Thrive by Arianna Huffington: The Power of a Book to Help us Thrive

How often do you read a book that REALLY makes you think?

Thrive by Arianna Huffington is a beautifully written reminder to return to our inner wisdom.  To reconnect with ourselves and each other.  A reminder of what really matters.  Through her retelling of life’s ups and downs the author helps us to rethink our priorities.  She shares touching personal stories and practical advice that we can apply to our lives.  Thrive by Arianna Huffington reminded me of the power of a book to help us thrive.  This book leaves you feeling motivated and inspired!  Having it with me during lockdown was such a win!

Women who thrive

In Thrive, Arianna Huffington talks about the concept of success and how we need to redefine what success means to us

The core message: money and power are no longer enough.  Give me a hell yeah!  She introduces us to the 3rd metric of success, measuring our wisdom, well-being and wonder.  Essentially, success should be more about balance and finding joy than financial reward.  This is something we all know, but have pushed aside for the sake of ‘fitting in’.  I cannot express how much I want to push the message in her book out into the world!  The way she writes, in a conversational way, clearly lays her ideas out on the table so that they really sink in.  The concepts are not new or difficult to understand but so well presented that they ring true on a deeper level.  Quite possibly it is a message we just really want to hear.

It is time to find balance in order to thrive

It is becoming the norm to take on more than we can physically and emotionally manage for the sake of approval and success.  One of the subjects discussed in the book is meditation.  How it helps us to remain calm in stressful situations and its benefits for our general well-being.  Having practiced meditation myself I know that this is not the woo woo, out there craziness it was once seen as.  Meditation is undoubtedly the most effective stress release tool available to us all.  And, it is 100% free, easy to use and accessible.  All it requires is a simple mindset shift.  If you have never tried it before I seriously encourage you to give it a go.  Find a quite time to center yourself and re-connect with who you really are.  Trust me you have never felt so at peace!

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