5 Reasons to Build a Self-Care Sunday Routine

While it may not be the best idea to announce only 1 day of the week as Self-Care Sunday, (as opposed to 7!) it’s a start! Self-Care needs to be something we make a more conscious effort with. It goes hand in hand with Self-Love and together they can help us change the way we treat, and see, ourselves.

So, let’s declare today and every Sunday from here on out Self-Care Sunday! We’ll pledge to dedicate all future Sundays to filling our cup! To finding all the best ways to rejuvenate our bodies and minds and to motivate and inspire ourselves so that we begin the new week with a positive mindset. This blog is about why exactly we need to do this and how we can make more effort for ourselves!

Why Sunday?

Our weeks can really take it out of us. We feel exhausted, under-appreciated, and rundown. We are always rushing around, barely taking the time to eat a decent meal let alone make an effort to exercise or focus on our own needs. But, being aware of our own needs is vitally important!  So, the idea of a day where we even think about our own needs is a win!

It may seem like just another catch phrase but the more we consider the concept and the more we make it acceptable to take it easy on just 1 day of the week, the more we can step up the self-care game.  Maybe, just maybe, we can get to a point where it’s accepted as normal, and we see the value in it.  Let’s be clear, I don’t want to be hearing any ‘but this blog said I should book myself a spa day every Sunday!’.  Lol.  This is about deeply caring for ourselves and feeding our souls, not our egos (or our faces for that matter!).

Set the Scene

I like to mix up the concepts of Self-Care and Self-Love a little.  Just enough that we see the value in both.  Self-Care does not equal Self-Love but Self-Love sort of includes Self-Care by default.  When you love yourself, you want to take care of yourself.  And, if you find it difficult to love yourself starting with a self-care routine can help build up your relationship with yourself.

Self-Care Sunday needs to be about putting yourself first.  This can mean choosing to lie in, watching your favourite show for half the day or spending time alone in nature.  It isn’t about doing your nails (I know this is the go-to reference for self-care, lol!).  It is caring for yourself in all areas of your life.  So, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  Your Self-Care Sunday needs to be a well-rounded routine that sets you up for the week feeling loved and empowered.

1. Learn to put Yourself First

On Sunday.  For an hour.  Or two.  If you’re lucky.  Not all the time!  We need to put ourselves first sometimes.  Emphasis on the need.  For so many reasons, including sending a clear message to ourselves and the people in our lives that we matter.  That it’s okay, and in fact healthy for us to take some time out to relax or do something we love.

Your Self-Care Sunday can be a great opportunity to exercise your boundaries. If you’d like to read more on boundaries (also super healthy btw) head over and read 8 Reasons Why We Need Boundaries For Our Relationships.  This is a wonderful lesson in self-worth.  So, point number one is make sure you set aside some time to do something exclusively for YOU.

2. Be Kind to your Mind

Self-care isn’t only for the body.  In fact, it’s more for the mind at the end of the day because even the external ‘treating the body’ is really treating the mind (and even the soul).  When we show ourselves love by sipping a cup of tea in a gown on the verandah and nothing else at all, we are absolutely being kind to the mind.  We are taking away the pressure of daily life.  Allowing ourselves to clear out the cobwebs in our poor, drained and exhausted minds.

When last did you take the time to unwind your mind?  Getting a facial is a great example of a self-care practise that also benefits your mind.  You’ve got your mask and your cucumber slices, and you have nothing else to do but be still.  This is the kind of Self-Care Sunday routine that will revitalize you on so many levels.  Especially in this media dominated world.  Or, maybe you’re someone who wants to spend Sunday building a puzzle.  This is great self-care too because it’s great for the mind while also giving you some me-time.  Find what works for you.


3. Be Inspired

Self-Care Sunday and inspiration?  What?  Well, let me explain.  Inspiration cannot get through when we have a wall of anxiety clouding our lives. When we take the time to fill our own cup and to feel valued and loved again, we allow inspiration in.  We need to free ourselves from the busyness of life and ignite our fire again.  Take time to fuel your inspiration so that we can find our way back to flow again.

So, when you think self-care is silly, remember the value in just giving yourself time extends way further than pretty nails.  If we use our Self-Care Sunday routine to release the stresses of the week and do things that light us up, we will absolutely find our way back to inspiration.  So, pull out your paints or binge classic black and white movies, go to an art gallery, whatever floats your boat!  Look for inspiration, because whether you believe it or not this is a form of self-care that feeds your soul.

4. Feel more Prepared

When we start our week feeling stressed and under pressure, we are not setting ourselves up for success.  Allowing yourself a day of self-care (even an hour!) helps you to get into a calmer headspace which then allows you to think clearly.  It will help you step into your week feeling clear headed and organized.  If we didn’t take it easy on Sunday and were all go-go-go how would we be able to show up productively on Monday morning?  Relaxation is essential!

If you’re a planner, you can plan your meals ahead to take some of the pressure off your week, but huge side note here, this is Self-Care Sunday not Sacrifice Sunday!  So, if this is about sitting down with a cup of coffee and brainstorming easy or tasty new meals because it helps you lighten your stress load, then great!  Don’t make this another aggravation, make it enjoyable and effortless.  Or, don’t do it!

5. Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

What sends a better message to your psyche than treating yourself kindly?  Showing yourself you care.   That you are there for yourself.  When you are tired at the end of a rough week you bloody well deserve some time out.  Own that! We all need time to charge our batteries, that’s what the weekend is for!  The problem is when we keep up the momentum of go-go-go that we started during the week.  Oh come! We only have 2 days and we have so much we want to do!  Even worse, so much we need to do (generally around the house. Yawn!).

We need to change the paradigm of constant work.  It doesn’t mean we lie around on the couch all weekend (again, no free ticket here!) but it does mean we make a concerted effort to do something that will fuel us.  Watch the sunset at the beach.  Go hiking.  Listen to classical music in the bath.  Visit antique stores.  If it excites you, it’s self-care for the soul!

What No to Do!

Make your Self-Care Sunday about connecting.  With yourself and those you love.  Not about putting your feet up and staring at your phone.  So, please, try to avoid technology.  If you are someone who never gets to sit down and watch a movie of your own choosing, then absolutely (as mentioned before).  But, if you are like most of us that needs to get out and get some energy from hugging trees instead of having devices suck energy (and all social skill) from us, then walk away for today.  At least as much as possible.

Remember, we are social creatures and our connections are so important.  So, spend time baking with your kids or playing catch.  Not only is it great physical and emotional self-care but it just makes you feel good!

What Does it Look Like?

So, an example of a Self-Care Sunday (for me) would be waking up without the alarm, reading my book and savouring my coffee (no rushing out of bed).  It would be filled with ease.  Some meditation and yoga, if I feel drawn to it!  Naturally, we are all different so this will look different for all of us.  You could be an early morning run kind of person or a hair and nails kinda gal, you know what you need!

And, a reminder, our Self-Care Sunday is not about pushing ourselves to count our calories or our steps.  This is as much an emotional and mental self-care routine as it is physical so definitely no pressure in this space!  This is about honouring yourself and taking it easy so that you feel empowered and cared for going into your week, not starting out feeling inadequate.  Bottom line, do something that brings you joy and gives you back some of the energy that was lost during the week.  Happy Self-Care Sunday!

Steph x

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