Tomorrow Never Comes So Live for Today

How different would the world be If we could grasp this simple concept and understand that each moment is pure gold?  Not only would we value ourselves and our time more, we would be able to tune into the value in everyone else’s precious moments too.  The idea that tomorrow never comes is such a powerful, thought-provoking idea, and yet somehow we miss the gravity of it. We know that we all move on past this life, but we don’t want to think about it.  We push it aside.  It’s too big.  Too much for us to think about.  And, I get it, the idea of dying is after all so very final.  I’d like to say we don’t think about tomorrow because we are living for today but sadly that’s just not the case.  In fact, I’d argue that should be the exact reason why we shouldn’t think about tomorrow.

So, what do we need to extract from this often-said phrase ‘tomorrow never comes’?  The lesson is to be more present.  To be fully aware of how each moment is a gift without getting caught up in the fear of it being our last moment.  If tomorrow never comes, how do you choose to live today? What would your last day look like?  Are you living your full potential in this life or is there room to grow?

Let’s Reframe and Focus on Today

Ok, so as depressing as it my sound tomorrow never comes.  It’s simply an illusion that keeps us thinking our time is infinite.  Now what?  What do we do with this information?  We return to the now, that is what we do!  We pull ourselves into this moment for long enough to enjoy it.  Pull ourselves away from our constant focus on yesterday and tomorrow.  And pull ourselves from the illusion that anything other than right now matters!  Well, ok, so it does matter, but only as it serves to teach us more about ourselves.  What we needed to learn, what we love and don’t love about life etc.

Let the past be a classroom and the future be a lighthouse.  They serve their own, valuable purpose but they are not the now.  They are not the opportunity to be present.  The only memorable moments from our past are the ones where we chose to be present (whether good or bad).  And the only memorable future exists in a place where you will again choose to be present.  Let that sink in!  The value of your life depends on your ability to be present in ALL experiences.


Where we are Going Wrong

Reflect on whether or not you are missing out on the true value and quality of this life experience by not being fully present in the moment.  We watch too much TV.  We spend too much time engaging with our phones and the ‘characters’ we invite into our lives and far too little with the real life people around us.  Don’t allow your life to slip by while you’re distracted by all the noise.  In this time of social media it is more important than ever to remind ALL of us (yes, I’m including myself) that tomorrow never comes.

Look up from the screens.  Hug the people you love.  Have a conversation over dinner.  Remember that there is a beating heart across the table from you, a soul needing connection.  And, remember, that you get to choose to make a new memory and a new connection in the now.  Don’t miss it.  Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your heart, fill your memory banks with joy and experience the fulness and beauty of this life.

Be Present in Gratitude

What we need to understand is that every day we get a new choice and a new opportunity and every day is not guaranteed so why would you miss an opportunity to live your best life? Why would you miss an opportunity to love your best life?

Mindset is a big focus of what I do, and a major part of a positive mindset is being able to live from a place of gratitude. Try being grateful and negative at the same time. It’s impossible. Gratitude is love in a different form. Gratitude encourages presence and presence is what will help you live for today and not worry about whether or not tomorrow ever comes. Today is all we have. You could choose to see that as negative or you can see it for what it really is, a reminder to live.  To really live for right now.

Tomorrow NEVER comes, but today is ALREADY HERE!

Steph x

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