Stop Waiting For Your Permission Slip

What are you waiting for?  Who’s approval are you looking for before you live your life fully?  What if you’ve been looking for permission in the wrong place?  Imagine me handing you a cute little slip of paper with pretty flower details and one, carefully penned, sentence in calligraphy:  ‘THIS IS YOUR PERMISSION SLIP FROM THE UNIVERSE’.  What then?  Would you finally believe you actually have permission in this one life of yours to play full out?  Would you finally step out of the darkness and into the light?  What does having permission give you?  What does it look like to you?

Sorry if this seems harsh, but really, who’s permission do you need?  What makes someone else the authority?  Even if it is the universe!  I mean, you’re the only one living your life experience, no one else is, so why do they get to be the authority? Why do we punish ourselves by constantly denying ourselves the things that bring us joy and fulfillment?  Where does this martyr behavior come from, and how is it serving you?

The Unexpected Reward

Here’s a sad truth.  We like to suffer.  We like it because suffering gives us the ammunition we need to gain people’s sympathy.  It gives us the excuses for why we didn’t push forward and do what counts.  And, it allows us to play it safe because stepping up could cause us distress and we wouldn’t want that (can you hear my sarcasm?).  We live for the drama.  All of us.  Goodness only knows why!  We could probably create the life of our dreams with less drama than the drama we create by trying to avoid it.  Seriously, it’s absolute nonsense.

Let me be clear, when I refer to suffering I’m referring to the self-created suffering (whether you want to admit it or not) that we use as a shield for why we don’t live up to our own potential in life.  I am NOT referring to any suffering caused by outside, unavoidable life experiences. The suffering I’m talking about is a self-inflicted avoidance tactic.  It’s an ‘I can’t get to that project because I don’t have time’ poor-me kind of suffering.  This is a sign of someone who is waiting for a permission slip for life!  Sadly, when becoming the best version of yourself means stepping outside of your comfort zone, sometimes it’s easier to throw a pity party.

Crossroads and Perspectives

Let’s imagine now that you’re standing at a crossroads.  One road leads to more of the same.  Comfortable.  Safe.  And, dare I say boring?  The other road leads to change, some uncertainty and fear, and a whole lot of adventure and fulfilment!  Ask yourself as you stand at the crossroads, ‘What were you sent here for?  What is your purpose in this lifetime?’

Do you believe that anyone that has lived a good life waited for a permission slip to do so?  Or, did they think ‘heck, I’m going to die anyway, I might as well live while I’m alive’.  Thanks Bon Jovi (another excellent example of someone who didn’t wait around for a permission slip from the universe!).  The people who are living full and happy lives are the people who threw themselves head first into it and never looked back!  They are not the ones waiting on the sidelines!


But, It’s Scary!

Back to the crossroads.  A life well lived is one that requires courage.  There is something powerful about putting your foot down and saying ‘I claim this as mine’.  Standing in your truth is life changing.  Being prepared to face rejection and judgement and disapproval for the sake of being true to yourself.  Yes it’s scary, but the sweetness in the victory of choosing your joy is incomparable.  While it’s true that we like to suffer to some extent, we also like to be triumphant!  So, which one do you choose?  Would you rather pretend life is a battle and wallow in self-pity, or go into battle and return victorious!

Picture yourself standing in the mirror with that permission slip in your hand.  Look yourself in the eyes and hold that permission slip out to yourself.  It read, ‘I hereby give you permission to be you!  To grow and to thrive and to live and to love.  I give you permission to be all you can be and to celebrate yourself for all that you are.  Go out and grab all that life has to offer!’  Now, smile and accept your permission slip 🙂

Magic in Authenticity

I’d like you to consider if maybe the only permission slip you’ll ever need is the permission slip you give yourself to be authentic.  After all, happiness is closely linked to being authentic, wouldn’t you say?  The more you are true to yourself.  The more you step forward and do what sets your authentic self free.  Your authentic voice is your essence.  It has all the answers to why you are here and all the answers to how to be happy.

It’s quite simple when you really think about it.  Just be you.  Not just when you’re sitting alone on the couch in your pjs.  Just be you when you go to the grocery store, or make a sales call or write a post on social media.  Just be you when you walk out the door, when you choose whether you should sit in the front row and participate or sit at the back and shy away!  Above all else, just be you!  It is the answer to your happiness in friendship, the answer to your happiness in love, and the answer to your happiness in life!

Steph x

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