Question Everything!

Yes, that’s what I said.  Question Everything.  Don’t take anything for granted, don’t assume, don’t nod and just say yes.  Question the status quo!  We all have different perspectives, goals and purposes in this life, for us to find our own way in life we need to question everything.

We need to take our blinkers off and start questioning our lives and how we are living them.  This post may seem in your face, may raise the hairs on the back of your neck, or it may make you think more carefully about what you have accepted as ‘just the way it is’.  My purpose is just to get you to not take everything at face value, but to think about your life, maybe from a different perspective, and figure out if you are living life or if it is living you!  Figuring this out starts by questioning the status quo.

It’s called Thought Provoking for a Reason!

I want you to realize that there are areas of your life that may be the way they are just because you didn’t think to question them.  Like the neighbourhood you grew up in just being something you accept as your truth instead of realizing it is something you don’t have to choose.  Many people choose career paths because it’s expected of them and they haven’t questioned whether they would have chosen it for themselves.  Believe it or not, there are many areas in our lives that this ‘question everything’ philosophy comes into play.

So, I’ve listed a few questions that I want you to start with.  These questions are meant to get you to think.  I believe all growth starts with questioning the status quo, thinking beyond our auto pilot mindset.  Some of these might make you raise your eyebrows or shuffle in your seat.  We are all asking different questions and we all have different views, this is merely to get you to think about what is important to you.

1. Do you Live Life for You?

This may seem silly to some, but many of us are not living life for ourselves.  Whether through obligation, love or commitment we focus more of our energy on what others need or expect.  So, ask yourself if you are living life for yourself, or for those around you.

Let me be clear, this is not me saying that focusing your energy on your family is wrong.  This is about questioning firstly where your focus is and secondly if it is balanced.  Family first is a motto many of us live by, but we forget to save some of our energy for ourselves.  It is important that you understand where you fit in on the list of priorities – and then make sure you’re not being left behind!

2. Are there more Options for Optimal Health?

This may ruffle some feathers, but I am not at all suggesting a break away from western medicine!  What I am suggesting is that you ask the question ‘are there other ways to heal?’.  We have so many natural healing options to consider like Acupuncture, Reiki, Naturopathy, Homeopathy.  Consider whether these options could work for you.

Again, this is just about knowing there is never just one choice, and you should be able to make your own choice about what works for your life.  Personally, I believe in a balance.  The medical profession saves lives every day (trust me, I know).  For me it’s more a case of 1) looking after yourself so that your body is strong enough to help itself and 2) trying natural options before opting for medicines.  Do your homework and figure out what’s best for you.  Ask questions!

3. Is there Lack in this World or is it actually a Case of Balance?

This is a really tough one, one I have always struggled with myself.  I think the first thing we need to do is understand that lack experienced by others does not prove the lack in the world itself.  The paradigm of lack comes from the imbalance in the world which has made us all feel we ‘don’t deserve’, it is not actually down to lack.  The world is abundant by it’s nature!

This question is really about whether or not you’ve taken the lack mentality at face value without ever questioning it.  I know I definitely grew up with a lack mentality and I’m looking to change that!  It creates so much anxiety and worry in your life and holds us back in so many ways.

4. Why do we Cover Up our True Selves?

When did we decide that who we are should be covered up and hidden from the world?  How do we come to this conclusion that we will not be accepted by the world for just ‘being us’?  Question where this thought pattern comes from.  This self-doubt will hold you back from living your best life, and it’s all a lie!  You are perfect just as you are!

Try to get to the bottom of your self-doubt and come to terms with it so that you can move passed it for good.  The sooner you can learn to accept yourself no matter what anyone else might say, the sooner you can embrace your God given talents and life’s purpose.  Living up to your true potential will always be a struggle as long as you are hiding who you really are from the world.


5. Can we only be Successful with a Degree?

The world is very different now, but there are still many people who believe that without a degree they won’t ‘make the cut’, that they aren’t good enough.  Elon Musk has said that securing a job with Tesla does not require having a degree.  He looks at the value of the person, not the paper he hands over the table.  In this world we can choose to study and grow in different ways.

The amazing thing about the world we live in today is that you can improve on your knowledge and skills on your own time and in your own way.  There are courses at our fingertips.  I personally love Udemy, I get to pick the topic that is on my heart at the time, do the course and feel empowered by taking control for myself.  At the end of the day, though, the true test of your worth should be in your results, integrity and perseverance, don’t you think?

6. Do you Limit Yourself because of a Box you Believe you Fit Into?

How have you shaped your life as you’ve grown up?  Did you choose a career path, become a stay at home Mom, take over the family business?  Were you making these choices for yourself?  I know for many this might cause emotional tension.  Realizing you have been living your life according to an image someone else has designed for you is difficult.

Quite often this was done with only the best intentions for your future as well.  But, no one else can ever truly know what will bring you joy and what would give you a fulfilled life, except for you.  Consider whether life has played out for you without too much of your own input or consideration.

7. Are we Doing the Best we can for the Environment?

I have a long way to go, but as with everything it starts with questioning.  Am I doing enough?  What changes can I make?  For example, I try to use Eco products.  For the environment, and for the sake of my skin.  I don’t want to put chemicals into and onto my body and I don’t want to support companies that are contributing negatively to the environment (and our health).  The point is, do what you can!  Recycle, take your own shopping bags, buy eco-friendly products.  There are many ways that we can make a small difference, and together it makes an impact.

What Questions Can you ask for Your Life?

This list can go on, and I hope that it has you thinking about what questions you would ask for your own life.  My ideal is that we stop accepting life the way we believe it ‘just is’.  We need to look closely at our values, our desires and our capabilities (real, not underestimated capabilities) and decide from that point what life we want to live.

The reason I am writing this blog is because I believe there are too many people in this world that just don’t question themselves, or the status quo.  They accept that they ‘aren’t smart enough to run a business’ or they ‘aren’t brave enough to make an impact in this world’ or ‘they don’t have the skills to teach other people’.  Until you start questioning everything in your life that leaves you feeling doubtful and empty, you cannot make a change for the better.  But, you can change your entire life if you recognize the starting line from where you need to take the first step.

Steph x

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‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning.’ – Albert Einstein

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