Know That You are Worthy

I dream of a home with large windows that lets the light stream in.  A large pool and a view of the sea.  I dream of publishing a book that makes a difference.  I dream of travel and ticking off bucket list items, one after the other.  But, history keeps showing up to remind me of what isn’t.  Reminding me that that isn’t my story.  Hang on!  I’m here to say bs to that.  I’m here to say to myself, and to you, that you are worthy.  And, I’m here to say that your history does not need to equal your future!

Every single thing that you wish for is available to you, as soon as you believe it is.  As soon as you believe you are worthy of everything that you dream of.  Let’s be honest, until you believe you are worthy it will always feel like trying to reach the end of the rainbow.  It will feel like it wasn’t meant for you.  But, what if you started telling yourself that your dreams are meant for you?  What would that change?  How would it affect your commitment to your dreams?

No Limitations!

We have to stop preaching for our limitations!  We have to start believing that we are as capable and absolutely as worthy as any other human being on this planet.  Ask yourself this:  Why would another human being be more worthy in the eyes of the creator (whatever you choose to call him), than another?  That person that you put on a pedestal has the same capacity to walk, to breathe, and to love as you do.  That person was created as a unique, one-off miracle…… and so were you.

We are all blessed with the opportunity to live this life to our full potential.  We either choose to embrace it and say YES I’m going for it, or we choose to play it small.  Sometimes we need a little shake up because we don’t realize we’re playing it small, we just think this is our story and we’re stuck with it.  So, shake it off and see that the power is always in your own hands.  You are worthy.  You were born worthy.  And, you were also born with all the tools required to live the life that was meant for YOU, not anyone else.

Why We Don’t See It

The best advice you can get in this life is to listen less to the world around you and more to your inner world, your inner wisdom.  If you wonder if you are worthy, be still for a moment and listen to the truth within you.  You may find that questions come up that push against your worth, like ‘but I always make a fool of myself’, or ‘I’m not business minded’.  But, these thoughts come from outside of you.  These thoughts are the voice of influence.  They are societies measurements and expectations that have been slowly building up and influencing the way you view yourself.  They do not determine your worth.  Never have, never will.

It’s so important that we learn to see that we are blocking our own power to create the life that was meant for us.  If we stop worrying so much about what outside influence is trying to tell us and listen to what inspires us to be our best selves, we will find our true north and stop getting lost in all the noise.

How can we Step into our Worth

There are so many tools that we can use to remind ourselves of our intrinsic value.  Journaling, Meditation, Self-Love practises etc.  We have to make a choice to keep reminding ourselves every day that we are worthy and these tools can help guide us along the way.  It may not be easy.  You may have to use affirmations that feel silly for a while (maybe even a long while) but it is like water wearing down stone and it will begin to take hold in your subconscious if you keep demanding that you are worthy.

To me there are 2 powerful tools for stepping into your own self-worth and they are Self-Love and finding your purpose.  We often feel lost and uncertain.  We doubt that what we feel drawn to has value.  Again, outside influences!  But, when we listen to our own truth we know that living an authentic life and being honest about what lights us up is the only way to be!  It leads to learning to love yourself.  And, it leads to living a fulfilled, purposeful life.  With this comes the unwavering certainty in your absolute worth.  You know you are worthy because you have stepped into your truth.  Trusted your power.

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Write a Letter on Why You are Worthy

Try this exercise to help you flush out all the negative talk that is getting in your way.  Remind yourself of everything that makes you worthy.  Fill the pages with positive self-talk, affirmations and kick ass reasons for your worth.  Here is an example of what your letter could look like:

‘I am Worthy.  I show up every day for my family.  Every day, whether I feel strong or not. Each new day I am there cheering myself on, getting up again and again.  I am brave enough, strong enough and filled with enough love to be everything I ever dreamed of.  This wonderful life that I dream of is meant for me and I am worthy of welcoming it into my experience.  I don’t need to have a degree, a particular colour skin or 2,5 kids to be worthy of a good life.  It is not a requirement to work 50 hours a week, work 2 jobs or dress to impress to be worthy.

The life blood flowing through my veins makes me worthy.  Each breath that was gifted to me by my Creator makes me worthy.  I have not one thing that I need to prove to the Universe, and I see now I don’t need to prove anything to anyone else.  My life is a gift and a blessing, and I am worthy for that reason alone.’

Your Value is Within

These kinds of letters are extremely powerful because they help you connect with yourself on a deeper level.  They help you speak your truth.  So, be honest and open with yourself while writing your letter.  It will help you to remind yourself of your worth.

The greatest truth we need to find in this question of our self-worth is to stop looking for our value on the surface.  Our value is within the essence of every one of us.  It is not in your abundant curls or your deep blue eyes.  It is not in a bank balance or a penthouse apartment.  Your worth IS.  It just IS.  Stop looking for it outside of yourself and stop questioning its existence.  It just is, just as you are.  With your life, your existence on this earth, comes your worthiness of the experience.  That is all.  I hope you enjoyed the blog and feel inspired to step into the world with confidence, knowing that you are worthy of all the good things!  Thanks for reading.


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