Creating your Future Self

We are so in tune with what we want in life.  All the ‘things’.  But, how often do we actually consider the who in the big picture of our lives?  The who that we are, and the future self that we get to choose.  Life is so multi-faceted but, too often, we are living more of a one-dimensional version of the life we should be living.  I want to talk about, instead of just accepting life as it is, you consciously decide who your future self is going to be.

Have you even considered this to be possible for you?  Does this sound far-fetched or can this life be shaped into what we want it to be?  As we grow up, exposed to sometimes limited options of the way we ‘should be’, an image begins to form of the life we believe we are destined to live.  What if we didn’t have to live that life?  This has nothing to do with whether this image is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ life because after all, that is subjective.  This is about whether you would have chosen it for yourself.  If someone had given you a list of 20 questions on how you want your life to look, would you have given the answers that would result in the life you are living, and can we change the answers to create our future self?

Some Questions To Get You Thinking

I’ve put together a list of questions for you to consider.  These questions are like guidelines to make you think about who you are at your core.  Who you really are, in your heart.  Asking yourself these questions will help you to become clearer on who you are and what matters to you.  Once you’ve got a clear idea of the person you are representing in the world, you can find a sense of purpose based on your values.  This will make creating your future self a more conscious process.  Here we go.

Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Most of us don’t even consider this.  We just fall into line.  But, I’d like you to actually think about this question.  And, you might be surprised to hear me say this, but being a leader doesn’t have to mean extroverted, bossy or even overly confident.  Being a leader can be in your own, quiet way.  It can be running your small business from home in an environment that works for you.  You can still be a change maker in this life without being an extrovert.  So, if you thought you weren’t ‘leadership’ material, think about it from a different perspective.

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Some people thrive when they are the center of attention, others not so much.  This question is to get you thinking about whether you are someone that would thrive in a chosen field where you would be the center of attention.  You may recognize yourself as an extrovert, but have you considered where that might feature in a future you create for yourself?  Finding what works with your personality is super important when you are deciding what your future self will look like.

Are you Focused on Serving Others?

Serving others can bring you a great deal of satisfaction.  My one note here would be to be clear on the difference between people pleasing and people serving.  People pleasing can become unhealthy when it leads to self-neglect.  So, if serving others is what lights you up, make sure there is balance and you don’t leave yourself out of the picture!

Are you Always a Shoulder to Cry On?

This kind of trait comes so naturally it is often overlooked.  But, it is a very good indication of the type of person you are.  You are a natural carer, a good listener.  This says a lot about you and could help to guide you in what kind of person your future self should look like.  I want you to think more in depth on these seemingly mundane aspects of who you are, looking for little clues as to what your values and ultimately your purpose in this life could be.  Take your natural, seemingly insignificant traits and see how they are the foundations for the life you were meant to live.

Do you Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes?

Being able to own up to your mistakes, to apologize when you’ve done something wrong, says a lot about the person that you are.  It takes vulnerability and strength to apologize, and you will gain so much respect for doing so.  Is this something you can consciously choose going forward in your life, for a better version of you?

Are you Able to Forgive?

Another super difficult thing to do, like apologizing.  Just like you make mistakes, so do those around you.  To be able to forgive will show you have a level of unconditional love that is a game changer in personal relationships.  Look closely at yourself and see if this is an area you need work on.  It is for most of us!

Are you Respectful of Other’s Feelings and Opinions?

There is not one living being that you will understand and agree with every single time.  We are all vastly different.  Being able to honour the emotions and opinions of others says so much about the person you have decided you want to be.  It says you are respectful and compassionate, and that will gain you respect in return.

Who do You Look Up To?  What is it About Them?

We all have a benchmark that we measure ourselves against.  It might be a family member or it might be someone famous.  Think about who you look up to and what traits they have that inspire you.  Are they loyal?  Maybe this is something that is important to you.  Are they brave?  Maybe bravery is something you aspire to.  Sometimes there are aspects of these people that we are lacking in.  Make it a goal to work on that aspect while creating the future self version of you.


Do you Want to be the Strong One?  Everyone’s Rock?

You might have someone in your life that has set such an example of strength, that you wish you could be that strong.  Consider why this is so important to you, why do you want to be everyone’s rock?  Being there for others gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.  It points strongly to your values of connection and community.  Think about these values and let them guide you to the best version of yourself.

What Value are you Contributing to Those Around You?

Going to work is contribution, yes.  But, I am talking about more than just work.  Think about what value you give to the people in your life.  Do you uplift them?  Are you supportive of them, encouraging them in life?  Do you remind them of their worth?  This is about contributing to the richness of their life experience.  Is there room for improvement?  Make a conscious effort to connect with those you share this life with.

Are you Ambitious?

I never considered myself to be ambitious.  In fact, I had a rather low opinion of myself (secretly) because of this.  I was never interested in climbing the corporate ladder.  What I didn’t realize was that I have a different type of ambition that I had not yet tapped into.  I first had to find what I was passionate about before I would find my ambition.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  But, you don’t know what you don’t know and for many years what is now my reality didn’t even exist.  So, my question is:  What does ambition mean to you?

Are you Spiritual?

This isn’t about religion, this is about whether you are connected to the divine.  Do you live your life with pure intentions?  Do you go through life with the understanding that there is value in each and every one of us?  This is an entire way of viewing the world and when you embrace your spirituality you definitely take that with you as you create your future self!

What Do I Stand For?

This is a question of your ethics and your values.  Who or what matters to you in this life?  For me this is about how you choose to treat the people you come into contact with in your life.  How you treat yourself and your body, and how you treat this earth.  Can you hold your head high knowing you’ve done your best to live a life of kindness?

How Do you Want to be Remembered?

Living life from day to day without any consideration for how you will be remembered can result in a life with far less meaning than you might have intended if you’d given it much thought.  When you are no longer here, how will you be remembered?  What will you be remembered for?  What kind of person do you want to be remembered as?  Are you leaving a Legacy of Love for your children?

Have You got a Clear Image in Your Mind of your Future Self?

I’ve left this for last.  Hopefully the questions above have given you a lot to think about and now you can really form a clear image in your mind.  When you have a clear image of who you are, you can decide who you want to be.  This includes recognizing where there is room for improvement.

You can decide on choosing a life where you utilize your natural personality and your chosen values to create your future self.  We were made a certain way for a reason, so find the future that fits in with the essence of who you are!

Steph x

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