Why Celebrating Mother’s Day is so Important

There are a million thoughts and words that swirl through my head every day.  But, finding the right ones to describe how much I value my Mother are almost impossible.   So, this blog is an acknowledgement of my incredible Mother as well as all the others out there.  Those that have dedicated their lives to being our provider, our biggest supporter and our rock through all that life throws at us.  You deserve so much more than one day!  This is for you!

Why a Special Day?

Because Mother’s don’t decided which day to be strong for us.  They don’t decide ‘today I will love them’.  Mothers are a constant in our lives.  They are reliable.  Mothers hold this messy old world together.  This one day is a conscious effort to show up for them.  To make a fuss.  I love that we have a day where we give special thanks to our Mothers, they certainly deserve it!

It is a sad truth that we don’t quite understand their love until we become Mothers ourselves.  I now know the love in my Mothers heart.  I still feel the love, head in her lap as she ran her fingers through my hair, but my perspective has shifted.  Now, I see not only through my eyes but through hers.  I feel the love that she felt, and still does.  I see in her a stronger heart than I ever did before.  I am grateful for the gift of becoming a Mother for this and many other reasons.

Remember You are a Part of Her

We all stand alone in this life.  It is so easy to forget that you once were part of her.  Make sure that you stop and think on Mothers Day.  Remember that she carried you for 9mnths in order for you to live this life.  For a Mother those ties were never really cut, they exist within her heart.  Honour that bond on Mother’s Day.

I have yet to go through the empty nest years but my heart aches to think of it.  As I sit here in New Zealand with my parents in South Africa I feel the pull of the ties that bind us.  For her to know how important she is and how grateful I am is so very important to me.  Make sure that you call your Mother today.  Tell her you love her.  Believe me she does need to hear it.

Make Every Day Count

Our time is precious.  If you can, spend time with your Mum, many of us can’t.  If you can’t be with her, call her.  If she is no longer with you, sit in a quiet space and send her all the love in your heart, she is still with you!  Buying something pretty is wonderful but spending your time is so much more valuable than spending your money.

We all want to feel special in this life, none more so than Mothers.  We all know Mothers often feel undervalued when really they are the glue holding us together.  We need to make a special effort, to let them know their impact on our lives.

How can We Express our Love on Mother’s Day?

Gifts for Mothers Day are all about putting in the effort to show your Mother that you appreciate her, that you know what she needs like she’s always known what you need.  So make sure your gift is thoughtful.

If she loves gardening then a subscription to a gardening magazine might surprise and delight her.  If she enjoys drinking tea you could buy her a special tea set and a selection of teas to go with it.  The most important thing is that you make this all about showing her how much you appreciate everything that she has done for you.

Here are some ideas for making her feel special:

Flowers – Flowers never go out of style.  A beautiful arrangement of flowers will always bring a smile to her face.

High Tea – This is a lovely gift because it’s both a treat and great quality time spent together.

Spa Day – What better way to make Mum feel special than to have her doted on and pampered.

Special Lunch – Take her somewhere just that extra bit special for lunch.

Hamper – There are hampers for anything these days which is so great, get her one that suits her tastes and interests.

Personalized Photo Book – A favourite of mine, it is personal and thoughtful, a great choice for someone special

Memory Scrapbook – Put together a scrapbook of old photos, birthday cards, postcards and letters of the family over the years

If you are looking for something extra special try checking out Etsy!  They have so much to offer and each item is special!  From hand crafted ceramics to self-care packages to art, you’re sure to find something perfect for your Mum!


What does she need?

Whatever you choose to do, this is all about expressing your love and appreciation.  So, show you know her, show you appreciate how hard she works for the family.  Take the time to really consider what she would like.  It may be all she wants is a day off from cooking and cleaning!  Give her that, and more!  It doesn’t have to cost either.  Breakfast in bed, offering to do things for her throughout the day like making her cup of tea.

Should we be like this every day?  Yes, we should.  But, on Mother’s Day you can do better.  It really starts with making yourself aware of what your Mother really does for you.  Beyond scraped knees and snotty noses, laundry and birthday parties.  This woman has felt every heartbreak for you.  She has rejoiced in your victories and cried for your disappointments.  She has been strong for you and patient for you.  She has loved you through it all.

To my Mom: my words are my gift to you.


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