in your mouth.  You are more than the automatic left, right, left, right of the autopilot.  Be open to the call of your soul.  Be open to asking questions, to following your intuition, and to trusting in something greater than you ever imagined.

Thank you so much for being here, and reading with me.  Thank you for asking questions, and showing up!  Wishing you many happy what if’s in your future!

Steph x

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