So Many Reasons to be Happy

We are so focused on things to worry about in life that we don’t tend to use much of our energy on what we have to be grateful for. On our reasons to be happy. For this reason, I want this blog to be 100% focused on all the reasons we have to be happy. Imagine a world where we focus on how grateful we are. Where we focus on how healthy we are, or we focus on the opportunities that we have laid out before us. It is a mystery to me, why the human race thrives on the negative when to really thrive, all we need to do is focus on the positive. Maybe just the act of paying attention to what we have to be happy about can allow us to be happier.

Pay Attention

How about we try a little exercise today? How about we make a point as we go through our day to focus on the things that light us up. To notice the difference in our energy when someone greets us with a smile as opposed to a less than desirable encounter.  Feel into that feeling, in the moment, and try to hold on to it for as long as possible.  Ask yourself why it made you feel good.  Could it be the reason to be happy was that moment of connection shared between two people?  Could it be the way the other person’s eyes lit up when you smiled back at them?

I’d like to think that, even although we are noticing the more negative aspects of life, drawing attention to the positive will have a far greater impact on our appreciation for life. For example, if someone is rude to you in the shopping centre, it might stay with you and affect your energy, but if just after this meeting you come across a laughing baby, smiling up at you, that experience will help shift away from the negative one. It’s all about understanding how situations affect us, and where we place our focus.  Look for the happy moments, don’t wait for them to come looking for you.

You are a Reason to be Happy!

I believe this is one of the greatest lessons that we can learn, and that is to just be grateful for ourselves. To actually see the gift and the blessing that we have in just being able to be here and to live this life. Recognise yourself in the role that you play instead of just seeing yourself as the auto pilot. Tune into how actively you experience this life, show up for yourself, are able to affect and control your experience of this life, etc. You are one of the greatest reasons to be happy. Just being blessed to be here.

If you struggle to appreciate yourself for the role you play in your own life, what about the role you play in the lives of others?  Children, parents, partner?  To someone else you are the: cheerleader, sunshine, hope, love.  To someone you are the reason to be happy!  May this realization help you to see how valuable and amazing you are, even when you don’t always feel it.


Your Growth

Every day brings with it an opportunity to be a better version of the person you were yesterday.  This is such a gift and definitely a reason to be happy if we appreciate that we are being given an opportunity to step into the best version of ourselves.  We get to choose who we are in this life, through each new decision that we make.  We can learn to be: more confident, more focused, more active etc etc. (and the list goes on).

Find something you either could do with improving (eg. public speaking) or something you would love to expand on (eg. learning a new skill such as guitar) and grab the chance to do that instead of making excuses for why you can’t!  That feeling of expansion and growth is 100% a reason to be happy!  Nothing beats it!

Look Around You!

Honestly I think if we actually take the time to look up and see the beauty of this life and this world, we cannot stay miserable.  But, we don’t do that!  We carry on, head down, inwardly focused on our troubles.  Simple tip, guys.  Look up!  Look around you at the incredible abundance and beauty in nature.  Look at the children playing in the parks and the sun shining on the face of a loved one.  And look at the birds building nest in the trees, bees making honey or beavers building dam walls.  There are miracles happening all around us!  What more reasons to be happy do you need than to witness miracles every day?

But, again it’s not the miracles and majesty of life that is in question, but rather the witnessing of them.  So, make a concerted effort today to notice all these incredible things that are happening around you, going unnoticed.

Feeling Inspired

Everyone has that one (or multiple – lucky!) thing that inspires you in life.  That gives you that ‘I can’t explain it’ feeling.  That ‘there’s just something about it’ feeling.  There are a few things in my life that make me feel like this.  They include that moment when you spot a good photo opportunity and you just have to drop everything to capture that shot.  Then there’s being in the flow with my writing, when I feel connected to something greater than myself.  I’ve heard it said (I believe it was Dr Wayne Dyer) that to be inspired is to be ‘in spirit’ and I can absolutely relate to that because that is how it feels for me.

I believe these are the things that are crucial to our happiness.  They make up the essence of who we are and if we lose touch with them, we lose a piece of ourselves.  Go out and look for these things, they are your soul’s fertilizer!  They inspire you to more.  Think about it, when you love photography and you see the work of a talented photographer, you feel inspired!  It fires you up to be creative yourself.  So, find those things that make you feel this way.  They are not only your reasons to be happy, they are your reasons to BE!

Final Words

I asked my 12yr old for 3 reasons to be happy and his 3 were: family, friends and pets.  Core elements for a happy life, wouldn’t you say?  This serves as a reminder not to overcomplicate it.  Don’t overcomplicate happy!  Just be.  The more you pay attention to what you have to be happy about and the more grateful you are for what you have in life the easier it is to be happy.  Because, happy is out there!  We just have to look for it.  Thanks for reading, and happy happiness hunting!

Steph x

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