Signs From The Universe: Do You Believe In Them?

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I’m going to go full woo-woo on you here and admit that I’m a huge believer in signs from the universe!  I mean, I spend my days looking for them, I search them up online, I LOVE this stuff!  If you aren’t in my corner you’ll be sitting there thinking ‘what the actual hell is this woman talking about’.  So, let me start out by explaining that I believe we are all connected.  We are not as separate as we have come to think we are.  We are all part of the greater force that is God/Source/The Universe!

I believe that we have had a break in our transmission and that the signs that we receive throughout our lives are our source trying to re-connect with us.  Part of my personal growth journey is a ‘finding my way back’ to source and to my true, authentic self.  This authentic self is who I am at my core, not who I pretend to be for the sake of those around me.  At my core I am a spiritual being.  This spiritual being is looking to connect with source through these signs or messages from the universe every day.

We ask for Guidance

Those of you who are in the ‘this-is-too-woo-woo’ camp will be in denial about asking for guidance from the universe.  You may think ‘I don’t do that’.  But, we are all looking for guidance, we just go about it in different ways.  So, for example, if you are religious you ask directly through prayer.  The thing is, it’s the same thing, we just use different labels to describe it.  We are all looking to our source for the answers.

When you are looking at changing your career, you ask for guidance in making the right decision.  When you are struggling with a difficult relationship, you ask for signs from the universe that will tell you if you should stay or you should go.  We are asking subconsciously all the time.  Little prayers for guidance.  Think about the last time you said a little prayer that you would receive clarity on a particular subject.  This is you asking for a sign.

Moments of Serendipity

Another example of the universe communicating with us is when we experience those beautiful moments of serendipity.  When you think of a friend and they call you or you’re late to head off to a meeting and hear there was a car accident on your route.  There are many times when we just have a gut feeling about something and we never get to know what this was all about, but somewhere out there someone was looking out for us.

I’ve been looking into this a lot more lately and there are so many different ways these messages can come through to us.  For example, through animals.  I have a resident Kingfisher in my garden, he has his one spot where he likes to sit where I can see him so clearly.  He is magnificent and captivates my attention more than any of the other birds in the garden.  When I looked it up, the symbolism of a Kingfisher is abundance.  It could be a sign of abundance coming or it could be a reminder to acknowledge the abundance I already have, but I definitely feel like he’s communicating with me!

My Personal Experience with Signs from The Universe

I’ve had plenty of signs from the universe over the years.  Found my name carved into a tree in the forest after telling my husband I would see my name in the forest!  Seen rows of cars with repeated numbers and even messages in the license plates in those strange no-syllable words like ‘gfrit’ meaning ‘Go For It’.  Plus, I’ve also got my own personal angel in my 12yr old daughter who sends me screenshots at 11:11 on the regular.  You get the point.

I have one story I’d really like to share though.  It’s the story of how we ended up in New Zealand.  For those that don’t know I am South African born and bred.  After my second child was born we decided to look into moving to New Zealand.  Now, when you are super close to your family this is a very difficult decision to make.  We started looking at the process and my husband, Byron, started looking for work, he even flew over for interviews.  We plugged away and did our research but it didn’t seem like it was meant to be.  I guess we kind of gave up.


You don’t get to quit

But, the funny thing about the universe is it knows the timing of things and, well, you just don’t.  So, when the timing was right and we had given up it decided to shake things up a little.  Byron and I were away for a rare weekend, just the two of us.  We’d had a blissful nights undisturbed sleep and we were feeling rejuvenated and happy!  We sat down for a breakfast in a cute little café.  We still talked about the idea of New Zealand a lot but our dream was fading.

I joked, saying “Ok, if I open this magazine and there’s something about New Zealand it means we need to keep going.’  So, I opened up what happened to be a Travel Magazine and there was a story about The Lord Of The Rings, advertising New Zealand.  I laughed and said, ‘Ha! Look!’.  Byron said to me “That’s nothing, it’s a travel magazine, not surprising to see something about New Zealand.  Open the magazine to page 25, if that has something about New Zealand then we know it’s a sign.”

You know what’s going to happen, right?

I turned to page 25 and this is what happened (boy do I wish I had photographed that page!).  On page 25 there was an advert.  The advert was for a New Zealand wine.  Good enough?  No.  The tag line for the advert was ‘Stay Curious‘.  I still get chills thinking about this and I’ve been living in New Zealand for 8yrs now!  The universe had sent us a sign not to give up on our dream of moving to New Zealand.  The universe knew, the universe understood the timing!  It’s our job to trust it.

It was this sign from The Universe that set us on a path that would change our lives.  If we had let our despondent state of mind have the final say we would not have  continued on our path.  In my experience it is often right at the point when you are ready to throw in the towel that you get that little nudge that you need.  A reminder not to give up.

Learning to trust the signs

I’ve always felt that when things are meant to be they seem to happen almost independently of you.  I’ve had other signs like these.  When I was younger, travelling alone overseas and missing my family like crazy I had an experience I am yet to find a logical explanation for.  I was holding a Book of Calm, filled with ideas on how you can create a sense of calm for yourself.   I remember saying ‘What ever I open it up to is what I need to do’  When I opened the book all it said was ‘Go Home’.  Considering I was missing my family so much this felt like a direct instruction!  Funny thing is, I was never able to find that page again! Needless to say this made a huge impact on me, and I took the advice!

For me when these things happen the universe seems to take over and everything seems to happen of its own accord.  All we have to do is learn to trust it.  This kind of stuff gives me chills because it makes me remember the presence of God or Source in our lives.  Knowing that we are being guided and looked after is the most comforting feeling I can imagine.  We are not in this thing called life alone, there is a beautiful guiding light out there for us.  We tend to disconnect and when that happens it can become really difficult to get back to it.  Try to be still and reconnect whenever you can.  Whether that’s through prayer, meditation or a gratitude journal.  These are all ways that we acknowledge that presence.

Share Your Signs From The Universe!

I’m willing to bet that you have experienced something like this in your life!  Please share in the comments, I would love to hear your story.

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