How to find Inspiration in New Challenges

When last did you take a challenge and turn it on its head?

Question: How can you find inspiration?  When last did you see it as an opportunity to be inspired!  Ok, so you may not have to challenge yourself to be inspired, BUT…..  challenging yourself will almost always result in inspiration!  Challenges will leave you in a state of wonder at what you are capable of.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone is almost certain to surprise you and teach you something about yourself.

So, in order to challenge ourselves we need to ask, what inspires you?  For me it’s pretty simple things like travel, photography, walks on the beach and trying new things.  I know, that’s really broad, but it’s true.  Now, let’s be clear, I’m not talking along the lines of adrenaline junkie new here.  I’m talking a new recipe, a new restaurant, a new walk or a new view, a new book or a new type of face cream (did I say face cream?  I meant ice cream! Lol!)  You see, I find life inspiring!  I find the idea of the gazillion things there are out there to see or do fascinating!  

The greatest way to grow in this life is through new experiences

Sometimes it comes like a rush of inspiration, sometimes it’s more of a life lesson.  Always there is growth.  It can be difficult to see this when you are going through something challenging.  If you are not able to see the lesson while you are going through it, look back afterwards and you will see it more clearly.  I have had my fair share of these, from recessions and redundancy to nearly losing my beautiful baby boy.  Every single one of these experiences has strengthened me and I choose to be grateful for them.  Because, believe me, they ALL came with lessons.  They ALL made me stronger and more appreciative of what I have and where I am now.  When we find ourselves stuck on a hamster wheel it is time to make a change, find that new experience and new inspiration that will fuel our souls.

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We are not designed to be stagnant.  We need to move forward and to grow

One of my greatest sources of inspiration is travel.  It is on the top of my list of goals to do as much of it as I can before my time on this earth is up.  I want to soak up every minute, see the amazing sites this incredible world has to offer and feel that energy that comes from expanding your horizons.  When we first moved to Auckland in 2017 we had the adventure of a lifetime.  We piled everything into a blue van we later dubbed ‘little blue’ and headed off, travelling all the way from Christchurch in the South Island to Auckland, in the North Island.  It took us 2 days and involved transporting a cat on a bean bag in the front of the truck, sea sickness crossing the Cook Strait and discovering that my diamond had fallen out of my ring somewhere along the way!  These were only a few of the many new things we experienced on this whirlwind trip.  You may think that these don’t sound like fun experiences, but they are the moments that we look back on that make us laugh.  In between there was singing along to our ‘Roadtrip Playlist’ and laying our weary heads down in towns we had never been to before.

The memories from this trip will be with me forever

It was family bonding at its best.  Character building, and so much fun!  These are the kinds of new things that peel away another layer to reveal a little bit more about who we really are, even to ourselves.  So, if you’re looking for more than just a new flavour of donut or a new haircut, I urge you to plan a road trip with your family.  Maybe don’t trek across the country with all your belongings but plan a trip.  Sharing an adventure with the special people in your life will fill you with more joy than you could imagine.  And, after all, this is about challenging ourselves.

So, walk down a new street or climb a new hill – just to see the view!

So, let’s look at how to challenge ourselves this week, how to find inspiration.  Pick something new to try out.  Better still, try 5!  Step outside of your comfort zone.  It doesn’t have to be anything super scary, it’s more about feeling that excitement that comes from something new!  Remember how you felt when you realized you were in love, or the moment you first looked into your newborn’s eyes?  We may not be able to top that but try a meal from a restaurant that you wouldn’t usually try or sign up for a course that you’ve always wanted to take.  What about getting up 30min earlier to start a new exercise regime or try out meditation?  Take up tennis or learn to play the guitar.  The world is overflowing with opportunities that will enrich us, if only we will step outside of our box.  Don’t limit yourself to your every day.  Feel that invigoration feeling that comes with ‘falling in love’ with something new.  Start today to become all you can be!


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