Setting Yourself up For a Good Day

Can we guarantee a good day?  No.  But, we can give ourselves pretty good odds!  Setting yourself up for a good day will look different for everyone, but this is what works for me, and one thing I know for sure is it all starts with your mindset.

Mindset is Everything

There is no denying that having a bad attitude is never going to result in a good day.  But, let’s really think about how much of an influence a positive attitude can have.  If we can train our brain to flick a switch towards the positive every time something happens to upset us we will be the masters of our own lives!  As an example, let’s start by shaking off the irritation when you stub your toe.  When you witness yourself consciously shifting your thoughts away from the negative and towards the positive you will begin to understand the power of ‘the switch’.

There will be times when choosing the positive is really tough.  Don’t expect to be cured of all aggravation.  What you can expect is that the more you are patient with yourself and train yourself to steer towards the good the more you will strengthen the muscle.  Practice makes perfect, right?  Make a conscious effort to pull yourself in line when you hear those negative thoughts and see what a difference it makes when you make the shift.

Start with Meditation and Yoga/Exercise

Both of these are excellent for calming your mind and your body.  Think about the difference between a stressed or angry body and a calm one.  You want to get yourself into a state of wellbeing that sets the mood for the rest of the day.  And, neither of these need to be for a long time either.  If you start your day doing 10min of each you will notice a huge difference in your sense of calm.  You can always add on to this later when you figure out what routine works best for you.

This is what works for me, you might be someone who chooses a 30min walk or a trip to the gym.  As long as you’re getting some movement out of your body, helping it to feel alive, you’re good.

Planning Reduces Stress

Stress is a killer.  It steals your joy and takes years off your life.  But, if we choose our activities carefully (ie. only do what we love) and we plan things out so that we are not rushed all the time, we will reduce the effects of stress in our lives.

Never underestimate the power of an organized life!  Instead of bashing the alarm and jumping out of bed, why don’t you get up 30min earlier and enjoy a cup of coffee in bed?  Ease into your day, it will make all the difference.  Planning ahead will allow you this small luxury.


Quality Time with the Family

A day is not a good day without quality time with the ones we love.  We spend so much of our day away from them and then when we get home we are tired.  We do dinner and plop down on the couch.  Everyone is different but there are lots of ways to spend time with them.  Reading with them at bedtime or getting them involved in cooking dinner.  The cherry on the cake is dinner together, catching up on your day.  This is where you get real quality time.  Eye contact, genuine communication, laughs and connection.  Winning!

Make some Time to get Outside

Depending on how your day goes getting outside can be quite a challenge.  We’re in cars, in office blocks, in houses.  But, I urge you (or challenge you!) to make an effort to spend even 10min outside breathing in the fresh air.  It will lift your spirits and help you feel grounded instead of rushed off your feet and manic.  Don’t underestimate this simple tip, it is a gem in your ‘good-day’ toolbox!

Grab a Moment with your Spouse

Having time to chat to my husband without the kids listening or overshadowing with their squeals is super rare.  You have to establish a very clear boundary on your ‘adult’ time.  Even having a conversation on your own is important.  There is no competing with the kids, no needing to shelter them from adult talk, and you are able to calmly enjoy each other’s company.  This is such a big deal!  If you haven’t had a private conversation with your spouse in a while you need to think about setting those boundaries!

Make Time for the Things you Love

We all know that life can only thrive if it is balanced.  So, commit to finding time every day for something you love.  This may seem like a stretch for you if your life is busy, but 30min of dedicated ‘fill-your-cup’ time will keep you balanced and happier.  When we go for too long without enjoying those things that make up the heart and soul of who we are, we start losing our joy for life.  Don’t suck the colour out of your rainbow!

I hate to have to use the phrase ‘you deserve’ because it shouldn’t even be up for discussion.  Of course you deserve to keep your spark alive!  I realize it may take some re-organizing or calling in of favours of other family members, especially if you have young children, but for your wellbeing it is necessary and so worth it.

Set the Mood in your Home

Your home environment has to be a place where you can find peace and relaxation.  It should be your haven.  Keeping a tidy home can be super challenging, I know, but it plays a massive part in your mood and sense of calm.  For me, my bedroom is almost like a sacred space where I know I can go to unwind, read a book, meditate or curl up for a nap.  I have my essential oil diffuser, my crystals next to the bed and a pile of books that I am working my way through.

The rest of your home can be decorated in the colours and materials that inspire you and light you up.  Again, diffusers for me!  Add some candles, a salt lamp, some wall art, whatever makes you feel happy inside.  Decorating our space is actually so underrated, it really makes such a difference when we surround ourselves with things that bring us joy.

Keep it Interesting

Life can become mundane, if we let it.  Keep the inspiration flowing.  This can be anything from taking a new route to work, eating in a different restaurant or signing up for something new and exciting like a course or a sport.  It doesn’t have to be anything major, this is just about keeping life interesting.

Look at your day to day life and see where you can spice things up.  Maybe get a new haircut, or go out for dinner in the middle of the week when you usually stay home.  Change up your routine.  Having a routine is great, but mix it up every now and then.  If we don’t do this, without even realizing it we wake up one day and realize we are bored with life.

Remember your Why

This is fuel for the fire.  Positive mindset is key in having a good day, but remembering your why will bring you back to what it’s all about.  Everything that you do, every bit of effort you put into life is because of your why.  This will be different for everyone, but it is usually tied to an emotion.  For most of us it is connected to our families.  If you walk out the door in the morning knowing what matters, what you are working for or working towards, you are a woman (or man) on a mission.  You become unstoppable, and you better believe you’re going to have a good attitude about it.

Think about what it’s all about for you.  Why you get out of bed each day.  Who are you living this life for, and what do you want to achieve in this day?  Make every day matter.  Make that why clear in your mind as you go about setting yourself up for a good day.  Set the bar for how you are going to step out into the world.  Live a life of purpose, and love.

The Rest (and the Rest)

There are a couple of simple but equally important things that help you have a good day.  They are things like making sure you stay hydrated and making sure you allow yourself enough time for your tasks so that you don’t get stressed and overwhelmed.  Eating healthier foods instead of the one’s that weigh you down, making your bed in the morning and dressing nicely so that you go out feeling on top of the world.

Finally, having a good day has so much to do with having a good night.  This means getting enough rest.  Sleep is the foundation for your day.  You will find everything else on the list a challenge if you start off tired.  So, make this your start and your end priority every single day.

‘This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.’ – Maya Angelou

Steph x

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