You DO Make a Difference

We’ve all had that person or people in our lives that impacted us. Someone that we look up to. It could be a famous figure such as Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela.  Or it could be the old lady down the road that always has time to listen to somebody or to help somebody out. These people impact us with their kindness. Their generosity of spirit. They are our role models. The people we look up to. The people we aspire to be like in some way in our lives. These people seem somehow to make a difference and that impacts us.  You could say we want a piece of that ‘impact pie’.

We may not know why or how but something inside us wants to make a difference in this world. There is an unseen force that pushes us forward, drives us to be the best version of ourselves.  My question is, can we all make a difference? Or is this something for the elite few?  The charmed ones.  Can you and I normal, everyday, run of the mill people make a difference in the lives of others? I’d like to think that we can.  No, scrap that.  I know we can.

Evidence of Greatness

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to rely on the kindness of a stranger? Have you ever forgotten your purse at home and had someone offer to pay for your cup of coffee or dropped your groceries and had someone help you pick them up?  This is evidence of greatness in the everyday!  This is what making a difference looks like.  Sound too simple?  Well, if you looked at the world from above and you saw all the ‘tiny’ offerings of love being offered up at any one moment your heart would swell and you would know that these ‘tiny’ things are what really make a difference in this world.  And, that your ‘tiny’ offerings are part of the whole.
While it is commendable to want to ‘change the world somehow’ we can’t all be the Gandhi’s or Princess Diana’s of the world. Does that mean that our efforts, our intentions, are any less worthy? The way I see it, if people like you and I go through life making small differences in our own way we too can change the world.  It is about making choices every day to stay on the path of good, remembering the ripples of your actions.  And, knowing that we can only affect any real change as a collective.

Everyday Ways to Make a Difference

So, now that we don’t feel the need to save the world all on our own, how can we make a difference?  There are more ways to do this than there are words in this blog post.  Making a difference can be anything, like knowing when to hold your tongue or manage your temper.  It could be learning to listen, I mean really listen, to people.  Or it could be taking the time to: notice someone’s new dress or haircut; efforts at the workplace; punctuality etc.

One of the greatest things you can do in this world is to remind someone that they are not alone.  Acknowledging their efforts or listening to them talk about how they are feeling can literally impact someone’s entire experience on life!  It is not for you to decide which kind word out of your mouth is valuable to someone.  Just try your best to be there.  To be kind more than you’re not.  This makes a difference.  To others, and to you.

Consider your Actions

This blog has been a powerful teacher, motivator and guide in my life over the course of the last 3 years. And yet, somehow, I felt that my ‘little’ blog wasn’t enough. That it could never make a difference. I could start by simply asking myself ‘what did you want to get out of this?’ And the answer would be to be adding some light into a sometimes too dark world. To be one of the uplifters instead of the downtrodden. Maybe even to be a shepherd instead of a sheep. This is my dream. My vision or ideal for how I can make a difference.
But, I had a thought appear in my mind. What does it mean to make a difference? Does it mean impacting thousands, or millions, of lives? Or does it mean impacting …. one? What is that one life worth? Why does it only matter in huge volumes? So, I realised that I have to ask myself a question.  If God told me today that my entire life here on this earth was designed for me to reach that one person, would it be enough? For me.  Not for God, because I think I already know the answer to that.  My point?  Maybe just being kind, just helping one, is enough.

Who is Your ONE?

My challenge to you today is to ask yourself this same question.  If all you had to do was help one person, would that be enough?  This isn’t a ‘choose who you would save’ question.  This is about knowing that doing your best is enough.  If you show up with an open heart each and every day you will be helping someone.  It may be a smile for a stranger that was the kindest thing they saw all week, or it may be lending your couch to a friend when they have nowhere to stay.  These choices in life absolutely make a difference.  Plus, they shape who we are and they create the life that we live.  Kindness and compassion changes lives every day.

I’m writing this because I think many of us need to think about this. If you put your heart and soul into something beautiful and you touch one person, is it enough? I mean, you’ve made a difference to them! Do you get to let yourself off the hook and breathe easy knowing you have finally done something worthy? Think about how you might have helped someone in this life. What seemingly small thing did you do to make a difference to them?  See everyone you meet as your potential ‘one’.  After all, wouldn’t you like to be seen as that some ‘one’ special in someone else’s eyes?

Thank you so much for being here and reading my blog.  Sending you so much love.

Steph x

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