Secrets for How to Change Your Mindset

Is there some secret sauce when it comes to mindset?  If there were a bottle labelled ‘how to change your mindset’ it would be flying off the shelves, don’t you think?  I know not so long ago I would have bought it!  And I would have paid a pretty penny for it too.  But, I know now that our mindset doesn’t come in a bottle.  It develops over time.  It soaks up the impressions from our environment, the experiences we have gone through and the people we have encountered and it rolls it all up into this big blob of ‘conclusions’ about life.  But, what if our mindsets a) don’t serve us and, b) are made up of more than a couple of lies!

I know that might sting but the wonderful thing about this is knowing that we can change it.  We can look at where our mindset is coming from and work through the pros, cons and tough truths about it.  We can make a decision today to shift our mindset to one that is powerfully guiding us towards our best and most authentic lives.  We can take the power back into our own hands.

Is Your Mindset Helping or Hurting You?

Before we look at how to change your mindset, we have to ask why we want to change it?  We, presumably, have recognized that our current mindset is not serving us.  What is it about your mindset that you want to change?  Have you noticed that as much as you want to be positive you seem to lean towards the negative?  Let me just say at this point, this negative way of thinking is the reality for most of us!  We don’t choose it, BUT when we realize its become a problem we can choose to break the pattern.  What we need is to make a conscious decision to change it.

Unfortunately sometimes we just don’t know how.  This is just the way we see the world.  The way we see ourselves!  Self-doubt becomes the norm.  But self-doubt (as an example) comes from stories we’ve been fed through life experiences and through repeatedly re-enforcing them to ourselves.  Yes, our own self-talk has become part of the trap!  But, this is a trap we can wriggle our way out of if we want ultimate goal of freedom from negative thinking.


What would Life look like if it were more Positive?

Once we know that we can make a difference through shifting our mindset we can begin to dream about the impact of a healthier mindset on our lives.  What will life look like when we’ve mastered our mindset?  What aspects of our lives will this affect?  How much of a difference can it really make?  And how can I learn to change my mindset for real!  Is it even possible?  Well, yes it is!  And, while it may take a while it isn’t even that hard.  What it takes is conviction, patience and perseverance.

What I want for us all to do here is to be honest about what we believe a positive mindset can give to us.  Are you secretly thinking ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘what’s positivity going to do for me really’?  Well, I’d like to boldly say that if you have these kinds of thoughts in your mind fully understanding the immense value of having a positive mindset may in fact be a stretch for you.  Let alone how to change your mindset.  But, that is why I want you to think about ALL the negative things in your life, from how you see yourself to how you see money and your career, health etc.  And picture having a positive attitude towards all of these.  How would it feel to start seeing that life is more often working out in your favour than not?

Check your Habits

The first step to lasting change is to check in with your current habits.  Are they uplifting, positive habits or are you stuck in a loop of negative habits and thoughts?  Write down some of the habits you feel ‘stuck’ with and then ask yourself why you feel stuck.  Can you change these habits or develop new ones to override these negative ones?  Some of my healthy habits that help me are meditation and ‘me time’ amongst many others!  For me, my healthy habits have been the major catalyst in shifting my mindset.  And, when you think about it it makes perfect sense.  Why?  Because they uplift me instead of drag me down!

Let’s picture a scenario for a minute.  You wake up late.  You are rushed and irritable.  You bump your toe, drop the soap a million times while you’re trying to shower, and have nothing but negative things to say to your reflection.  The day ahead feels overshadowed and doomed to suck!  Here’s where having a habit of being more aware of your mindset steps in.  Learning to laugh things off.  Learning to reel yourself back in when you are mean to yourself, and learning to be more patient.  All these things compound to make you more resilient and happier in general.

Start Today

Too often things feel overwhelming or unachievable and we simply don’t start at all.  I ask you not to let this be the case for you today.  Changing your mindset is NOT as big as it feels.  It is simply small steps in the right direction.  It is being kind to yourself in your low moments and learning to bounce back stronger each time.  It is saying kind words to yourself and it is knowing you are worth the effort.  Your happiness comes down to releasing one negative thought and then another and then another and replacing it with a loving thought.  A powerful thought that gives you the courage to take on the world instead of hide from it.

I hope you feel inspired to let the good vibes grow today and release those bad ones!

If you’d like a daily guide for your journey see my Mindset Bundle printable (link higher up in the blog).  Wishing you high vibes and positive energy that spreads like wildfire!

Steph x

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