Truth Bomb: Your Dreams Might be Hurting more than your Reality

I feel like this was a bit of an ‘ah-ha’ moment or realization for me.  A moment of clarity.  Driving to pick my kids up from school I found myself thinking, ‘are my dreams hurting me more than my present reality?’.  This thought, this truth bomb from the heavens, really took the wind out of my sails.  This is major!  This means my entire life experience is being pointed in the wrong direction, even with all the best intentions!

So, what do you do with a truth bomb like this?  Let me start out by reminding you, I am here to inspire people to think for themselves, to choose their own path, and to fight for their dreams and purpose in life.  That is what this blog is all about.  What I am all about!  And, that is absolutely 100%, undeniably what I want to put my energy and my heart and soul into.  BUT, and this is a big but!  I’ve let the dream overtake the present reality. Big eyes emoji!  This slapped me so hard in the face because all I’ve ever wanted was to do right by myself, my family, and my readers.  Now, I want to take a look at this realization to help ensure that this doesn’t become my story, or yours.

What Actually Ended up Happening

The idea here is that we become so focused on, and dedicated to our dreams that we get a little bit lost on our path.  I’ll speak from my perspective.  While I’m off chasing my dreams, my life is happening around me and it’s kind of going unnoticed.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not someone to look past the beauty of a sunset or a cuddle from my children.  I am pretty good at appreciating the life that I have.

The thing is, we all slip up sometimes and that’s ok (considering we’re just human and learning is kind of part of the experience). What’s got me upset is the day to day ‘living’ that I am doing that is going unnoticed.  The basic stuff like being able to stay home with my kids if they’re sick or the easy drive that I have every morning to drop them at school before coming back home to work in comfort.  This ‘daily grind’ stuff that we take for granted is our actual life!

Your dreams are so very, very important and you should never give up on them.  But, what I don’t ever want is for my dreams to consume me to the point where I’ve missed all the details of the now moment.  The actual living part of life.  In another breath it will be gone and what if I spent it frantically working towards something ‘out there’.  What if I lose my life for the sake of my dreams?

Are my Dreams Keeping me Negative?

This post feels a bit negative, lol!  No, seriously though.  A dream is meant to inspire the heart and push you to more in life.  I would like to think this blog and my dreams for my future are doing that for me.  But, not if I am stuck in my head about it.  You know what I mean?  The ‘why hasn’t it happened yet?’ and the ‘what am I doing wrong?’ thoughts that persist in your head.  The ones that take you away from not only the enjoyment of the moment but even the recognition of the steps you have taken towards that dream.

And, then there’s the laser like focus that you apply to your dreams.  Pretty much everything else is pushed to the side, to the back or behind those blinkers of yours.  And, you think this is the correct way to be to get ahead, but really, you’re cutting off your own blood supply.  You need to let yourself breathe and return to yourself.  Let the dream come to you.  Understand that, just like when you are drowning you are safer when you calm yourself down.  This applies to going after your dreams as well.

Shift Your Perspective

What if we found a balance?  We identify the dream, recognize its value, set out to achieve it……. and then loosen the reins on it!  Release the tension from our shoulders and let go of the obsessing over checking the stats, balances and checklists!  We need to remember that a dream is a wonderful goal but that it is worth nothing if it is stealing our NOW.  Walk away for an hour, a day, a week if necessary and spend time with the ones you love.  Spend time doing the things that you love.

I guess you have to ask yourself, what would I give for my dream (another truth bomb moment required right here)?  You will hear thousands of people that will tell you to sacrifice any number of things to make your dreams a reality and I’m not going to be one of them.  Because that thought that hit me like a pie in the face made me realize that I’m missing some pretty ‘good’ stuff while I wait for ‘great’ stuff that may or may not come.  The tiny, simple moments make up your life, not just the major fireworks moments.

Back to Inspiration

This post is so aligned with last week’s blog that I couldn’t leave this part out.  Read the blog Action is Good, Inspired Action is Better!  THIS was inspired action at its best.  Driving along when a thought pops into your head that you pretty much can’t resist.  The words will out!  This is the part of my dream that I should be looking out for, ready to embrace it at any moment.  This, and not pushing to make something happen when the inspiration is not there, is what your dreams should really be about.

Let me rephrase that.  This IS what real dreams are about ie. the ones that are meant for us.  Our dreams are always there, knocking on the door, waiting for us to respond.  They are waiting for us to be open to inspiration.  They are certainly not banging the door down asking us what’s taking us so long and why aren’t we pushing harder, working later, spending less time with our families or smelling the roses!!  That is not a worthy dream.  A worthy dream, a life’s purpose will always be in line (and aligned) with your higher self.  Aligned with truth and ease and inner peace.

Truth Bomb Revelation

The bottom line here is, find a dream that is worthy of the life you are living today!  Find a dream that pushes you to be a better version of yourself while also allowing you to live the only breath and moment that you have.  The now.  When you find a dream that nurtures you as much as you nurture it, you know you’ve found the right one.  So, don’t stop dreaming!  Keeping dreaming the most beautiful, fulfilling, higher purpose dreams that honour your present reality enough not to steal it away from you.  Happy dreaming!

Steph x

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