Things To Do Without The Internet

So, funny story.  This blog came about because my husband lost his temper with the kids and pulled the plug on the internet.  Lol.  True story!  Result: blog post on things to do without the internet.  It’s a good topic, though, don’t you think?  He he!

Let’s be honest for a minute.  We have all become consumed by the internet.  We can use all the excuses in the book for why it is a necessary part of life in this day and age, but let’s get real here.  I try to defend myself in my own mind but I know it is true.  We all NEED a break from the internet sometimes.  So, let’s actually take the time to think about all the things we can do with our time if we just resist the gravitational pull of the internet.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Having No Internet

Having the plug pulled on you is like cutting off your blood supply or taking a pacifier from a baby.  It’s not easy.  But, if you are coming at this from a mature ‘it-was-my-choice’ point of view you can mentally prepare yourself.  This will make it not only easier, but fun too!  You can get excited about it, seeing it as a challenge to yourself.

Once you’ve set the mood you can go through your list, pick something that appeals and get the most out of the experience.  With that said, here is my list of ideas for you to pick from:

Spend time with the family

We live in the same house but all too often we don’t spend any real quality time together.  So, grab a book and read with your kids.  Have a bubble bath with your husband!  Taking time to connect with them and ask them how their day went may seem insignificant but it is hugely important to live a life that is tuned in to those we love instead of living alongside them!  Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

Get Outdoors

Getting out into nature will always be a good choice because not only is it a great way to pass the time but it is also therapeutic for the body and mind.  Get on you bike, climb a mountain, go kayaking or just visit your local park.  Whichever activity you choose it will be a much better way to spend an hour/day than scrolling through the internet.  Breathing in fresh air and stretching your limbs will do wonders for your mood and your connection with the people you love.


Baking is my default setting when I’m bored (and there’s no housework to do).  I find it relaxing and it is a great way to share your love with your family.  I have to add a side note with this one though.  No excuses that you don’t have cook books and don’t have access to the internet!  Go to the library!  Try out a recipe you’ve never made before.  Get the kids involved.  Or, crank up some music and get into the zone.

Self Development

What better way to use up some extra time than to work on self development.  Reading or doing a course is a great way to spend your time.  Now, I realize this is a modern world so this one is more challenging as most upskilling happens on the internet.  But, there are still ways to do this.  Reading personal growth books for example.  Or learning to knit, play guitar etc. etc.!  Think outside the box.

Get Some Exercise

So, no online exercise programs available?  Head to the gym.  Working on your body is a great mood enhancer and you won’t miss the internet for a second.  There are plenty of classes you can enjoy or just jump on the treadmill.  Alternatively, go for a run around your neighbourhood.


Get to know your local area better.  Do some ‘window shopping’ and pick out your dream home.  Take a drive somewhere you’ve never been to before.  Sometimes just choosing a road you haven’t driven down before will reveal some unknown treasures.  A new restaurant or maybe a beach you’ve never been to.

Get Organized

Does this give you lockdown flashbacks?  I know it does for me, but what a great opportunity to clear out the cupboards (and your mind!).  I love to chuck stuff out!  It always blows my mind how much we accumulate in a short space of time.  Getting rid of things we don’t need and tidying up feels like you’ve take the power back in life.  Also, putting together a box of items for charity is a great way to spread the love in the community.


One of the great things about being bored is you look around you and see things differently.  Perfect time to redecorate!  Move the furniture around, add some new décor, paint the walls if you’re feeling inspired.  Having a fresh new look is great for lifting your spirits if you’ve been feeling flat and kinda stale.  Why not read up on Feng Shui while you’re about it and learn about the energy that flows (or doesn’t flow) depending on how you design your living space.

Make Something

Woodwork, paper mache, knitting, ceramics, whatever takes your fancy.  Making something with your own hands is so rewarding.  It is an amazing way to express yourself creatively and to get in tune with yourself.  Remember, you don’t have to create something magnificent, you just have to enjoy the process.  Learn a new skill, get your hands dirty and explore your creativity!  Think you’re not creative?  Read my blog on Exploring Your Creativity

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

There is so much to be inspired by in Museums and Art Galleries.  Head out for the day and immerse yourself in the history, culture and creativity of these internet free options!  You can learn so much from these place, and these days they are so interactive and beautifully put together that they make for a pretty awesome day out!

Go to the Movies

Check out what’s playing at the movies.  My kids love going to the movies, it might have something to do with my son’s obsession with popcorn.  Lol!  You could say ‘it’s similar to being on a device’ but I disagree.  This is time together doing something fun that you will all chat about and enjoy as a family unit.  It’s a perfectly acceptable ‘no internet’ option.  If anyone questions you, tell them I said.  Lol!

Play Boardgames

We have load of board games at home.  They are such a great activity for when we need a digital detox.  Whether it’s Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Cluedo or just good old Charades.  Games are always good for a laugh, some healthy competition and quality time.

Work on Your Bucket List/Vision Board

This is a super fun thing to do when you’re bored and I LOVE doing these with the kids.  They are such positive activities that get you dreaming and planning life exactly as you want it to be.  Magazines and scissors in hand, the world is your oyster!

Treat Yourself to A Pamper Day

Haircut, nails, massage, whatever makes you feel like the most special person in the world.  Whether you go all out and spend the day getting pampered or you simply do a DIY at home, a pamper day is a real feel good way to spend your time.  Treat yourself like someone special, most of us don’t do this often enough.  Make yourself feel good,  look good and probably smell good if your pamper day looks anything like mine!  Turn it into a family pamper day, get the kids to do your nails in exchange for doing theirs.  My daughter loves treating me to a foot spa and it’s such a treat!

Gratitude Journal

Working on your gratitude journal is a powerful way to connect with your own intentions and values in this life.  It will set you on the way towards being more mindful and appreciative of your life.  A perfect way to occupy your mind because of it’s positive framework, don’t you think?

Although I was not impressed when the plug got pulled (remembering it wasn’t only the kids that got affected!), reflecting on life without the internet is fantastic.  We’ve done the one day a week without TV before but never zero internet!  It’s a revelation!  I propose we World ‘Internet Free’ Day!  What do you think, will it take off?

Make an Effort

What started out as a bit of inspiration in the moment has led to me thinking about why we don’t make more of an effort to unplug.  We are losing our connection with our family every time we let a day of our lives slip by in a haze of pixels on a screen.  It is one of the greatest struggles we face in this day and age.  So, I implore you to look up from your screen (now is good!) and spend some time loving and living in the moment with your special ones.  Spend time with God’s magnificent earth.  Spend time with yourself instead of the anonymous masses.  Lastly, thank you for reading this blog.  I hope that instead of stealing your precious time, it has helped you to think about what really matters.  Now, please get out there and live a little!

Much love xxx


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