The Personal Growth Reading List you Need in Your Life

There are so many aspects to personal growth but whichever way you look at it, it all comes down to books!  Books, books, books!  Reading your way to the best version of yourself.  The way I see it, wherever you end up this is always where you start.  In this blog I want to share the personal growth reading list I have accumulated over the last couple of years.

Whether you’re focused on business growth, spiritual growth, even growing a physically strong body!  If you are determined to up your game on any level, you will find your nose buried in a book.  Why?  Because growth comes from absorbing as much information on your chosen subject as possible.

So, with that said, this is kind of a break down for you of the books I have consumed on my personal growth journey so far.  There are more, but these have stood out for me in one way or another.  In this list there are books covering different areas of life but all of them have been either enlightening, inspiring or earth shattering, and those are the best kind!

Reading as a Child

The love of reading instilled in me as a child, I believe, has given me a certain perspective on the world.  It opened my mind up to endless possibilities.  Made me believe in magic and true love and the hero’s journey.  Besides my family, books were my first love.  They made me fall in love with life and what it has to offer.  Fantasy?  Absolutely, but everyone with a dream for more lives in a little bit of a fantasy world.  I think it’s kind of necessary.  I mean, if you focus on reality you might never get anywhere, right?  All the most successful people have a very loose grip on reality.  Ha ha!

Here are some of the books I’ve read that have inspired me.  Give me another year and I’m sure I’ll be adding plenty to the list, but for now these are the one’s with the aahh haaa moments, the tears and the flame throwers aimed at your butt.  Lol.  Here goes:


I’ll be the first to admit I have a long way to go in the business mindset arena, but hey I know I’ll get there because I keep reading books like these!  This is what I’m talking about, if you know there is an area that you need to work on, go out there and read those books!

The reason I love these books in particular is that they are not strictly business oriented.  I think it’s time we made business more personal, and spiritual, and these books recognize this.  Our business needs to become something we enjoy.  Something we love.  These books cover business plus mindset, plus the spiritual approach.

One last thing before I share the list.  I believe that books find you as you are ready for them (at least the personal growth and spirituality books).  This is how I have experienced these books, as gifts that I have received exactly when I need them.  If I had received them any earlier I wouldn’t have been ready, or open to the lessons they have to share.  With that said, you will probably find that one or two of these stand out for you, not all.  Those are the one’s you’ve been guided to and they one’s you need most at this time.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

This is a no nonsense business book with a reminder to check in with your inner guide.  While this book talks about the psychological side to your money mindset it is still not your typical business book and that’s why I liked it!  Be prepared for understanding more about why your finances are the way they!

The Success Principles

I love that this book has found a balance between traditional go-getter mentality and a certain trust in the universe as your guide.  An inspiring read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  This is about so much more than success, or money.  It is about the big picture of your life and how you want to show up in it.


Whereas the above are more focused on business (and money), these books are about the spiritual manifestation of money.  The energy of money.  Reading about money from a spiritual perspective has been a fascinating journey for me.  This is really about tapping into the truth that everything is ultimately about us as spiritual beings, even how we experience money in this life.  It is about self-love, faith and our connection to our spiritual truth in this life.  These books are both fascinating and a lot of fun to read.  They give you an insight and a sense of optimism that you don’t get from most books about money, let’s be honest.  Lol!

A Happy Pocket Full of Money

More about manifestation than business, this book is all about the vibe.  It is super inspiring and get’s you thinking about how you show up for yourself, and ultimately your finances.  It covers wealth consciousness, goals and faith!  I enjoyed every page!

Creating Money

A spiritual take on making money, this book comes with some great visualization techniques and vibe checking that I found worked for me.  It’s all about learning to love yourself and your money!  From setting intentions and checking your vibe to working with your own energy.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Besides my love of writing I believe we are all creative in our own way.  These two books illustrate that very point and I adore both of them.  Exploring your creativity is essential for self expression, and for many people for self-discovery.  If you think you aren’t creative, I challenge you to read these books!

Big Magic

There is so much to love about this book but my biggest take away is to seize your creative idea when the opportunity presents itself.  Like all opportunities in life, creative ideas don’t stick around if you wait too long.  Don’t hold yourself back out of fear, take a chance on your creativity.  A must read for the creative soul.

The Artists Way

This book and I have some history.  It has spent many years beside my bed and just looking at the cover is a reminder to me of my innate need to create.  This book will inspire you to nurture your creative soul.  It is full of inspiration and tips for fueling your creativity.  Read it!


These are the books that help to put daily life into perspective.  They help us shift from a ‘me’ centred approach to a broader view of what’s important.  They will shake you up, make you feel at the same time bigger and smaller than you ever thought possible.  I believe that anything that makes you question yourself and the status quo is bound to be expansive and I’m all for that!  In these books you will find wonderful pages of truth so worth reading (and sharing).  Make sure you read them!


Raw truth is the only way I can describe this book.  Or, more of what we need is another way to put it.  This book will hold a mirror up to you so that you can be more honest with yourself and we all need a little bit more of that!  Powerful and honest, this is one of my all time favourite reads.


Another book that seriously impacted me.  Why?  You know how sometimes you read something and you feel like ‘Why didn’t I already know this?’.  Well, this book is one of those that just seem to make sense.  In the end this book is about finding balance in your life.  It’s such a great, impactful read.


Girl, Wash Your Face

Another much needed dose of honesty, this time focused on ourselves and the lies we tell ourselves that are holding us back.  This is the kind of book we all need to read, to help us release ourselves from all the unnecessary limitations.  It was both enjoyable to read and a wake up call.

I’m sure there are plenty of books I should have added to this list (and probably will as I keep growing my own personal growth reading list), but these will certainly keep you busy and keep you thinking, which is where all growth starts!  I hope you enjoy them.

One final note!  I am always looking to read the best personal growth books I can find so please share your top reads with me in the comments!  Thank you!

Steph x

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