Simplify your Healthy Living with Smoothies

Do you love sweet things but really want to live a healthy lifestyle?

If you’re someone who dreams of donuts and slabs of fudge, your go-to healthy choice has to be the good old smoothie!  I have always had a serious sweet tooth.  I love fudge and cake and anything in between so finding a healthy alternative that I can enjoy is a major win for me.  Luckily for me I discovered smoothies! I swear I could hear the angels singing from up high!  A natural and easy choice to keep me on track, while still enjoying that glorious guilty pleasure that is sweetness, smoothies are a no-brainer.  So, it’s time to simplify your healthy living with smoothies!

Many of us are keen on living a healthier lifestyle but the daily grind just doesn’t allow it for us.  We rush off to school drop off and onwards to the rest of our day without taking a moment to nourish our bodies.  I am here to tell you that it only takes a few minutes out of your day to start a new, healthy habit.  Smoothies have to be the best way to start your day off on the right foot.  And, when you start your day off well it will put you one step ahead of the game.  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy outlook.  So, let’s look at why I think smoothies are the way forward for busy Mum’s (and women in general) and how we can simplify your healthy living with smoothies.

The beauty of the smoothie is in the endless options

Like bananas?  Chuck them in!  Like kiwi fruit?  Super high in vitamin C, chuck it in!  Then there’s the extras, the chia seeds or spirulina powders.  And….. news flash!  Spinach goodness does not need to ruin the taste!  How can you not love smoothies?!  If you are looking for a great start to the day, and an energy boost that doesn’t make you feel like you swallowed a lead balloon, then join me on the smoothie journey.

I like to keep a variety of choices available.  That way every morning I can pick and choose depending on my flavour mood of the day.  I usually have a big bowl of fresh fruit on my kitchen counter but I also have a variety of frozen fruit ready to grab and mix up with the fresh goodness.  So, wishing you were on a Caribbean Island?  Go for the pineapple, almond milk and bananas!  Or just missing summer?  Go for a lip-smacking blend of berries with a strawberry yoghurt and maybe some cranberry juice.  I love using a home made ice tea, my favourite flavour being blood orange.  Yum!

Now, while the sweet taste might win you over, there are so many more reasons love smoothies

Ranging from weight loss to detox and helping to alleviate arthritis.  Don’t need any more reasons?  Awesome, just sit back and enjoy them for their yumminess!  If you need more convincing, check out this list of benefit on just a few ingredients:

Smoothie variety

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Here are just a few benefits of smoothies:

Beetroots have a long list of nutrients incl. iron, magnesium, Vitamin C and fiber.

Ginger  helps to alleviate nausea (so a great natural choice for pregnant women), it’s an anti

Inflammatory, improves digestion and reduces inflammation.

Green Apples are high in fibre, but remember to keep the skins on as so much of the goodness is right there!

Spinach is a real super food, much like the beet plus on top of the usual vitamins it has protein, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Pineapple is a real winner.  Not only does it taste great but it has loads of vitamin C, just what the doctor ordered, plus manganese to strengthen your bones and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and pain.

Cucumber contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and is really low in calories, easy choice!

Chia Seeds are full of fiber, plus they have calcium and magnesium plus smaller quantities of zinc and Vitamins B1,2 & 3

Spirulina is another great anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory add-in, can help with allergies and helps to balance your blood sugar.

Nut Butters are both delicious and full of protein, healthy fats, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Blueberries have so many benefits including skin health, lowering blood pressure, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc

This is just a small list of ingredients to help you get creative with your smoothie making.  Try them out, experiment, and have fun!  See what can throw together and then look at those health benefits you’ve gained from your combination!

There really are no rules when it comes to smoothies, just whizz and enjoy

And, the best part is, this is healthy living seriously on-the-go!  Your job is to make sure you are choosing the right blender that comes with a travel cup and your life is changed forever!  I use the Magic Bullet instead of using one of the family sized blenders.  It makes exactly the right amount and comes with a handy travel cup.  This has been a game changer for me.  While you are in heavy multi-tasking, morning prep mode, left hand makes the smoothie while right hand spreads the peanut butter on the sandwiches!  Done!

And you’re a super healthy, super Mum!  What do you think?  Do you want to simplify your healthy living with smoothies?  Do me a favour and give it a try! It will take maybe 3 minutes to prepare and, hopefully, you’ll discover a love of smoothies and join my smoothie revolution!

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.