Christmas Kindness: Our Chance to Share the Love

With just over 6wks to Christmas I thought that’s a good amount of time to spread that love!  Our hearts are full at Christmas time!  Full of love and the spirit of giving.  Why not share the love and kindness just that little bit further?  Let’s find ways to bring joy to those beyond our fold by showing them some Christmas kindness. Let’s spread the love this festive season!  Together we can come up with some fun and inspiring ways to share the joy.  I have included some ideas in this blog, you will find some fun ideas to print out and stick up around your neighbourhood or school.  Share them with your community!  Then take action. Let’s make this a Christmas to remember!

How can we show love and appreciation in our community?

There are many people that contribute towards our daily lives. There are people behind the scenes that go unnoticed but, without them our lives would not run as smoothly. Like the bus driver that gets your kids to school safely, and on time, each day. Or the person responsible for taking away your rubbish every week. There are people that teach our children.  There are people that feed our hungry. So often these people are not recognized for their efforts. What can we do to make a difference?

How about we start with a list of people that we can make that extra bit of effort to show our appreciation for.  If you want to add anyone in a particular industry, please add them in the comments!  We want to include all of these amazing people!


People in our communities

There are people in our communities, all around us, that need to be recognized and thanked, so show some Christmas kindness to these very special people.


These are the people that show up every day for the betterment of our children.  They work hard, deal with every personality in the book and every emotional problem or bruised knee to be able to guide our kids towards their best potential.  They deserve to be recognized and thanked for all their efforts!  Make an effort to let them know you appreciate them and everything they do for you.


We all know that they are there, behind the scenes, but do we really stop to think about what it means to be a policeman or woman?  While they are there, stepping up, we are running away.  They are dedicating their lives to being there for us.  They deal with conflict on a regular basis so that we don’t have to!  This is no easy thing and I would like to see us share the love at Christmas time as a thank you, wouldn’t you?

Charity workers

Where ever you are in the world there are people in need.  We see this, we know it to be true.  What we don’t see is the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make a difference.  Take a moment to think about these people that are dedicated to helping others.  How can we give back some of the love they have given?

Mailman/Garbage collectors/Bus Drivers

Something that you take for granted.  That happens as if by magic!  But there are people out there that make these things happen.  Why not leave a handwritten Thank You note and a bag of lollies on your next collection day.  And, bus drivers can get Christmas cards too, why not surprise them this year!  Something so small can make someone’s day!

Doctors and Nurses

We all have stories of illness and suffering.  But, how often do those stories include the Doctor that worked hours on an operation or the nurses that tended the wounds.  Yes, we are often dealing with our own emotional trauma when we are in a hospital, but let’s reflect on what these people do for us now.  Working long hours, being rock steady through any trauma thrown at them, and in 2020, putting their own lives in jeopardy.  These people are Fathers, Daughters and Brothers.  They are doing everything they can for your Fathers, Daughters and Brothers.  What can you do for them?

Ambulance/Coast Guard/Firefighters

Although very different from each other these people are all brave and they all put themselves out there in our hour of need.  They rescue the drowning or put out the fire.  They take care of your loved ones and get them to the hospital in an emergency.  What would you do if there was no one on their way in an ambulance?  Or the firefighters had the weekend off?  We need these services, as we do all of the above.  Without them our comfortable lives would be unrecognizable.  How would you thank them at Christmas?

Older people/People Who Live Alone

Do you know anyone in your neighbourhood that lives alone?  Christmas can be a difficult time for those that don’t have family.  Take the time to check in on them, show some of that Christmas kindness.  Bring them a plate of food, a box of chocolates, or better yet, invite them to join you.  If you have an old age home nearby, why not visit?  An hour out of your day could lift their spirits for the rest of the week.

Those Less Fortunate

In this time of abundance and sharing, don’t forget those that are living a different reality to yours.  There are always opportunities to help at Christmas.  There are charity drives, collections etc.  You can choose to donate food, clothing, toys or money.  Remember that even the smallest donation helps.  Buy an extra can of food or packet of noodles.  It will make a difference.

Your Fellow Man

Don’t forget to include the people you walk passed every day in the street.  Just to brighten someone’s day!  Because, if you make their day, they’ll go on to make someone else’s!  Christmas kindness is contagious!

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‘Share the Love’ Ideas

  • Write and decorate a handwritten note or card.
  • Give a plant or flowers.
  • Spend time chatting with someone that lives alone.
  • Hand out ‘compliment cards’.
  • Give a Coffee Gift Card to a teacher or your local nurse.
  • Give a movie voucher to your local barista.
  • Put up a ‘Share The Love’ poster.
  • Pick up rubbish on your local beach or at the park.
  • Tell the manager when you get great customer service!
  • Donate clothes, toys, books etc. to your local op shop.
  • Donate your time, to an op shop or soup kitchen.
  • Offer to do a grocery run for someone who could use the help.
  • Surprise your children or partner with a heartfelt note in their lunch.
  • Give someone a box of chocolates or lollies.
  • Strike up a conversation with someone sitting alone in a restaurant.
  • Offer to take out the trash, collect the mail or feed the cat while your neighbour is away.

Get creative with your ideas, I’d love to hear what you come up with. Remember, share the love, and enjoy it!

 We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

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