Morning Routine Ideas to Connect with Yourself

After enjoying a few weeks off over the holidays and finding myself losing grip on my healthy morning routine, I thought I’d share with you why I feel it’s important to have a routine that starts you off on the right foot. The morning routine ideas that work for me, the ones that help me feel good and blessed and connected to myself. You may find they will work for you or maybe they’re not your cup of tea, but you feel inspired to find your own routine that works for you. Either way finding the morning routine that works for you is a great way to show up in the right mindset every day.

These morning routine ideas help me to connect to myself, my purpose and my spirituality as well. They help me remind myself to direct my day towards service and the higher good. To keep working on myself and growing into the best version of me. As with anything, we need to find what works for us personally so have a look at my routine and see if any of it is a fit for you.

Wake up before Everybody Else

Why?  I do this for one reason. I love the quiet time that I get to focus on my thoughts.  This is the best (or only!) time of the day that I get to reflect on my thoughts, emotions, gratitude, goals etc.  There are plenty of things you can do with this extra time but for me the most beneficial is using it to connect with myself.  It helps me to put my life into perspective.  To gain clarity.  And all in a calming environment.  This time is so very valuable to me and I cannot imagine a life where I hit the ground running, straight out of bed and into the car kind of living.  Easy does it for me!

If you have a gratitude practise or a journal practise this is the time to devote all your attention to it. I am a huge believer in both of these because the benefits are overwhelming.  Journaling is one of the most underrated and most valuable tools we have available to us, free of charge!  It is like opening the tap and letting all your thoughts, feelings and questions pour out.  And there is no one there to raise their eyebrows or question any of it.  This means you have the freedom to work through whatever you are going through at your own pace, making sense of it in a healthy way.

Enjoy a good cup of Coffee and your Oracle Cards

Because everyone else is still sleeping this is a beautiful, mindful time for me.  I savour my morning coffee and sit peacefully while I draw my Oracle card for the day (my favourite at the moment is the Angels and Ancestors by Kyle Gray).  There is no outside interference or distractions.  I have not yet taken on the energy of the rest of the household and I am calm and centred.  For me a large part of this routine is the motivation to start my day with a calm energy.  Having kids means you may lose that at some point during the day and while that is normal, I like to soak up the quiet and try to hold onto it for as long as possible.  As far as the Oracle Cards go, it’s absolutely essential to be in a calm state of mind or the experience will be completely wasted.

Another thing I like to do with this quiet time is read a good, inspiring book.  For me its generally a non-fiction, personal growth book and they are great for getting you into a positive mindset for the day (naturally, that’s kind of the point!), but you can read anything that inspires you!  Don’t read the news, let’s put it that way!  Negative energy has no place in these morning routine ideas, so you best look elsewhere if you’re not into positive vibes.  Of course you are or you wouldn’t be here!

Take some time to Meditate

More relaxing?  Yes.  Again, so very important to begin your day with the best possible mindset.  And meditation is a must for me.  Similar to journaling in that it is a beautiful tool for connecting with yourself.  This is more about connecting to your inner being, though.  To your truth.  With journaling you use it as a tool to work through your daily ups and downs, with Meditation you simply remember that the daily ups and downs were never that significant in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, we NEED to work through the surface level stuff because we’re human, but connecting on a deeper level is crucial for us to strengthen our overall awareness of ourselves and the world around us.  Basically, if you’re doing both you’re on to a winner!  There is a delicate balance that we have to find between what feels real in this life and what actually is and meditation can help with that.  It helps us to reel ourselves back in when we become too attached to the material aspects of life.


Find ways to Move your Body

Take the dog for a walk.  Do yoga.  Go to the gym.  Do something that your body will thank you for.  Get some movement in those joints.  This is not an instruction to push yourself.  Not as I see it in my list of morning routine ideas anyway.  I simply want you to remember to make movement part of your day.  So, be conscious of it.

It can be a 10min Yoga stretch routine or it can be a 20min walk.  Do what feels right.  What I’m trying to encourage is daily movement here.  Breathe some air into those joints.  Use your body for what it was designed for!  Nowadays we spend more and more time barely moving an inch and that’s just not what we were made for, so give your body the love it needs.  Put on some music and move those hips.  It’ll make you feel and it’ll make you smile while you’re about it.

Self-Care and Self-Love

Don’t forget, in your mad rush to get to the office, that showing yourself some love affects the way you show up in general!  So, take the time to: greet your reflection with a smile, nourish your body with quality skin care, or listen to music that lifts your spirits (you know, the same music that gets you dancing!).  These things matter!  They affect the way you feel about yourself and the world in general.  If you make an effort with these things you will notice a shift in the way you experience life.

I talk a lot about Self-Love and want to emphasize again that when you feel loved by yourself the world is a kinder place.  Remember that.  How you feel about life has more to do with the way you see yourself than how others see you, so love yourself fiercely and show up for yourself and your body everyday.

Nourish your Body with the Food you Eat

Naturally this one will look vastly different for everyone.  Some people may be a seed loaf and smashed avo with egg and others may be a warm bowl of oats.  I am a grazer so I eat little bits ALL DAY LONG.  I love eating but kind of treat it like my entertainment for the day and snack constantly!

Where am I going with this?  Well, for me the best way to nourish my body as part of my morning routine would be something along the lines of a smoothie or a fruit salad.  They are healthy and easy and not too filling in one sitting (ie. snack size.  Lol.).  Another easy meal for me would be a bowl of bran flakes.  Whichever one you go for make sure it’s nourishing for your body.  Make sure your body feels loved!  You will get so much more out of it if it feels energized instead of sluggish.

Never forget Mindset

All of the above are wasted unless you have achieved a positive outlook on life.  The entire point of a morning routine is to get yourself off on the right foot for your day, so make sure you bring your A game and a smile!

Remember that your day is another blessing, opportunity and gift.  It is up to you what you create with this new day.  Put all these ideas together and use them to show up as your best self.  I hope you feel inspired by my morning routine ideas and either try them out or come up with your own.  Do what feels good is the end goal here.  Thanks for reading!


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