How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

Obviously, there is no one size fits all answer to the question of how to stay positive in a negative world, but there are many ways we can help ourselves through some of life’s toughest moments.  Sometimes we need to look at what makes life easier when it feels like those grey clouds are there to stay.  We need a gentle reminder that the sun will rise tomorrow.  That the dark clouds will pass.  That even the difficult days don’t last forever.  Here are some ways to stay positive in a negative world.

Keep your Mindset in Check

There is an awful lot in this life that we can’t control, and it can get us down.  But, you can control the way you react to life.  Yes, the world can be negative, but does that mean YOU have to be?  Or, can you choose to say ‘I’m not going to let you get the better of me, I’m stronger than that!’.  Your mindset is your greatest tool and once you realize that it isn’t actually set like cement, but rather it is completely changeable, you have taken your power back.  And then you get to really start living!

Ask yourself how much of the information that you absorb daily is helping you in your life.  Does listening to the news educate you, or make you feel hopeless?  Does it empower you, or make you feel the exact opposite?  We need to start protecting our own energy by not taking ‘everything’ on board if it is causing us to live our lives in a negative state.  How to stay positive in a negative world is all about knowing when you can choose to separate yourself from what’s going on around you.  If you have the ability to make a difference then, yes, you should get involved.  If you don’t, check whether it is causing you undue stress.  And walk away!  You quite literally cannot control everything, so choose where you place your energy.

Stay ‘In Love’ with Life

What I mean by this is, keep reminding yourself of what inspires you in life.  We too easily get overwhelmed by life and forget that we all have those pleasures that can shift our moods in an instant.  So, is it listening to Mozart, going horse riding, mountain climbing or photography?  It’s different for all of us, which is just amazing if you think about it, and it is powerful to remind ourselves of that spark that lights up our souls.

Test yourself with this one!  The next time you feel like you just can’t stand the negativity find something that makes you smile everytime!  Maybe it’s cat videos or babies laughing.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we all have something that is an instant mood switcher for us every time.  I have a playlist that I turn to when I can’t seem to get out of a funk and it works!  The right music really is like a bit of magic, tough, isn’t it!

Don’t Forget Gratitude

Has anyone told you yet that gratitude is quite literally a miracle worker?  Well, it is.  Everyone, around the world at this moment can stop and find something that they are grateful for.  And, when you do you are no longer in your head about the state of the world, your job, your relationships problems etc.  If you are truly in the experience of feeling gratitude you are in a moment of joy and no negativity is going to kill your vibe.  Yes, you may need to keep coming back to it, but it works!

So, if you slip into thoughts of how to stay positive in a negative world remember gratitude will snap you back into that loving feeling.  Read my blog An Attitude of Gratitude can Change Your Life where I go into the value of gratitude a bit more.


What makes it Worthwhile for You

I’ve mentioned gratitude and I do believe it has the ability to shift our entire perspective, but let’s look at your core values as well.  What is it in this life that matters the most to you.  I’m not talking about our families, we covered that in gratitude, I’m talking about eg. If seeing people living in poverty on TV is painful for you, what does that say about you?  What are your values?  Maybe you feel this way because you are called to be of service in some way.  If this is you, can you help somewhere closer to home?  We don’t have to save the world, we only have to show up for ourselves in our truth and our values and do the best we can.  Apply this to your own situation to see what triggers you and if there’s something to be learned in it.

Be Aware of the Less and the More

Look out for those things in life that fill your cup, and those things that are causing a leak.  Connection is a hot topic for example.  Too much disconnected ‘connection’ on social media and far too little real connection in real life.  Learn to check in with yourself regularly in this area and switch off for long enough to look up into someone’s eyes.  When you connect with someone you are much more able to push aside the negativity of the world a) because of the distraction but b) because you recognize the role someone special plays in helping you through the difficult times.  There are so many vices that we use to distract ourselves from negativity when actually, communication and connection can help us in a much more powerful and emotional way.

It’s Okay if it Shows up Sometimes

I think it’s important to remember that we cannot, and should not, expect negativity never to show up in our lives again.  It’s back to the old black and white, good and bad scenario.  There really is no way to enjoy the one without the other.  Key word ENJOY because that’s the real, honest truth when we come right down to it.  We need contrast and balance in life.  Even just to understand the value of the good, we need the bad.  So, the answer to how to stay positive in a negative world could, in some ways be to accept that negativity is just part of the whole.  It comes, reminds us of what we value more than anything, and then it leaves.  Lesson, hopefully, intact.

Another thing I want to mention here is that I believe we are all here to walk beside each other.  We have a role to play in guiding and encouraging each other in this life.  We are each other’s support system, as human beings having similar experiences.  We are part of each other’s story of growth, and that’s beautiful!

Steph x

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