7 Benefits of Meditation in My Life

There is so much to be said for having a routine meditation practice.  It brings you a sense of calm that, for me, was unattainable until I started meditation.  In this blog I want to look at the new perspective I have gained from practicing meditation, the benefits of meditations and what meditation has helped me to understand about life.

When I wrote my blog Top 10 Meditation Tips for Beginners I had been meditating for about 2yr.  It had already had major impact on my life after this relevantly short time.  In that blog I talk about tips for how to go about meditating.  In this blog I want to talk more about the benefits of your meditation practice.

1. A Greater Perspective and Understanding of our ‘Place’ in the Universe

When you meditate you disconnect from the every day.  You separate yourself from the attack on the senses that is everyday life.  When you experience the stillness you open yourself up to experiencing your connection to the divine.  You realize that there really is an option for stepping off the treadmill.

In the stillness of meditation you feel present, a part, of the greater existence.  It gives your life more meaning.  Strange, you may think, that cutting yourself off from what you know can make you feel more meaningful.  The thing is, you develop a new perspective.  You realize that with all the ‘stuff’ out of the picture you are still there.  In actual fact, you are more there.  You come to the realization that life continues beyond this current reality!

2. A New Sense of Calm

I think the sense of calm comes as a natural side effect of realizing that we worry too much.  When we finally understand that we are more and that everything is ‘the small stuff’, we just don’t have the cause to worry as much.  Have my worries been eliminated?  Absolutely not!  But, I am so much better off and so much calmer than I used to be.

The benefits of my meditation practice are that I’ve learnt to spot the triggers and reel myself back when I get anxious or caught up in my worry wart mindset.  This has been huge for someone like me who is definitely a natural worrier.  I would recommend meditation for this reason alone!  It is a tool I now know I can turn to when I need to release the pressure of daily life.

3. Seeing Myself in a New Light

Being still with yourself is a wonderful way to connect to the purest form of who you are.  In a way, it’s like giving yourself the space to be authentic.  It’s like being the ‘good listener’ to yourself that we all need in life.  We all want to feel seen and heard, especially by ourselves.

Being in the present moment with yourself means showing up for yourself.  We don’t realize that, just like when someone else shows up for us it means a lot, so does showing up for ourselves.  It sends a powerful message to yourself that you are supported and cared for.


4. Helps to get into Flow

I don’t know that everyone experiences the same benefits of meditation, but I definitely see a link between my flow state and meditation.  Why?  Because it puts me into the best possible headspace.  It motivates and inspires me through the feelings of calm and gratitude that I experience from it.  While meditation is super calming it can also leave you energized and inspired.

Flow state cannot be experienced when stressed.  Just like journaling can get you into flow state because of the ‘letting go’, meditation can get you into the best frame of mind for being productive.  Basically, it’s a great place to start from!

5. Strengthen Your Mindfulness Practice

I’ve always been pretty tuned in to the little things in life that bring me joy.  I guess it’s partly why I started this blog, because I want to encourage others to see that there are moments of joy all around us at any moment.  But, meditation has helped me to strengthen my mindfulness.

Meditation helps you to separate yourself from the ‘noise’.  It is about being fully in the moment, with yourself.  Yes, while you are meditating you sit quietly with your eyes closed.  You’re not admiring a butterfly or watching the clouds go by.  But, you are training your brain for when those opportunities arrive.

6. Gain Clarity on Life

Many of these benefits of meditation are down to the calming effect that it has on us.  In the case of clarity I think that once we’ve managed to calm the mind we are more able to put things into perspective and therefore make better life choices.  Instead of ‘I’ll sleep on it’ we can say ‘I’ll meditate on it’.  Sound silly?  Try it!

When you are in a heightened state of emotion, like anger for example, you know it is best not to react until you have calmed down.  But, we need to apply the ‘calming down’ method just to the overstimulated brain as well.  Make choices from a place of calmness and clarity.  You are more likely to be connected to your intuition when you are calmer as well, so win win!

7. Encouraged the Habit of Self-Care

An added bonus of starting my meditation practice is the routine!  It has meant that I have set boundaries for my meditation practice, and as a result, made a point of putting my self-care first.  This is bigger than you think!  Creating boundaries around your self-care is letting yourself know your needs count.  It is a massive step in putting yourself first.

When I started meditating my family took some time to accept my new routine of going to bed earlier to allow time to meditate.  Now, it is part of every day life for all of us.  No more questions, no more overstepping the boundaries.  My family understands how important it is to me and my overall wellbeing.  Plus, they get to experience the benefits of my meditation as well!  If I’m calmer, so is the rest of the household.

The Benefits of Meditation are Life Changing

The list of benefits above are from my personal experience.  For me, it has been a game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone with 10min to spare a day!  You can always build on it, but you’ll never know the beauty of a meditation practice if you don’t try.

I hope this blog inspired you!  Thanks for reading!

Steph x

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